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Author Topic: The TPU ......Back to Grass Roots by Bolt.  (Read 6957 times)

Offline bolt

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The TPU ......Back to Grass Roots by Bolt.
« on: March 26, 2008, 11:15:01 PM »
This will be my own collection of info i gathered on the TPU. It will take into account all of SM's notes as much as possible plus the pick of the best theories i have seen which in my opinion offer the best solutions. In summary is it real? Yes most definitely and i will attempt to link up similar technologies some offer only cusp performance and why they can't be improved.

So the best answer i can give as to where all the power comes from is that free energy devices connect to the ionosphere and that the source of this energy is the earth's magnetic field. The kick is very misleading i prefer to call it a surge. I will explain more later when i get time.

Offline bolt

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Re: The TPU ......Back to Grass Roots by Bolt.
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2008, 01:33:30 AM »
Im going to post these back in here for completion as i want to go back through these points.

Steven Mark?s TPU ? Important phrases
   1. The technology is not magic and is in fact uses simple electronic concepts to
       achieve the demonstrated results.

I can see that the tpu is very basic home made construction from wood, wire, pvc tape and off the shelf parts.

   2. I kept thinking about the possibility of many frequencies combining at one
       moment in time to produce an entirely different effect then intended by the
       designers. (he?s talking about the exploding tv set in Chicago)
   3. Or more appropriately, the power converter technology, because that is what
       it does you know.
   4. In one of the RCA engineering manuals I read that it has been measured in a
       wire that there exists a slight increase in current when first electrons are
       caused to flow in it.
       This was explained because the earth?s magnetic field exerted some
       influence on the wire and the electron flow inside it. Or rather the electrons on
       the surface of the wire.
   5. The inrush of current through the filament interacts with the earth?s magnetic
       field to produce a small kick. (Morgan Jones book, valve amplifiers. 3rd edition,
       page 262)
   6. It PROVES that there is an interaction between the magnetic field of the earth
       and simple electrons running through wires

yes i seen this my self in tube amps.

   7. They say that you cannot get more out of something then you put into it. Then
       I think about that wire with the small kick when first turned on...
       There in lies the secret my friend.
   8. So the meter displays that there is OBVIUOSLY a LARGE magnetic field inside
       the coil!!!!
   9. So, it aint batteries and it aint radio waves, but it is electron flow of a high
       order creating a large magnetic field. Or vice versa? Ha,Ha!!!
   10. About the flame like discharge.
       Yes it does cause RF burns.
       I was going to tell about that, but I decided to wait and see how long it would
       take one of you to realize this on your own. Bravo!

This effect is due more to the fact the electricity produced is a much closer relative of lightning. It has an RF component to it that creates streams rather then a bang when shorted. If you played around with 2 Kw on 20 meters you know exactly what i mean:)

11. Yes, toroidal transformers have some very weird factors. Study the strange
12. Your interest in harmonic resonance is also stepping toward the right direction
    of things.
    But then again it depends on your viewpoint about exactly what harmonic
    resonance is and how it relates to mag fields and converting energy as does
    my power unit.

Sine waves seem more suitable here. Too many things wrong with pulses. The most important factor being that pulses create very nasty EMP to anyone near the tpu. We all seen the effects of  30 volts at even 5 amps on the bench pulsed this has EMP input energy of about  150 watts yet its hurts like hell. The 15 inch tpu is producing 800 watts yet no one ever mentions shocks or EMP nasties. You only get this when you change the amplitude of the magnetic field extremely rapidly. Like a powerful AM transmitter it will induce itself onto speakers and amplifiers compared to an FM transmitter does not have such impinging effects to other devices.

Likewise you can lie inside of an MRI scanner under enormous powerful magnetic fields and you cant feel it. SO the trick is fairly constant amplitude of magnetic force even if the frequency component to it is changing.

13. Has anyone ever read the reports about our experiments with what was
    called, the magnetic shadow casting material?
    Those experiments tie in with to our development of the power unit.
14. I am sorry, they are not piezo stacks.
    However they do look like it.
15. Yes there is an inertia.
16. Yes there is a genuine gyroscopic effect when the units are on.
17. Rotation of field. . . How many people think about that.
    If you could have a field that you could think of as a big ball.
    And you could rotate it in two directions what would the ramifications be?

Produces a 3d sine wave.

