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Title: Unlocking the magnetic genie
Post by: caddelle on March 20, 2008, 03:50:17 PM
Yesterday I decided to sit down and research magnetic motors on the internet and came across this wonderful site.  I am neither a scientist nor mechanical engineer, just a mere artist.  In 1989 I had a dream, in this dream I was taken onto a space ship and shown around by a bearded man who looked like Moses, he showed me the engine room. (By this point I am sounding like a bit of a crack pot). I don?t necessarily believe that I was abducted by some aliens; I just have an overactive imagination. (This is where it gets a bit weird)  I woke up and sketched out my dream.  These papers where put into my box of ideas and forgot about for about a year. A year later, going through my box I came across my Magnetic motor and built a basic model as per my illustrations.  Wow I got movement, Now that I got movement I can get electricity.  (So was the dream and I would be richer than my wildest dreams, I was young and stupid) I suppose lets face it, that?s why people are looking for alternative energy solutions. The problem I found was that I did not get enough torque.  So I went back to the drawing board.  I must have done at least 30 different designs and combinations. 

One of my earliest designs in 1991 was almost exactly the same as the Peredev, the only difference was that it worked in a horizontal rather than vertical manner.  All these worked for a while then stopped.  I do not have special scientific equipment to test why and besides, I have absolutely no understanding of the science / mathematics behind it, one could be speaking Chinese to me.  My work involves images in my head and I make them in a practical way.  What I am trying to achieve is 2.5kw/h of power, less than that is of no use to the world.

For me there is very little new as far as designs when it comes to permanent magnetic motors on the web.  I have tried just about all the designs and more and all either eventually stop or do not get enough torque or not enough RPM.  So yesterday I came across the TPU replication.  I downloaded the PDF and swoosh over my head.  But, even though I have had many many failures I have not been deterred from my quest. The TPU was close to my latest design visually. 

Because of the problems when putting the permanent magnets under pressure, I have revisited the design.  (Closer I got the magnets to one another the stronger the force and end result at a cost to the magnet) So now I am looking at a new method of NN SS system, my hope is that I can get the power without the pressure.  I want a natural repulsion rather than a forced repulsion as in the Peredev and my other designs.  I also think that getting power is going to require a combination of various power options. The idea that you give a little to get a lot.  I do not believe that one can get perpetual motion using permanent magnets alone; maybe in time a new technology becomes available to achieve this. 

What needs to be achieved is the following: Can the power solution be financially viable, can it produce more power at a cost less than coal or nuclear power plants and be clean. And lastly, to take away the power from major power brokers and put the power into the individuals hand.  I am not a purest on a quest for fool?s gold.  We have all read "? equal and opposite reaction.." There is always going to be some form of loss whether it be electrical or mechanical, it is how we manage that loss based purely on economics will determine the viability.  Everything comes through evolution.         

My new design works with a combination of electromagnets, permanent magnets, coils, a battery and eventually other electrical equipment to regulate the power output / input.

The theory,
The battery is the starter, the permanent magnets get the motion without load, the electromagnets become charged when motion is achieved.
The electromagnets work on an on / off switch system.  More charge more power. Below are the first illustrations of the new design. I also think that when working on the magnet motor design it is imperative to incorporate the design and structure of the generating unit.  It is one thing to get movement (easy) and quite another to get sufficient power. ( What I have seen in most experiments, is that the inventors want to use new technology to power up old technology, ie generators.)

As I go I will place more pics step at a time until either it works or fails. For now I have included the high level images.
Title: Re: Unlocking the magnetic genie
Post by: Koen1 on March 20, 2008, 04:49:19 PM
Hmm... can you please tell me a bit more about the functioning of this device,
how it is supposed to work in your view?
The brief description you included is already quite helpful, but not entirely
clear to me.
Also, I have some difficulty reading the handwritten notes, could you please
type them for clarity?

Thank you.

It looks like you've really thought about this, so I'd like to at least understand
how it is supposed to work before your minds eye. ;)

Kind regards,
Title: Re: Unlocking the magnetic genie
Post by: caddelle on March 21, 2008, 06:46:43 PM
Hi koen,thank you for your response. I am away at the moment so I am respondind on my phone. My first port is to see as per the first pics to see how much energy I can get out of the tube generator when I spin it manually using a drill. If I can get the desired amount based on rpm then I can go to the next step which is the actual motor. What I am trying to do is replace the permanent magnets with electromagnets. I will post everything I do a step at a time.
Kind regards