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Author Topic: Anti-Parallel Double Helical Electromagnetic Interaction  (Read 9499 times)

Offline M@rcel

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Scotty, how can we learn more? Is your work available?

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Offline Matt Emery

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Was there any reference to the description of an anti-paralell double helix in those notes a kid could have done.

I am glad I have it copywrited so you two fools dont embarass yourself further.  Both of you claim to have entirely different theories...why are you so upset.  Just plain nonsensical.

See final post under topic Matt Emery
« Last Edit: March 08, 2008, 08:43:37 PM by Matt Emery »

Offline innovation_station

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i side with you my friend

matt to steal is wrong !!!!!   i have not stole erfinders work altho i promote it  8)

and scotty did alot on that unit as well but let us not for get the man that did it all.......


NOW  matt   you can not lay claim to the operation of this unit as it is currently not operational 

yes i have desinged a unit that works on thease princibles

but it also coinsides with mpi and the tpu and ed's work

and no one will lay claim to it  ;)  it will be given away here for free for everyone FORWARD MOTION


Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline wattsup

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    • Spin Conveyance Theory - For a New Perspective...
Holy smoke, call Judge Judy.

Did not see the video, did not read the script, but I gather from this that Magnetism can attract much more than simple energy.

I'd advocate for @scotty1. He's been her long enough and has provided a wealth of insight here on Leedbaby. Court is now in session.

Seriously guys, I suggest you take this up elsewhere because everything that you say may be held against you in a court of

Stefan, I would lock this thread to protect the innocent or even erase it completely as a non-event. Bad vibes indeed.

Offline Matt Emery

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The video describing this theory has been taken down. 

Thanks everyone for your interest and good luck with your research.

Read back through the posts thouroughly and you will see what fools these two are.   

See final post under topic Matt Emery
« Last Edit: March 08, 2008, 08:42:34 PM by Matt Emery »

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Matt you are quite mistaken> the files you claim were uneditable >They were only JPEGS >FOR  SIMPLE SENDING ONLINE and "reviewing" > THEY ARE NOT THE WORKING fILES. Changes could have been made at anytime . 
 I HAD ALL THE WORKING FILES SET ASIDE FOR CHANGES TO BE MADE at any time. The working pages were always able to be edited. You > MATT  just did not know that.
Which now I can see was a grand thing.
 I never added my own notes to Scotty's drawings etc. You are wrong about that.
In the beginning I tryed to fix some grammer in the writings. I stopped doing that right away when I realized my grammer most likely was worst. Haa
You are asking about my theory? My own individual work?
You mean the three things that make everything? I'm not displaying that as my theory, I'm
displaying Ed's message to the world .
Are you saying you understand my work (Equilibrius Grid) and that you can achieve it?
Or that you understand the dynamics involved?
Because I will tell you now Matt.. you don't & you can't (not without cheating to get there)
Is this how you behave in your college studies? If so you should fit right into mainstream.

Offline MeggerMan

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Hi Matt,
For the benifit of people that missed the video, can you explain in a couple of sentences why this setup is un-usual?

From what I understand:
You have a "U" shaped piece of steel/soft iron or what ever, with a winding mounted on one limb of the core.
You then placed a block of the same metal across the ends of the U core completing a magnetic circuit.
Then you connect a 1.5V DC battery to the coil winding for a few seconds and disconnect the battery.
You are then able to lift the whole core using the block across the U core, so the block is supporting the weight of the core through magnetic attraction.
Then you connect a small bulb or LED across the winding and remove the block by force causing the bulb to flash.

Can you tell me what the core and block are made from?
If you introduce the block back on to the U core will it re-attach and can you still lift the core using the block?

I just puzzled by all this.  ???


Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline innovation_station

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hello matt and all

i did not see the video altho i will have a look now ....   

i have also done some simple expairments with this tech .......

most is all ready public  here at ou 

but it does get far better than it currently is.....

what is hapining here   is a GREAT THING  i will tell you this

just keep it come ing 

!st                                                   ~ OUT OF THE BOX~

Offline scotty1

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Matt....if you cannot see the double helix in the book notes you must have read it with your eyes closed?
Every single drawing shows it with sectional views looking from the West and East.
I have added alot of other preliminary drawings as well to show how it works.
It was your job Matt to edit the words....and if you could not understand the drawings you should have said so.
The words i provided were only the base to give Jon a hand to computerise the graphics....
All of the explanations and descriptions will be added later....
You knew all these things Matt.
Stop using these things to justify what you is sad.
I am also making video descriptions to go with my book....
I made one the other day and sent it to a friend of mine....he had some trouble to understand it and so i will have to change it to make it easier....
To everyone here who is interested.....
I have tried in my work to present a large paper.
The paper will show Lenz's law
The right hand thumb rule
Oresteads experiments
A/C procuction.
New explanation of why a/c can travel long distance.
New theory on radiant pulses...Tesla coils ect...
New theory on Tesla's STATIC LAWS
New theory on SKIN EFFECT in conductors.
New theory on A,B,Gamma radiation.....
Ed's notes on gravity...ideas on atomic orbit interactions.
ect ect ect.....
Ed Leedskalnin's notes envelope all the above mentioned things....
I feel that if present everything as a whole work, it may gain more of a serious potentiol for study among scientific thinkers.....rather than just wind 2 springs together and tell you it is the secret of the universe.... ???
My work is intented to satisfy the needs of a new theory.....
It will explain the current (or old) theory.
It will be more simple.
It will be able to be used to make predictions of quantum dynamic motions.
Thank you all for your work will take time, but i will go as fast as i can....
Now i must point out where my former collegue has made a mistake.....
Take a car battery and use a wire to make a 6 foot dia loop.
Connect the loop to the battery and drag a compass over the wire loop.
One end of the compass will stay inside the loop and one end will stay outside the loop...EVEN IN BETWEEN THE BATTERY TERMINALS.
Ed says..."This shows that the magnets are not only running aorund the loop but are running around many times"
Now about the Perpetual motion holder....
It shows an a/c reading ua......and the reason is because of minuite fluctuations of fields in its vicinity.
Any large coil will show a little a/c if you put a meter on it.
The iron bar with magnetized keeper contains a d/c current....
If the current in the bar was a/c then Ed could not do the test with the 2 displaced needle magnets.....
The needle magnets are displaced by a field that is the same as the field produced by a conductor carrying D/C current.
If the field was alternating...the needles would oscillate....and they do not.
I can make a clip to show it.....put the pmh near any appliance and it draws a little power...i'm sure if you measured it you would see 50 hz..or 60hz.
That has nothing to do with the theory behind the pmh.
The work is not just need to think a little.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy


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Re: Anti-Parallel Double Helical Electromagnetic Interaction
« Reply #24 on: March 22, 2008, 02:16:55 AM »
Matt ,
Your calling me a fool? Do you think a Magnetic double helix is a new theory or principle ? haa haa
I put many hours in trying to help you and scotty and for zero in return(you would not have done the same for me), I wasn't apart of any aspect of your project and "I didn't want to be".. It was all just a friendly favor to help you and scott, You have the nerve to call me names when I gave so much of my own time and tryed to help you? You really are a piece of work Matt.
Pretty much the lowest of low that I've seen so far. First of all you don't have a clue what my theories and facts accumulated represent,You just compile others work and act as though you've done something.
I was never responding here because of your stealing theories "dumb ass"
 I was responding because you brought my name into it.
You really are amazing in your behaviors, kind of makes a queazy feeling if you know what I mean.
I'm glad I decided not to trust when you wrote to me asking CAN MY MACHINE DO THIS TO? Haaa Haa I thought you were a little squirrely.I was right about that. How do you live with yourself really?Pathetic Indeed.