18. Yes Norbert, we did try them south of the equator, they work in reverse.
    Can someone tell me why?

The sea of ionic flow comes from the sun and flows over the earth. The earths own magnetic field changes phase around the equator. This  should create an opposite spin south of the equator.

19. Yes there is a rotating field which causes electrons to flow in copper wire and
    be used to provide useful work force. There are many wires perpendicular to
    the main collector. This is a necessary part of the device.
20. You could describe the usable current output of my coil as DC but with some
    hash in it.
    It really doesn?t have any convertible AC component which could provide a
    mechanical motive force as you suggested.

The 5kz hash is formed by injected an artificial 5kz oscillator which is part of the catalytic function. As the depression is created to split the positive charge this will become the PD over the depression inside the vortex. As the PD increases which becomes a DC charge the initial 5 kz ends up sat on top of the PD. The 5Kz is mentioned in all the TPU's thus must be a constant value where the size of the tpu for this frequency is irrelevant. The oscillator is almost certainly of rudimentary design of colpitts or hartley and thus basically sinewave.

21. The multiple frequencies traveling around the coils are of too high a frequency
    to provide for any motive effort.
    They are only a means to achieve an end.
    The multiple frequencies begin to feed themselves and the multiple kicks
    become a combined big kick. I call it resonating.
    That is why if you notice in the video tapes that it takes just a few seconds for
    the coil to begin function at maximum effort.

I see that the sine wave oscillators will build up momentum. The initial kick come from turning on the device. As the oscillations and interactions between the collectors increase the PD increases.

22. You see, one little kick amounts to nothing.
    However imagine if you had hundreds of thousands of little kicks combining
    into one big current kick . . .
23. I originally got the idea from electron circuits which us vacuum rectifiers like
    the 5U4 GB or 5AR4 etc. ...... except when the two transformers get slightly out
    of phase with each other, or when they are connected in reverse of one
    another. ....... What I measured during this process was very interesting.
    All these frequencies occasionally met at the same time with a much larger
    kick at the output.

This is a constructive wave of multiple sub components.

24. When I began to study the effects of multiple frequencies combined together
    I found out that when you deliberately strive to create the worst case scenario
    of frequencies you start to get some very measurable kicks. In themselves they
    are not much. But if you make enough of them fast sendoff, you get a
    collectible power spike that is more then the power available to begin with.
25. The destructive heating caused by eddy currents, become the problem we
    face when we make a really large powerful coil. Now you understand more
    about the heating problem and why a fan doesn?t work.

Yep i see that not sure it cant be handled in the future. The best way is split load and reduce power output.

26. Please remind me to tell you why Nicola Tesla used vacuum tubes in his most
    powerful demonstrations of his power conversion technologies.

Im not sure Radio Shack had power mosfets in 1930's

27. The point I wish to make here is that also along with the 500 volt DC is, yes, you
    guessed it, the 5 volts three amp AC current!
    They are both completely independent of each other except for some very
    interesting thin I will mention to you some other time.....

This analogy for the 5kz sat on top of the DC output.

28. In that book (?Lightning in his hand? by Nicola Tesla) it is related that Tesla
    states that you can have all kinds of electrons flowing through a wire travelling
    in different directions relating only to their potential power source.
    He even said that you could have different electron flows through a single
    wire completely separate from each other. I tried it and he is right.
29. He (Tesla) noticed that most of the time the magnetometers stayed relatively
    sedate and around the same level. They would fluctuate just slightly. However
    one day he noticed that the meters jumped quite unpredictably.
    It attracted his attention and he began to find that the meters were reacting
    to a thunderstorm many hundreds of miles away. Interesting isn?t it?

