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Author Topic: SM's TPU Ammeter of the Aether  (Read 3103 times)

Offline sparks

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SM's TPU Ammeter of the Aether
« on: March 22, 2008, 06:03:48 PM »
      After alot of study of this board's postings by many hard working people and alot of independent research I would like to advance the postulation that SM's tpu is a current sensor of the Earth's potential energy waves.  I believe SM may have accidently discovered the effect while working with triode tubes and did a great deal of work replicating the effect in an effort to understand the underlying principals.  If he was a con artist then we need to change the initials to SX.  No matter he is either a front man for the discoverer or the discoverer himself and produced video tapes,demonstrations, and interviews.  I judge no mans character for I walk not along his path.  Thankyou for the tapes SM it has brought alot of good people here to this forum continuing your research efforts.

       Below is posted a picture of a modern ammeter.  The swinging needle of the old galvenometers have been replaced by devices as illustrated below.  This device stores magnetic information in a ferrite bead aligned with the current under investigation.  This currents information is stored in the iron magnetic response to the current.  The magnetic field is caused to pass through the hall effect sensor.
Within this sensor electrons are caused to move in response to the magnetic input.  These electrons create a voltage potential across the device which is output to the ammeter display.  These devices have to be shielded from the magnetic fields of the Earth!  You can see where I'm going with this. Build a large ammeter and instead of swinging a needle or driving a digital display we light some lamps!
    We should never assume that because there is no high frequency to a wave that there is no power in the wave.  If you believe this tell it to the poor souls who got in between the Earth and the Tsunami ocean waves.  The tpu is a bubble in the aetheric vibrations which we are able to grab onto and go for the ride.  Now I need to stop posting and build one that incorporates this theory with all the lifejackets in place cause this bubble is riding the big ones.    Please post here any and all information that you feel is in support or rejection of this postulation!  Thankyou for your kind attention!