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Even the environmentalists would love this one. The patent should be an interesting read, once it is released.

Our Governor was just talking about something like this tonight. They are ready do this in Sweden based on what she said.

It was also said that they are going to start using waste from paper mills to produce a biofuel. I am thinking that they may also be able to use yard waste as well. Like grass cutings, fallen leaves, branches and or tree's. This is quite interesting and I hope to find out more about what they are doing here in Michigan with this concept.

In the United States we pay farmers subsidies to keep their farmland fallow and basically not grow anything. This is to help control the food production so supplies don't drop the food prices below an acceptable amount. Some of this land, in Indiana for example, was going to be used to grow crops for ethanol production, which uses more energy than is recovered. This new patent process would probably be a much better way to use the land.

I am curious as to what the energy in  --- energy out  ratio would be.

ResinRat2, I cant find much on this anywhere. I can see where it could cost a lot to plant, grow, harvest and refine. But, if we used what was already gorwn and havested, I would think that would save half the cost making it half as expensive. I say half using it as a asumption as well as a example.

 "What we're doing is taking the trash like corn stalks, corn husks, corn cobs ? even grass from the yard that goes to dump ? that's what we can turn into oil," Bell told WND. "I'm not going to make asphalt, we're only going to make the things we need. We're going to make gasoline for driving, diesel for our big trucks."

 I am very interested in this becuase I know that city's are having problems with yard waste and the fact that they are filling up land fills.


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