Yes because the stability of the ionization envelope is being altered which changes the conditions from the point between the earth and the measured level to the ionization layer above despite the fact the lightning is hundreds or thousands of miles a way. We are working to a different concept to electromagnetic radio waves. There is a steady charge of millions and millions of volts between the ionization layer and the earth. This is why the laymens description of a thunderstorm charge is wrong. They say the PD builds inside and between  the thunderstorm clouds until the charge is negative compared to the ground enough to produce the lightning. What is really happening is the thunderstorm clouds build a very tiny charge which acts only as a catalyst. The true power of the storm comes from the entire ionisation magnetic envelope of the earth and its this that offers up a tiny weeny part as lightning to produce the 100million mega watts strikes not once but sometimes dozens of times from a single cloud.
30. He acquired better magneto meters and his research found that you could
    tune the magneto meters to certain specific frequencies and tap directly into
    large magnetic waves. When I say large, I am referring to huge. That was
    usable power.
    However, you had to find a circuit potential in order for the electrons to flow.
31. If you had a short wire and you move the magnet across it, you would always
    have limited potential because the length of the wire was so short.
    Ok, now what if we increase the length of the wire to many miles in length ,
    even with a very weak magnetic field moving across the wire you still have a
    much greater potential flow of power available.
    If we out it into perspective of power per inch, it may be easier to understand.
    If you have a small magnetic field moving across a wire 12 inches long, it can
    generate an electron flow equal to let?s say 1 milivolt per inch.
    If you move the magnetic 12 inches at the same speed , you get 12 milivolts
    as you transgress the 12 inches of wire.
    Understand that I am trying to convey a principle that you can understand for
    use in the future.
    So you have a wire 12 inches long, and you can make 12 milivolts moving a
    magnet across it.
    If you have a wire 1000 feet long and you move the same small magnetic
    field across the length of it, you can create much more voltage potential
    perhaps 12,000 milivolts let?s say.
    So, you have managed to generate a significant amount of electric power
    with a weak magnetic force.
    Ok, how does this help us? Where am I going with this?
    Suppose you have 1000 pieces of wire 12 inches long and you run the same
    weak magnetic field over them all at the same time....... You get the same
    flow of electrons.
    If the wires are run in series , then you will get the 12,000 milivolts etc.
    If you connect the wires in parallel, you will get a higher current but lower
    However, the power potential is the same whether you run the wires in series
    or parallel.
32. If you know how to find a circuit potential, you tune into the frequency and
    you have enough short pieces of wire you can convert as much power as you
    wish in a given space.
33. How it IS POSSIBLE to use what appears to be a weak magnetic force to
    generate large usable amounts of power.

This is a concept of  1900's technology radio. The regen radio worked so amazingly well by virtue of the fact that if you transmit in effect on the frequency that you want to receive on then the coil acts as an antenna many hundreds of times larger then the practical coil. It "appears" to the ambient level of magnetic force to be a coil of hundreds of miles in diameter. The super regen improves the technique further by allowing oscillations to build to the point of feedback then immediately quench them. The returning signal is MASSIVE.

34. My units behave exactly like common radios in one way.
    U tune your radio to the station you desire and the closer you tune to the ideal
    frequency, the stronger the amplification of the signal will be, and the better
    the radio will collect and amplify the signals.
    Think of the power unit as a device similar to a radio receiver.

Yes i can see that clearly.

35. My units behave as though they are variable tuning devices, and we are
    tuning them to a frequency just like a radio.

Yes i fully understand the concept.

    The closer you get to the centre frequency the more power you permit the
    collector to dissipate into a load.
36. In the case of my power unit, you create several frequencies within a space of
    the collects coils circumference.
    Frequencies are directly related to the circumference of the collector coil.
    You can begin to collect the current and dissipate it with no need for
    amplification because the signal source also becomes the feed for the power
    source and has the natural tendency to run with gain.

This is regen radio in effect. The more you put out the much more is returned.

