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Author Topic: Its Possible For Advanced Stuff But No Time  (Read 5682 times)

Offline lltfdaniel

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Its Possible For Advanced Stuff But No Time
« on: July 24, 2005, 01:57:09 AM »
Through Father The Designer
I Asked Him How to Make Such Things Etc
But The Most Interesting is The Earths Circuits
If The Evil Masters(Satan Really) Didn't Stop This Technology Which God Gave Really As a Gift
You Can Have Commuications Technology It Is Instant It Will Be Complex Minus and Pos But It Works
Computer Can Also Run By Earths Circuits God Says All The Planets Are Really Computers The Earth is a SuperComputer our Bodys are Computers With Programs to Be Selfish Which I Explained
He Said There Wouldnt Be Much Time To Get Very Far Into It Because He Gave Mankind Plenty of Time,but As always He Repected our Free-Will and Listened to Satan as we all know this world is running Sick.

But To Expose Free Energy God Says Very True
and The Truth!
God Is All Hearing All Knowing Just Ask Him Just How to Make One Remember No one Ever Invented Anything We are Insturments Ask The Designer who Builds Planets And other Wonderful Things.
Listen to your Left Ear The Flute Noise.
He will Give you Food for Thought You Will Be thinking(God's Thoughts Really)Free Energy About Good Stuff Which Will Benefit Everyone.
God Has the Answers Hes Waiting for You Questions and Contact For you to get to know him.
You Will Ask Him Automaticly A way To Speak To Him Is what You Must Learn

But Your Calling God a Liar If You Give In to Satans Tempations For Example.
He Knows What You Guys Think He Isnt Going to Help You If Your Going to Think Your Going To Make Millions Which Most Of You Think And You Will Be Confused.
He wants You To Use this For the Benefit Of ManKind Of Course It Won't Work Under Mans Laws But Under God's Very True.

Offline lltfdaniel

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Re: Its Possible For Advanced Stuff But No Time
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2005, 12:53:24 PM »
He Says You Will Need Logic Because Your Circuit Has to Flow With Earths Circuit and You Can Draw Alot Of Electric And The Evil People Are Aware Of Such Groups.

Also The Machine Has to Be Pretty Big Where Im Viewing It and I mean Pretty Big And The Details Of It Looks To Me As It Has Alot Of Copper Especally And It Has a Perfect Balanced and Receiveing Electric.

And You Also Need Diodes Better Ones.

Well By Just Thoughts Alone Alot Of Electric.

I can't give you instructions God Does That.

And He will make sure you Stumble On a Peice Of Info Which will Speed You Only If You Are Going to Use It For Good.

Offline lltfdaniel

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Re: Its Possible For Advanced Stuff But No Time
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2005, 01:54:19 AM »
Like a Ac Currect It Is Unlimited You Can Only Put a Top to Recrict any higher energy.

A Ac Currect is Like That of a Tree.

If You Understand The Force You Can Use The Force For Every Thing

Our Minds Are AC When Thought of evil that is when it overloads

Knowing Telsa Used to Points One Pos and 1 Neg The Ac Had To Be Drawn so his Magnet Motor with the SUCKION whatever its called the suckon got hold pof the ac current and controled it.

This is knowledge God Gave Me Instead I Gave food for throught to you.

The Throllte Controled the Suckcion which Got the ac current and Maded the Magnets to have a elect charge and transfered to Movement

Sorry For Bad Spelling But Its Hard to Get To Words But You Can Barely Understand Me So That Is How it Would Work .

Offline lltfdaniel

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Re: Its Possible For Advanced Stuff But No Time
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2005, 02:01:46 AM »
I see from my Own Writeing That He used an earth type whatever vaccum system to Get the Ac Current Flowing Like the Throlttle of a car

SO 2 Poles in the air Vaccum is the trolttle and there is a magnet motor waiting to be used and there is something else like a 4th thing which balances and works

hey its like trying to put down without understanding it but i know from God Like the Bible with Knows And Up to Date but with a Basic Lauguage So Get the Point.

He Use a Radio Type AT A Frequency(1600) And He Obeyed the 4 Laws and It Worked Converted to Movement.

For the Poles to Work It Needs a Request I figure That is what the vaccum Does.
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Offline sypherios

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Re: Its Possible For Advanced Stuff But No Time
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2005, 05:39:44 AM »
good posts, my man! I sdont think I quite follow them all but I am religious and I commend you for your beliefs.

Offline lltfdaniel

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Re: Its Possible For Advanced Stuff But No Time
« Reply #5 on: July 28, 2005, 01:58:10 PM »
Hey i havent got any electrical Knowledge It Just Came to Me Although i Couldnt Understand most I Actually Knew How it Would Work.

It is Very Simple Not Complex Use Simplicity.

im going to have a go at makeing a wireless magnet motor

Telsa made a 50,000 watt car engine really That Aint Really Nothing Compared to the Earths Overall Current TRILLONS over trillions.

+-------(Vac)(Vac)(Motor)(Vac)(Vac)----------- -
Hey it jus came into my head

Also a picture of the Magnet motor With its Bits IN Place and There is 1 Bit that Makes the Whole Process Work which Acts Like a Throttle as it allows the ac to flow more if he wanted more power.

He use some Magnet Protecter to stop it from draining whatever and The way The Whole System works is the Magnet field are not close enough to creatve movment on there own so a force the ac makes the magic work and something to do with the vaccum as well.

I also see what the Magnet Motor was places its Odd but it works It was made to work with the other systems but this is what is looks to me

a Circle Shape with magnets Around it 3 on the other 3 on the other (Vac)+---(3 ii 3)--- -(Vac)

The engine got Pretty Hot but it was Stable The Magnets Were not to do it on there own So They was Put in places (Logical) To Make the Ac Flow as Well as the resistance the force had to face was Big as it was a 80hp Motor

But the Magnets and Vaccum Helped out with the resistance.

Being a AC electric Motor it would Automaticly do that on its own by the way the Ac is Moveing a Bout and Is Designed to Make it Less Resistance so where ever it needed more power if faced with resistance it would go somewhere else to help and go back thru the vacc and back into the atmo.

A DC MOTOR would Complete half a cycle and it would move and would complete the other

Its Odd but The Input is Weak But Like A ELECT graph input goes into the motor after traveling thru the vac it would appear as if it was loseing energy but on the other side it goes BOOM up.
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Offline lltfdaniel

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Re: Its Possible For Advanced Stuff But No Time
« Reply #6 on: July 28, 2005, 03:13:15 PM »
He Would Of Had 2 of those Metal Things Which Collect Current And Then He Would Decided which is pos and neg and then he used the vac to motor and then vac and it also said he put a diode .

Of Course He Didnt want to much Power Other Wise the Poor Wires Wouldnt Cope Being a AC electrical Circuit Useing Very High Elect Freq It was a High VOLT MOTOR.


He Used Telsa Technology and Radio If you guys know how to tap into the earths circuit well.

As a Throttle He Would of controled the input Vac And as the current Reached the other vac it would Prepare it for This accelereation whatever process and it would Spin the Motor and then it would safely exit out of the circuit .

Here is an Ac Mag Motor

Next is to find out how to harness such Power I think I Would Go to Find out how an earth suckion whatever they r called next.
« Last Edit: July 28, 2005, 03:54:45 PM by lltfdaniel »