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Author Topic: The PM OU motor Project  (Read 10354 times)


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Re: The PM OU motor Project
« Reply #15 on: March 22, 2008, 01:19:04 AM »
Hello to everyone here,
You are approx.70 % correct about your analogy in regards to the Equilibrius Grid. Although there is a good chunk of explanation that is very wrong.
I can extract energies from the grid. Also I can have all of them not spinning except for one still spinning all the way in the back of the grid (all the others will just twitch) >I also can spin half the Grid(8 Gears) one way and the other half(8 gears the other way) I have broken all kinds of traditional supposed laws and self imposed rules of science.
I've had as many as 38 gears going (ran out of extra gears)Basically: I expand a very small stable field into a GIGANTIC MAGNETIC FIELD , It quickly becomes A WONDERFUL MAGNETIC SNOWBALL EFFECT.  >Does each gear add load to the source?ANSWER> NO it does not. NOT If you follow the LAWS of HARMONY which is the underlying principle involved (Hense "Equilibrius Grid">Just like a vibrating piano string or tuning fork. If you muffle it you lose the sound / vibration. So what does this tell us about extraction methods? I think you can guess right? " NO FRICTIONS " !!! Frictions equal the breaking of Harmony/ Resonance . Secret to finding new things is to "not" walk into the same closed door over & over & over again. That goes for extractions as well.
 PLUS : THERE IS MUCH  MUCH MORE INVOLVED(details) THAT SHOULD EXCITE ANY PERSON THAT KNOWS SOMETHING ABOUT ENERGY .So if this is the case which it is>why does the science community ignore me and try to steal my individual works/inventions for themselves ?  because they all have ego's that won't allow them to admit that they don't understand something > Unless of course they have their own name on it.Then it's BRILLIANT.
This happens over & over again. This is why I am so reserved about revealing all the details.
I worked for many years on my own to finally find it even existed. Sacrificing many parts of my own life as to be able to help my family and the world as a whole .
After I do achieve it and try to share it I get treated like complete crap and still do to this day(few exceptions of course).I'm a bit bitter .  Heee hee  :)
Maybe one day I can get a group like all of you to help me bring it out in a self respecting manner.
You see it is all I have .. I have no education except self taught.Scientist's scoff & laugh at me because of that,but yet they can't achieve what I've shown them>what does this say?
I would be happy to share it with everyone If it was in a way that complimented some self dignity.

« Last Edit: March 22, 2008, 10:15:54 AM by JON DEPEW »

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Re: The PM OU motor Project
« Reply #15 on: March 22, 2008, 01:19:04 AM »

Offline Charlie_V

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Re: The PM OU motor Project
« Reply #16 on: March 22, 2008, 05:46:44 AM »
Hey Jon, I've always been a fan of your research.  We use to talk on AIM until you blocked me - Ha I must have talked to you too much, sorry about that.  Anyway, I think the problem you had is something I see a lot.  Most in the scientific community would not even turn their head when someone "uneducated" outside of "science" makes a discovery that defies their laws.  They just assume that person is crazy and never listen. 

However, there are two type of people that will listen.  Open minded, creative thinkers and un-imaginative ego maniacs.   Unfortunately, there are very few open-minded creative thinkers in the science community - which probably explains why technological advances are slowing down.  Most unfortunately, this leaves the vast majority of those who would listen to be ego maniacs.  These people are generally desperate, about to lose their funding, and have no creative ideas to help support them.  If they find something they can get their greedy paws on, they will strip it from you.  From what you've told me, and expressed just now on the forum, these are the only people you've met - which sucks. 

From my experience, people on this forum would gladly help you get your ideas out there, but it would be to the general public and you would see very little money from this.  My best advice, and I gave you this before, would be to find an application for your discoveries that you could market and sell - even if it means crafting some art piece that uses your discoveries and selling it at craft fairs and art galleries.  I wouldn't go for something major like powering a car or a house either, I'd stick to low profile markets like lawn care or toys - no one suspects the toy!!! 

This forum is great for going public, but I don't think it would be very good for getting your ideas out there while retaining marketing rights.  Plus, you can get screwed just as easily from a bunch of internet forum users as you could from some idiot professor. 

My best advice would be to find a friend who is affiliated with a local university.  Patent your discoveries through the university, through your friend - put his name on the patents for helping you.  The university will take 50% of any royalties made from the patent and split the other 50% between the inventors.  Your friend is a winner, your a winner, the university is a winner.  Plus, the university will cover the expenses of the patent and defend it if someone tries to illegally use it - make sure it is a state-run university, you can always count on government to defend its interests when money is at stake!  Then, you can find a market for it, license the patent from the university and start a business.

Just my two cents,
Charlie  - aka Nojodes on AIM of whom you put on ignore about two years ago ???


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Re: The PM OU motor Project
« Reply #17 on: March 22, 2008, 07:52:16 AM »
Oh ... sorry
was not personal I was busy at that time and put some blocks up to prevent to many distractions
I forgot and never took that name off the block list. "Very sorry" about that  if I had hurt your feelings or if I seemed rude.. Was nothing against you personally.
You've always been a nice person to communicate with... I remember.
Your current advice you've just givin me..  confirms an idea I had recently that I was thinking of trying. Thanks for the kindness and frankness. Refreshing honesty you have.
Feel free to Im if you still want to I removed that screename from the list.. fill me in on whats new with you.

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Re: The PM OU motor Project
« Reply #17 on: March 22, 2008, 07:52:16 AM »
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