37. It is important that you note that you can never tune too closely to the exact
    frequencies of power conversion because the power received by the
    collector will instantly destroy it.
    We instead must deliberately tune off the frequencies of conversion in order to
    make the thing properly work.
38. Remember that it is like a furnace which feeds itself.
    The hotter it gets the more fuel it gives itself to burn, that is why the control
    units are so very important.
39. By the way, have you seen the video of the compass turning violently in the
    centre of the unit?
    Notice that when I first turn the unit on that the compass starts to spin very
    It speeds up faster and faster until it just stops. When it stops the unit is always
    operation at about its design maximum. We never found out why any of this
    occurred. It tended to reinforce what I observed as the turbine effect.
40. Instead, the TV just stumbled for one millisecond on the correct combination
    of frequencies necessary to cause the phenomenon of magnetic collection.
41. I am curious as to where this unbelievably huge magnetic force comes from
    during an atomic explosion. It is something else to think about. Perhaps in
    connection with my power technology.
42. The very first example I gave you was that; it is common scientific knowledge
    that if you have a piece of wire and first run electricity through it, you will have
    a small kick when first energized. The kick is universally attributed ot he earths
    magnetic field.
    We are not talking about a coil or a transformer or anything developing a
    primary to secondary flux.
    We are just talking about a straight piece of wire, some electron and a
    method of measuring what comes out of it.
43. I told you that the simplest form of over unity is a piece of wire and a voltage
    Anyone can actually connect it and measure.
    See for yourself the kick. No coil no transformers, just a kick.
44. I had only this to go on when I started and little by little I figured out how to
    make many several thousands of kicks per second..... and you know what, it
    isn?t difficult at all.
45. To further our discussion, the reason you cannot use small transformers within
    or in close at close proximity to your unit is because of the leakage fields of
    magnetic flux.
46. tao
47. Carl is absolutely correct about most everything in his letter. There are exact
    points of interest 9 and 13.
    Yes we are definitely spinning the field at an unbelievable high rate.
48. Has anyone ever done any research on what happens when we create a
    magnetic field and revolve it faster and faster.
    What changes and at what speed or frequency of the pulsed field do things
    suddenly change?
49. Also, #17, YES
    17: The imploding television story is very interesting.
    Could Mark?s device be close to tapping into or creating such a powerful
    magnetic vortex?
    Has he seen any evidence of magnetic attraction of any objects in or near
    the toroids?
50. I am pleased that you can clearly see the turbine....
    The interesting thing is how with the right combination of frequencies, you can
    actually create a revolving with inertia!

Its not required to force a rotation it will come naturally as an artifact of creating a depression.

51. Larger collectors have a much greater ability to collect and dissipate more
    energy than the smaller ones. However, if they turn into a bomb it will not
    make much difference....
    There is no such thing as a small lightning strike.
    Perhaps a smaller one is safer because the only thing that will stop a red
    collector is the disintegration of the matter acting as a receiver. IE. The wires
    all burn up.
52. We built many, many units with various combinations of collectors during out
    experimental days.
53. About the collector:
    It is three separate coils of multi strand copper wire laid one on top of the
    other, not interleaved. Three is important.
    You can do many things with three coils.
    You can run them in parallel, you can run two in series and one in parallel etc.
    You can run a separate frequency into each coil for better control on large
    power units if need be.
    The control wiring is vertically wound in several segments around each of the
    horizontal collector coils.
    Other control wires are wound around all of the horizontal collector coils
54. However, you must have an emergency KILL switch.
    ....... A heat sensor buried within the collector coil.

This is interesting as Jack pointed out the TPU just stopped around 19 minutes once very very hot. Its much more likely the thermo cut out tripped. Without this there is no reason the TPU would not keep going till all the plastic insulation melted and smoked itself out.

    Also the kill switch should also be connected to cut off whenever it measures
    over voltage.
55. You know, it is very similar to the idea of a long garden hose.
    Picture a hose with water in it.
    If you pick up one end and move along the length of the hose you will move
    the water constantly along in the direction you are moving.
    You could also squeeze the hose in the direction to move the water along as
    and you could do both to control the movement of the water more precisely.
    You can think of the movement of water as the movement of electrons
    through the collector coils.
56. Talking about the exploding tv set again:
    I was trying to show among other things that there HAS to BE power from
    And this power has to be available all the time, everywhere.
    I mean we believed very strongly that the power we converted came from
    the earth?s magnetic field. We believed that mainly because it is the obvious
    However please consider that we had no way of confirming exactly where
    the power comes from.

From other free energy devices they are relate to the magnetic ionization layer.

57. Has anyone an explanation for the Oregon vortex?
58. After rereading my letters to you I became aware that in fact I have already
    sent you enough information to supplicate my power units.
59. By the way we found that ordinary multi strand lamp cable worked very well
    for use as a collector.
    First the heavy gauge wire isn?t as efficient as the multi strand copper and also
    there is safety advantage in using the multi strand lamp cable.
60. If the unit goes too far on frequency it may begin to convert too much current
    and try to dissipate way too much voltage.
61. Some of the units in the demo videos did in fact have one or two 9v batteries
    to provide a separate controllable DC source for the solid state control circuit.

Of course i think we all understand that. It would need to be extremely well tuned to start without a battery though requiring some strokes of a magnet. I would see this as a disadvantage when a lithium button cell will last 10 years and make for easy starting.

