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Title: A solution to anti-gravity?
Post by: aleks on March 11, 2008, 08:07:01 AM
I've made a post about this already here:,1477.0.html
I've come to a conclusion that gravity has the same property as acoustic wave, but in comparison to any normal acoustic wave gravity is a DC acoustic wave. You may easily compare this to DC electric or magnetic field. With acoustic waves it's just a bit harder to imagine. But gravity is just that - it causes a constant accelerating movement in bodies: acceleration is caused by resonance in the same way as the swing of a resonating membrane increases with time. The only difference is that under gravity there are no constraints and so the velocity is gained infinitely. The mechanism of gravitation is as follows: bodies gain velocity due to acoustic DC wave gradient - it is very close to magnetic DC field gradient as it affects a magnet. One may argue that no membrane may resonate to any hypothetic DC acoustic wave. This is a valid point, but being a DC wave, gravity changes its quality and instead of producing correlated oscillation it bends the space between material particles: it literally changes the value of length standard (another possibility would be that all bodies resonate to DC frequency on atomic particles scale - and of course the 'heavier' the matter, the more energy it gains from such resonance since it contains more particles in a given volume of space, arrangement of particles can also affect the energy gain - all that can be an addition to the already mentioned picture). Another DC acoustic wave's quality is that it spans infinitely and it supports the paradigm of long-length action (well, we should be sensing stars going supernovas million years before we see their light) - also, by long-range action I mean an instant action (e.g. if the intensity of the field changes, this immediately changes conditions in all surrounding space without taking time for the change to propagate through the space).

Now to solution. As I've written in the post, all we may need to create anti-gravity is a source of DC acoustic waves of a different polarity than what Earth generates. I've shown that it's impossible to get a DC component using a membrane.

However, what should produce DC component is explosion or implosion (generally speaking, a quick inward compression or outward decompression), at least for a short period of time.

I'll try to base my reasoning on implosion. So, how implosions can be produced at will and without much effort? The answer is far simpler than you would expect. All you need is to use two barrel (roll) brushes among which one rotates clockwise and the other anti-clockwise. These brushes should have a long metallic hairs or blades that come into contact when rotation is started. Of course, both brushes obviously will be trying to stop each other from rotating. This is where implosions are created. It is like clapping your hands constantly: clapping and sliding, clapping and sliding, etc. (A correction: brushes should rotate into the same direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise). Otherwise they won't be blocking each other.)

What is interesting in such brush arrangement is that it reminds me of spectral multiplication (spectral convolution) I was mentioning. If both brushes will be rotating at 50 Hz, their fundamental frequency will be 100 Hz since they are rotating in the direction of each other. Of course, the blades (hairs) of brushes should be flexible for constant rotation to be possible. If you imagine using hard blades, the brushes will stop each other being rotated in such way. The main principle here is to cause constant rotation with as much "clapping" as possible.

Brushes can be made pretty long - 3-4 feet with 1" diameter. Each brush can come in contact with two or three other brushes: so the whole system may become pretty compact and may be scaled as required.

Well, this sounds funny I know but at least this one is based on some objective theory and observation in comparison to many other variants of anti-gravity.

For a serious prolonged laugh see this: (I'm seriously shocked :o - too much convoluted for a women accessory name) If this whole theory worked I would produce these women accessories on a larger scale just to put the production price down - I've heard that some cigarette production lines can be retooled for ammunition production effortlessly. (of course in such form these brushes should be positioned with a small angle between them - i.e. non-parallel a bit so that metallic hairs have a better contact - well, on the enlarged picture of those women brushes, the hairs themselves were already skewed correctly so that they can have a better contact even if brushes are placed parallel)

One interesting paper I've found after writing this post: And well, after so much information I'm not changing my mind on paradigm presented myself. The only thing that worries me is that DC acoustic wave (gravity) can only be caused from interaction of mechanically oscillating particles (bodies), gravity thus cannot be seen as a physical field, gravity is a result of extending physics of normal oscillating acoustic waves into DC area. But on the other hand, acoustic waves are also non-physical: they are a process of transmission of correlated vibrations of matter (process of mechanical energy propagation). And so, probably contracting and expanding movements of matter may produce gravity gradients. The weak point of my paradigm is that acoustic waves travel slowly whereas DC waves propagate through space instantly. However, as I've noted since DC waves have no "phase" the measurement of time of their propagation becomes irrelevant (in this aspect DC waves are different from DC electric or magnetic fields since these fields are corpuscular whereas DC wave fields are not).

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Title: Re: A solution for anti-gravity?
Post by: aleks on March 12, 2008, 02:47:27 PM
A bump since I've added a bit of detail in my explanation above.
Title: Re: A solution for anti-gravity?
Post by: aleks on March 13, 2008, 10:17:18 PM
Now to a more "higher order" stuff I've derived from this paradigm.

First of all, it's obvious that DC field intensity changes can be used as an instant information channel that does not know such thing as "speed of light". Intensity of gravity should be adjustable by changing the number of instances of exploding or imploding matter. The reason why intensities should sum is the same as with DC electric current: if you add a small DC gradient to some place in space of the overall "DC field", you will be actually adding intensity to all of its places at the same time (decreasing with inverse square law of the distance).

Based on this, it's really interesting to note that celestial bodies may "communicate" between each other using gravity changes. Well, this may sound a bit "spiritual", but in such gravity system it may be possible that the "center" of the physical universe may reach every galaxy, then every galaxy (its central black hole) may reach every star system, and then every star may reach planet, and then planet may reach any living being. Not that it's impossible for the center of the universe to reach a given living being directly (atheist physicists will surely go mad about such concept). But I repeat, this is not about spirituality or "God", it is a pure informational system: no way God is fully represented by the central body of the universe. Quality of information should not be mixed with the medium used to transmit that information.

Information can be passed back in alike way. Of course, smaller bodies will have a hard time transmitting information to larger bodies: literally saying, their voice may not be heard by a larger body in the presence of higher power oscillations of that larger body (but who knows, really). On the other hand, entities of the same system (planet-sun, planet-planet, animal-planet, animal-animal) may easily intercommunicate. Of course, due to "size" aspect mentioned, larger bodies dictate rather than listen.

What is also interesting is that living being's cells are best described as expanding and compressing. This leads me to think that cells may transmit the information that way: of course, for the "voice" to be loud enough, a large array of cells should be expanding or compressing at the same time (e.g. heart cells or brain cells - I basically know dynamics of the brain cells, but nothing can stop them to be able to react on ultra small gravity fluctuations and propagate this information in a normal "impulse" way - according to the link I've provided above, gravity does fluctuate and given the fact G constant is certain up to 3rd number after point only, the fluctuations can be pretty considerable).