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Title: TPU Project, Tesla TX, Kicks and OU
Post by: Adeon on January 29, 2008, 03:03:42 PM
Hi Folks,

Ive been digging thorugh the site and running some searches, and wondering if others have traversed this path im walking with my "TPU" project.

Heres my basic theory, written in the least words possible.

KICKS : Longitudal Waves, in resonance with the wire length. (Secondary of the Tesla Transmitter)

3 FREQ : Longitudal Freq + Magnetic Resonance of bailing wire + Schuman Resonance .. All in harmony..

DESIGN/CONSTRUCTION : Take Two tesla Transformers arranged as Tesla describes in his patent "Energy Transmitter Device" position them together back to back.  Tesla also claimed when tuned his transmitters power on the reciever coil would be amplified by the natural medium of the earth resonance. Incorporate baling wire/magnetic resonator to feed into this feedback loop.  Connect transformers so their E fields couple into a toroid.  Center of device should act like the center of a torando.

THEORY: Magnet+bailing Wire resonator intiates frequency and starting pulses into the primary of the Transmitter in resonance with the "Transmitter Secondary Coil" this ups potential and is transmitted to and recieved by the Receiver Secondary with a gain from the natural medium. As Tesla describes.  This output is then added to the transmitter input closing the feedback loop which then boost the input voltage, which boots the output voltage etc etc.  The fields created couple into a Toroid which is a self feeding geometric waveform.

QUESTIONS : Need to get an understanding of the Magnet and Balingwire resonator thing ;)

Must watch.. Borderlands Longditudinal Waves, Tesla Demonstration of Power Transmission. Google Video
Also see Dr Meyl watch his video demos for the tesla power transmission.  Labs tests have shown upto 1000% power gains using this simple device.  He operates it at ~7.2mhz

MUST read : Tesla Transformers, Tesla Power Transmitters and Magnifier.




Any thoughts, results form people who have tried this?

Title: Re: TPU Project, Tesla TX, Kicks and OU
Post by: Adeon on January 30, 2008, 05:23:53 AM
Heres a block diagram of what the eventual thing may look like..

Currently testing the Tesla Transmitter & reciever through single wire (earth)
Testing the amplification effect
Testing different Antennas and inducing the magnetic resonance effect when a Magnet is introduced
Testing feedback operation, feedback reciever coupled with supply power (9v battery) to Transmitter.
Testing placement of magnetised bailing wire between primary and secondary of transmitter/reciever and both.

Notes on FREQ Pulser.  This just switches the power supply to the primary in resonant pulses as per Tesla instructions.  Pulse Freq 1/4 wavelength to match secondary cable length. ~7.2mhz = ~10m secondary length. Primary and Secondary have same Surface area.

Title: Re: TPU Project, Tesla TX, Kicks and OU
Post by: dutchy1966 on January 30, 2008, 09:20:36 AM

I don't know if you're familiar with the work of Konstantin Meyl. He's studying what you are trying to do for years.
Have a look here:

Good luck!


Title: Re: TPU Project, Tesla TX, Kicks and OU
Post by: Adeon on January 30, 2008, 09:56:05 AM
Hi Robert,

Yep for sure.. see my REF in top post ;)

He has working units you can buy for test purposes.  He also has reports of small and large gains on the reciever, thus the "Tranmitter and Magnifier" element comes into play, as Tesla claims in his writings excess energy seems to be supplied by the medium through which the scala waves propagate.

I couldnt help but wonder if this gain is determined by the Magnetic field of the earth interacting with the process.  This would explain why researchers using meyls device have different results in gain, in the same way the earths magnetic field varies in strength and orientation from place to place.

Add in a uniform strong magnetic field you might get a much greater gain.  Food for thought.

Ill post my results.

I had something very strange happen though today.  I had wound a secondary coil yesterday, about 100m diameter. 33 turns with 2.2mm spacing between them.  The coil is mounte don a 33% Pitch cone using 0.5mm transformer wire.  I left it hooked up to the main reel over night.  I went back to it before and the 3 outter rings had pulled up off the mounting/cone and contorted.

Very strange..

Stay tuned..

Title: Re: TPU Project, Tesla TX, Kicks and OU
Post by: dutchy1966 on January 30, 2008, 02:47:36 PM

I remember Meyl talking in one of his books about neutrino power that is coming from the sun and that the vortex shaped field coming from the transmitter sucks them in and brings the extra power. That makes me wonder if the transmitter and receiver are so close together, will you still see a proper increase in power? I would think a larger distance wouold be beneficial in this case....

Title: Re: TPU Project, Tesla TX, Kicks and OU
Post by: Adeon on January 31, 2008, 02:19:19 AM
Seems distance isnt the factor in the power gain, someting else is happening.. Relating to the TPU is could be the Magnetic field strength and orientation, which does vary alot from location to location.
Title: Re: TPU Project, Tesla TX, Kicks and OU
Post by: giantkiller on March 05, 2008, 09:09:47 PM
Distance is not a problem.
Tesla's experiements never seem concerned with this.