62. Listen, you need to make three coils or so one on top of the other.
    But the important thing is to wrap the control coils perpendicularly around the
    collector coils.
    There need to be three of them all the way around.
    Start them up one at a time each.
    First frequency then second harmonic component into the second, then the

SM mentioned 2 frequencies on the video its always been a bone of contention and is still open to bench tests. I don't believe 3 collectors are required although it maybe the most efficient. In theory 2 will work as 2 are required to displace the charge to make a depression inside the vortex.

63. When you eventually strike the cord look out.
    You will know what has happened at that point.
    In the mean time you can measure a slight output even if you do not strike the
    exact cord.
64. In many of our designs we use three coils as the collector.

Proof as i said 2 could be used as he did not say ALL designs.

    They can be run parallel to give higher current lower voltage output at
    They can be run in series to create high voltage, lower current when reaching
    the point of excitation.
    We have used other multiples of run of wire as well in various units contruction.
65. Most of the successful units we made had control wiring run or wrapped
    vertically over the horizontal collector wires.
    They were run perpendicular to the travel of the collector wires.
    They were run in multiple segments.
    Each segment could be fed a different frequency individually and or from a
    collector section to help perpetuate the oscillation and control.

Its the different frequencies fed into the vertical control coils which impress into the horizontal collectors which are akin to loop antennae .

66. Please remember that I told you from the beginning that electron tube circuits
    work much more precisely then solid state units. Especially when first
    Solid state circuits are very dirty and imprecise.

Tubes make better oscillators however modern day power fets do a good job.

67. He went on to discuss my technology in detail and reminded me of the
    destructive capability when the devices reach harmonic perfection.
68. #1. PC boards made out of different materials change the operating
    conditions of SS devices.
    #2. Soldering the components at least 1⁄2 inch above the board itself is
    essential to making a good SS control out of discrete devices.
    #3. As you know, Large amounts of FEEDBACK is essential to frequency and
    control when using SS devices for everything in the electronics world,
    HOWEVER, it is the enemy of generators!

This relates to the non reciprocal theory where the output product is not a function of the input in OU devices. Feedback will kill it.

69. Why do you think we HAD to place our control devices in the middle of the
    operating coil?
    Listen: when these units get going they F**K with the control units, changing
    the signals they put out and receive. They have no choice but to get off
    frequency and shut down.
    In most cases they will not even start up.

This is design and build though anyone that built there own radio will know that free running oscillators can do strange stuff and it requires good build standards to make it stable. This is easy for a logic guy that thinks only a frequency generator is required that you turn on and get 5 megs of square wave out nor does this approach have a home in the tpu.

70. TUBES are NOT as sensitive as SS control devices and DO NOT require the
    massive amounts of feed back to operate.
71. I mentioned at the beginning that, it was much easier to make one of these
    things work if you use tubes as a control system rather than SS devices.
72. BUT, I guarantee you that their SS control devices are all sitting right beside the
    collector......aren?t they?
    They will probably never start the coil and get to catalyst.
    I?m not saying it is impossible, but it will be damn difficult for these guys to get
    more than a big bang once in a while.

Again its all build standards to get a nice ring out of a power fet without going unstable and squealing.

73. It should be a lot easier to use tubes to strike the right cord and develop the
    right sound to make the best sound.
74. If the unit generates more heat than power you are safe because it will
    destroy itself long before it blows up.
    We worked on that theory for a long time at UEC.
75. Lamp wire is what I use to connect my speakers to my amplifier.
76. I am using 6BQ7-A tubes for the input and phase inverter because they are
    VHF amplifier triodes designed to operate in Color TV at very high

