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Title: Existing Air engine (US Pat. 6629573)
Post by: AlanA on March 05, 2008, 09:31:43 PM
Hi all,

a few month ago I discovered a very remarkable US patent (6629573). Ok I can hear many voices: Not again an air engine. But stop. I studied the patent file very carefully. I had several telephone calls with the inventor. He seems to be a very honest people who stands with both feeds on the floor. He isn't a dreamer, he is a realist. He is also the owner of a body shop.
The key is a redesigned combustion engine. He has an existing prototype which delivers 4,5 HP - closed loop!!!

How it works:
He has a clever valve system which works with suction and pressure. There is no need of an air pump, but of a vacuum pump.

My problem:
The inventor promised me a details description. He hasn't send me further information. It seems, that he is very busy in his factory to devolop larger air engines.
The factory is in North Vernon, Indianapolis.

Is someone out there who is just around the corner and who can visit the inventor to get further information?