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Title: The basic "in mind" problems of magnet motors
Post by: Scorpile on February 28, 2008, 04:38:06 PM
I have been looking for magnet motors for a long, and i realised some facts about them that can be interesting for some of you.

1rst i have to give my opinion of overunity to all the people who say it's imposible.  You have been using overunity engines every day... you know... on your cars... let me get into it.

Overunity is simply to produce "more power" than needed to operate.  If you consider all the elecrtromechanical implications involved in  running your car engine, you will notice, that it produce more power than needs to run.  Oviously you will say, it's running on fuel, ok, but fuel is simply some "thing" that contains energy.

Remember, you cannot produce energy form nowhere, you have to take it somewhere and convert it.  Fuel is simply a container of energy, but any engine will stop working when the "source of energy" ends.

Then we get into a paradox about perpetual engines, and overunity engines.  For perpetual engines, you have to develop a machine capable of re-use all the energy "lost" (converted due to friction, hot from wires, or any other energy loosing) by the system, becoming a "perfect energy preservation machine", that is probably impossible for humans at least in the next... 3000 years?

Overunity engines by the other side, are only machines that can extract energy more eficiently from some "container", than it consumes for it's operation.  But the container will end someday.  The trick is find a better and cheaper container of energy, cheaper and easier to obtain than fuel for our overunity engines.

I hope my explaination is enough for the concepts of overunity and perpetual machines.  Keep these ideas in mind and let's get into magnet motors.

I see almost everyone missunderstand the concept of a magnet motor, because think they will run "endlesly", and forgive the problem with "equilibrium" of forces when they conceive their machines.

Let's start with the engines stoped, and i have to mention here the Perendev "idea".  If you build a magnet motor that can rest in some point, it means the forces are placed in equilibrium and i'm preety sure, it will never run correctly.  The perendev idea, show us that they needed to separate the engine parts to stop it moving, indicating the forces where arranged in a way, the engine can't rest, it always spins when aligned.

Why this? because magnets unluckly for us, have 2 poles, and the Perendev is (supposedly) an all repulsive magnet configuration.  This is interesting because of the forces involved. (sorry for the bad draw).
As you can see, the magnets are "emiting" their forces in both directions, so the rotor will start to spin and then will stop at some point.

Some of you, tryed infinite variations of 3 posible solutions.

1-To set the fixed magnets a little far so the rotor don't get repeled to the next revolution and then set the fixed magnets near again to repel the rotor in the right direction.
2-To rotate the fixed, or rotor magnets.
3-To block the magnetic field or reroute the magnetic forces trough any material.

The basic fail on all the 3 aproaches:

1-Setting the fixed magnet far don't needs so much energy, but when placing it near again, the fixed magnet also feels the repulsion of the rotor.  Doing it inverse, placing the magnets in atraction faces is the inverse, because the magnets will atract and will set easy the rotor and the fixed magnet near, but when setting it far, the attraction will put a force on the fixed magnet.  Any way you do it, the engine will be in equilibrium.
2-When you rotate your magnets, your engine is putting a force for the repulsion momentum, that will contrarest the attraction momentum.  You see?  The forces are in equilibrium.
3-This could overcome both 1 and 2 problems, if we can find a material that blocks magnetism the same way placing our hand betwen us and a lamp blocks the light, i mean, a material that blocks the magnetism, but don't "feel" the magnetism when blocking it.  If you place a magnet shielding in front of a magnet, you will notice it will block the magnetism, great! but the material will be attracted to magnet.  This is because instead of blocking magnetism, is rerouting the magnetic field trough itself.  And the force needed to place or remove the shielding from the magnets will be in equilibrium with the force who moves the rotor or anything inside the engine.

I have analysed all the problematic (and without entering in friction or gravity forces because i think we can overcome these), and there are some possible solutions.

1-The most simple is to "create" a magnetic field when needed.  This can only be achieved with electonics.  It's Possible.
2-To found a "container" of energy we can use to overcome equilibrium of forces.  Something like take all the energy needed to spin the rotor, lets say 20 cm's, contained on a spring, that will release the energy in a fraction of time, to reposition or rotate the magnets with the required force in the correct time.  But we will be dealing with the same equilibrium problems again. 

You need to find a way so the FORCE given by the magnets is enough or more than the FORCE needed to rotate plus the FORCE needed to rearange the magnets.

And everybody forgive to think in all the forces, forgive to think in the equilibrium, and only concentrate in "here i have a N-Pole against an S-Pole that will atract and make the rotor spin" but forgive it will continue atracting with the same force when they pass to the other side of the rotor.  Everybody think "now the magnet in the rotor passes the fixed magnet i will use this gears to put it far until the next rotation" but forgive that the force needed to put the magnet far is the same needed to put it near again.

What we need is to found a configuration that makes engine spin endlessly and with enough strenght (as long as the energy on the magnets don't end) as the perendev idea or the Mikell device (wich i belive most) to stole some energy from it.

I think the only way to do this is to use more energy sources / containers than only magnets.  Maybe a combination of electronics and magnets.  I belive that ideas like Bedini's or Newman's engine where more realistic to aproach and should be the North Pole of all of our tryings.  Find a way to use gravity, mixed with magnets is a really harder approach, because we understand too little from gravity.

I'm spanish natural speaker and learned english by myself, sorry for grammar.

Comments please.