77. I have a three channel system I listen to. Sometimes the three channels
    combine together to create the most magnificent sound you could imagine.
78. Gosh, the reason I just hate transistors is because they are so slow and
    generate so much distortion!!!
79. Did you know that electron transit times in some tubes approach the speed of
    light ?
80. I have designed some amps using MOSFET, etc. which sound very much like
    tube amps.
    However when I want to design a new amp I always start with tubes and
    when I get them perfected I move on the MOSFETS...
81. I made an amp and had really difficult time with a 35k resonance. I had so
    much trouble with it that I finally left the resonance there.
    I last measured it at 35.705K at a really high level.
    It is a good thing I can?t hear that high.
    But it does prove that my output transformer is capable of going up to 245
    KHz. Which I measured.
82. HEY, did you know that the frequency is proportional to the speaker?s
    It appears that the frequency should change with the circumference of the
83. I use 15? speakers myself. They are 15? from the dead center of the outside
    flange to the other side flange.
84. I want you to start and think of the generator principles the exact same way
    that passing the sound barrier was accomplished.
    Read how engineers in this country finally developed the proper wing design
    to accomplish supersonic speed in aircraft. I hope it will give you a picture of
    what going on inside the generator and especially the collector
85. Imagine that you have a cannon which fires a projectile at a velocity of 1000
    miles an hour.
    The amount of energy held in the moving projectile until converted is let?s say
    a figure of ten.
    It will never become more than our figure of ten.
    The energy will slowly dissipate until the projectile slows and begins to fall to
    the ground and It?s final dissipation will occur when it strikes the earth or the
    object it was aimed at.
    Now, we have been told that there will never be more energy available from
    the projectile other then what was given to it when first fired into the sky,
    EXCEPT for the following example:
    Now, there can be a further dissipation of energy if the projectile was carrying
    a charge of dynamite to explode on impact as well.
    Do you see how different things all relate here?
    Let me expand your mind for a moment.....
    Suppose that the projectile which you fired was another cannon? Now you
    have another canon travelling at 1000 miles an hour....
    Now, if you could fire the second cannon, the projectile coming from it would
    be traveling
    at a velocity of 1000 miles an hour after being fired. However, since the canon
    is already traveling at a speed of 1000 miles an hour when you fire it, the
    speed of the second fired projectile is essentially now 2000 miles per hour and
    the energy available to convert from the second projectile, is now twice the
    ten available from the first projectile!
    You now have energy availability of twenty to convert from the second
    Now, what if the projectile fired from the second cannon were another
    cannon and you fired it.
    Since the second cannon is traveling at 2000 miles per hour then the projectile
    you fire from it would make 3000 miles per hour, and so on and so on...
    The energy released from the speed of multiple projectiles increases the
    energy available to be dissipated upon impact many fold! The faster the
    speed of ANYTHING the more energy will be available for conversion.
86. A long time ago, I said, if you take a bullet and throw it at the side of an
    automobile it will bounce off. However, if you place the bullet into a gun and
    fire it at the automobile it, with sufficient velocity, go through the metal door
    and through the other side because of the inertia energy available for
87. Speed is energy if you can convert the mass into energy quickly enough!
    Anything no matter how small can store enough energy to convert into huge
    amounts of energy.
    Even electrons..........................................
88. Now, electrons can travel only so fast along the surface of the wire because
    of the magnetic flux.
    What if you disable the effect of the flux? My unit operates on these principles.
    Now the electrons float freely without anything holding them back.
    Electrons at the speed of light are now a possibility!
89. How much energy can be converted from a stream of electrons traveling
    close to the speed of light?
90. Think about all those frequencies traveling inside the collector coil and how
    they interact.....
91. They also have no concept of how important the control frequencies are in
    order to make power from the collector.

I do but i love to know what frequencies might be required for the tpu. Much indication it can cover a very wide range from Khz to several Mhz depending on the size of the device.

Offline bolt

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Re: The TPU ......Back to Grass Roots by Bolt.
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SM sited freedomfuel as having very good theory on the tpu. I like what he says. Forgive me if others think the same and posted it before.

"Having spent months studying 'free energy' I have concluded that ZPE or quantum vacuum energy if it exists is irrelevant because there are no working devices in existance using this source of energy and I don't think that there ever will be. I have concluded that it is wrong theoretical models that are holding back progress among private researchers, so we need a fresh look at where 'free energy' really comes from. My conclusion is that real free energy devices connect to the ionosphere and that the source of this energy is the earth's magnetic field. When you think about it it should be obvious that the 'sea of energy in which the earth floats' is really the ionosphere. People have known that the ionosphere is seething with free energy for a long time but getting to it has always been a problem. Our ancestors thought of sending up metalised baloons with conducting cables hanging from them. Recently it has been proposed to use orbiting satelites beaming down energy with mcirowaves. Below I explain the low tech solution to the problem that will make energy so inexpensive that it might as well be free. It spells doom for the oil companies and utilities.

