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12V 60A car battery , maybe dead?

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I have lead acid battery 12V 60A and charging 3 days with 10amp electronic charger but heating and still 10.5 volt .its dead?
is ther any way desulfating battery? pulsing device? bedini motor? thanks.
(its water level ok)


Yes there are.

Attached is a circuit diagram of a lead acid battery charger that will fix your battery.

It will NOT fix the battery if the plates inside the battery is shorted out!

If you can't solder yoursef then ask a friend that can to help you build the circuit.


The battery should charge up to 14 volts.  A reading of 10.7 volts indicates that one cell is shorted.  A good way to diagnose this further is to look at the water level in the cells.  The shorted cell will bubble more vigorously and lose water faster than the others when it is on the charger.  As far as I know there is no way to fix a shorted cell other than a rebuild and I suppose rebuilding batteries is out of date.

Groundloop, how will wound 3 coil ? toroid or circular? i will buy parts and try your circuit  next week( maybe with  power mosfet)

Gearhead water level ok (added a little)  battery made in 2004, and 2-3 year waited without charging .

2 cells are shortet !
take an "normal" loader.

the "dead = shortet cells will not "bubble"

(Attention with fire or cigaretts) hyrogen gas . I have see on exploding from Spark on the loadin cable !!)

If you have "tabs" betwill ce cells (all 2 volts" you can find it als. also try to "burn" fre the short)



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