I believe that there are both microscopic and macroscopic magnetic vortex fields. The former could be incorporated into the model suggested for Ken Shoulder�s charge clusters. These are thought to be micron size clusters of electrons that make a ring-like formation when an electric spark is ejected from a metal electrode. It is hypothesised that millions of electrons lock together with a short-range magnetic force that overcomes coulomb repulsion when their spins are opposite to that of adjacent electrons. In order to achieve stability the ring would have to rotate with the electrons following a helical or spiral path. This electronic vortex would also be a magnetic vortex and as the charge clusters decays there would be produced a spiral magnetic wave. This phenomenon is thought to be the basis of overunity devices like the Correas PAGD reactor, the Gray conversion tube, and the TH Moray device. It is not clear how charge clusters take energy from the environment but one clue is provided by the observation that �cold fusion� is enhanced by the proximity of lightning storms. According to an observation by Tesla lightning produces a longitudinal magnetic wave and as the ionosphere acts as a waveguide these waves would travel parallel to the surface of the earth. If this really is a source of free energy it might be possible for an overunity device to take energy from electrical storms hundreds of miles away.

A Macroscopic magnetic vortex field is produced when a simple bar magnet is set spinning. The differential in velocity, down the radius, of each turning magnetic element, sets up a magnetic vortex. This effect is more pronounced with a series of bar magnets radiating from a central spinning hub, or a spinning, magnetic disc. It is further enhanced when magnets arranged around two rotors or magnetic discs counter rotate in relation to each other. In practice those OU devices that use a spiral arrangement of magnets produce the most powerful magnetic vortex field. Practical OU devices use permanent magnet rotors that rotate in the horizontal plane and point upwards. Once spinning, a spiral magnetic wave like a laser beam travels faster than light into the ionosphere where it sets up a vortex from which a larger spiral magnetic wave returns to the device. The excess energy being received by the magnets of the device in this way is a magnetic current which flows around a conducting ring pulling the rotor around with it. Although like magnetic poles are being forced together in these devices the magnets do not become degaussed because they are being continuously being recharged by incoming magnetic energy and the device will continue to turn forever. This is unlike those magnetic motors where like poles are brought into proximity with a magnetic shield between them which is pulled away causing the magnets to repel. In these magnetic motors the magnets act more like batteries since they soon become discharged and the motor stops. An example of this kind of magnetic motor is the Perendev motor constantly being promoted by Stirling Allen.

It may be possible to create a spiral magnetic wave with a static device using electromagnets switched in series in conjunction with permanent magnets to make a rotating magnetic field. A torroidal coil could be used as in the Steve Marks device at .The coil could be bifalar wound and divided into segments which are activated by a commutator. Study the animated gif of the Marks device at the above Url for insight into how this could be done. The Floyd Sweet device is a static device but it is hard to see how it could work unless microscopic magnetic vortex fields are being formed within the magnets themselves..

Observations by Alex Schiffer and Geof Egel could be evidence that a magnetic vortex field forms around the Joe Cell. The observations supporting this theory are as follows: 1. A compass needle placed near a Joe Cell coupled to an engine will rapidly rotate. 2. The cell dies when the car passes underneath high voltage power lines. 3. The engine runs so cool that the radiator will freeze up. 4. The levitating Watercar car phenomenon. 5. A pink or blue glow is seen around the Joe cell due to electrons being accelerated towards the cell by the returning spiral magnetic wave. It is possible that the Meyer cell also expoited this phenomenon which is why we should be open minded about his claim to have run his buggy on only water. As to why a cell with concentric electrodes should make a vortex magnetic field, this is a complete mystery to me. Has anyone got any ideas? All that I can think of is that the pulsed flow of gases from the cell swirls around the conical exit.

According to the research of Wilbert Smith, an engineer employed by the Canadian government in the 1950s to reverse engineer UFO propulsion, the source of energy for these magnetic motors is the earth�s magnetic field. This has been confirmed by one of Steven Greer�s insiders. At first the idea that energy could be extracted from a static magnetic field seems absurd but the earth�s magnetosphere is anything but static. There are two possible explanations that I am considering. First the incoming solar wind pushes against the earth�s magnetic field and compresses it�s field lines until they snap back by a process called magnetic reconnection. This continuously induces global magnetic waves of periods between 30 to 600 seconds. This would account for TH Moray�s observation of space energy surging like the waves of the sea. In addition the sun�s own magnetic field is twisted in a spiral by it�s rotation so that the charged particles of the solar wind cross field lines of alternating directions which induces a wave-like motion in it. This would modulate the magnetosphere and induce terrestrial magnetic waves as above. Whatever the exact source of this energy it could perhaps replace all fossil and Uranium fuel sources of energy and as magnetism is a natural resource that cannot be depleted it would last forever.


Here are some clues for building a magnetic motor provided by Von Braun at his physics forum.

�When you are ready I will give you instructions step by step to build a working magnetic motor that works using Neodymium magnets. A slender drum of spiralling configured magnets within a hollow drum of spiralling magnets. The inner solid drum has an axle going through the middle of it and this inner drum will naturally spin at around 3,000 RPMs. Now connect an umbrella type of out-stretching copper mesh to it that houses a large series of copper coils that will be spun at 3,000 RPMs across the outer drum's large powerful magnets and electrical current is achieved, forever. The magnets will never run down because the electricity in the wires that is constant always keeps the magnet's polarity fully charged DURING the process. This will convince you well enough and you will have in your possession a device that will bring Federal attention to you as this device is the easiest to build and is a large threat to all energy companies.�


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Re: The TPU ......Back to Grass Roots by Bolt.
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Further more he says

"In my article on magnetic vortex fields in the general OU discussions section I put forward the hypothesis that magnetic free energy devices work by bouncing a rotating magnetic wave off the ionosphere which returns to the device amplified. The source of this magnetic energy is still uncertain but it cold come from one or more of three sources:

1. The solar wind has embedded into it the suns magnetic field since the stream of plasma crosses the suns spiralling magnetic field whose direction of field lines alternates. This is known as the Parker effect.

2. The solar wind rythmicaly varies it's pressure on the earths magnetosphere to produce global magnetic waves.

3. The 'electrojet' or steam of charged particles which moves at right angles to the earths magnetic field has it's own magnetic field which may be energised in some way.

As far as I am concerned there is no need to look elsewhere for the source of free energy since if you add up all the electric, magnetic and kinetic energy in the ionosphere it would be the equivalent to thousands if not millions of atomic bombs. This is all the free energy we will ever need.

According to the above analysis every credible free energy device must make a rotating magnetic field. In addition an analysis of the Mikell device reveals that the rotor magnets are alternatively pulsed with like and unlike magnetic poles and that the magnetic force on the rotor magnets varies sinusoidaly. Another interesting observation of the Mikell device is that at any position of the rotor the forces of attraction and repulsion on it�s magnets balance out so that there should be no tendency to move in either direction. In practice the slightest physical movement of the rotor will cause the rotor to accelerate. Other similar devices require that the rotor be spun to a certain speed for the device to be self-running. Looking at other devices like the Adams motor for instance it seems that they require the rotor magnets to be pulsed with magnets or electromagnets with the same polarity to make a force of repulsion. In the Hamel device a ring of permanent magnets of the same polarity on the rim of an inverted cone is repelled by a ring of permanent magnets of the same polarity on the inside of a cylinder. The rotating wobble or �precession� of the cone causes magnets of like poles to be forced together sequentially and for the force of repulsion on each magnet to vary sinusoidaly. Judging by the Hamel device it is not necessary for the magnets to rotate physically but rather for the magnetic repulsion on them to be done in a rotating sequence.

Another important factor these devices have in common is a conducting ring to which the magnets are attached. I hypothesis that rotating magnetic currents (cold electricity) in this conducting ring pull the rotor round by energizing each magnet in turn.

Another important factor I forgot to mention is that unlike in a conventional motor/generator where the magnets are attached to an iron frame so that the air gap close the magnetic circuit these devices require magnets to be attached to non magnetic frames. There are two reasons for this. Firstly the magnets receive incoming magnetic energy from the ionosphere so the magnetic circuit must be closed by their field lines joining the poles through empty space. Secondly a magnetic vortex field cannot be created if the field is contained inside a magnetic/ferromagnetic circuit.

Wow thats interesting i love that part.! If you look at Thrapps motor you can see it may well work on the same principles.

If you want to build your own magnetic generator you would do better to design your own from first principles rather than try to replicate devices that probably never worked like the Searl effect generator and the Floyd Sweet device. I hope my notes above could provide some theoretical background for your endeavors. If you do decide to make such a device it would be prudent to build a small one with button magnets first and if that interferes with TVs and radios don�t even think about scaling it up.

Mikell Device

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Re: The TPU ......Back to Grass Roots by Bolt.
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In a nutshell the ionization tap seems highly credible.   Most recently i posted an article about the Newman Weather changing device and it was reported that the Newman machine can and does when set up correctly change a precisely 20 mile chunk of sky. This conventionally refers to a frequency of about 10 Khz.