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Title: joe cell, stupid claims and theory
Post by: raburgeson on January 22, 2008, 10:58:59 PM
The Australians have the best material on construction and conditioning the metal. I see what you were all trying to tell me about the wild theories. This device has been sold as a gas welding unit. Not a great one but, it doesn't fail to create gas when started. I've read demon power, orgone, and all kind of crap that doesn't make sense. I've made 2 cells that worked fine. Just like the video says you start out with an undesirable PVC container and have trouble with crap in the bottom of it. I gave the first 2 cells away and build a cell that would stand up to the potholes and vibration, what do you know, this cell doesn't work. I changed things, different material, thicker Stainless and a different insulation. No, the demons didn't abandon me and an unbeliever didn't look at it. I screwed it up. One PDF I picked up with a construction diagram said used thick metal. The print called for .059" walled tubing. First I wanted to know if production increases with more end surface area. Also, a video showed a threaded brass piece produced more at the treads, so I bought schedule 80 6" pipe nipples, these having threads on both ends. I also changed to a video recommended insulation (Ebonite Rod). I think I way overdone the Stainless Schedule 40 being four times as heavy as the print may be to much too. So I need to build again, I don't think I need to appease any demons or other crap either. Also the print I used, used the container for the positive forth cylinder. That may be my problem, water doesn't circulate around the outside of the cylinder like it did in my first 2. Well I will keep the nonworking one intact until I figure out what exactly is wrong with it. This leaves me with time waiting for enough materials to build another one. Since no theory of relevance is present I would like to take a stab at it and would like to hear your thoughts  on why it would work.

I question everything including all the things I've been taught. I pretty well except the electron bump theory as how electric travels in a conductor. Because of this I do not except the standard explanation of how a capacitor works. Look at the plates in the capacitor as thin slices off a half inch diameter wire. (Conductors) What causes the slice not to bump the electrons when a charge is present. They tell you the attraction of ionization of the neighboring disk holds the electrons in place. Through and insulator? I have big issues with this. I say there is a barrier of some type in the center of the conductor, probably magnetic in nature. I don't know if the electrons spin on a different plane or what but, something is stopping the bumping action. Why the negative is connected to the bottom and positive is connected to the top of the cell. I think the connections made are necessary to make it work. Lead acid battery theory show that reactions in liquids positive ions can also move to an opposite charge. A combination of low voltage skin affect (rail gunning electrons) and hydraulic flow theory comes into play here. That's my best guess and I would like to hear what you all have to say about what you think makes this device work. Speculation is good for the soul.

Title: Re: joe cell, stupid claims and theory
Post by: PolyMatrix on January 23, 2008, 01:32:37 AM
In this forum I asked the sceptics to consider the way they look at things in terms of the way they measure things to get to the theories. Time is but the remembered movement of a caesium atom bouncing back and forth a number of times.

There is a famous experiment by Michelson & Morley that looks at how a split beam of light meets up at the same time even though the light has been split into two and then reconnected. For me this can only mean that the theory my mind has used to comprehend space is flawed.

We also find that physicists talk about electrons popping into existence and disappearing. Tom Valone talked about firing electrons at atoms to get photons but the photons then appeared at some random time later.

Then if you look up charging water on youtube you can find Tibetan monks seeming to turn H2O into HHO by making sound in a brass bowl.

Conclusion is that space has a direction or construction that we can't visualise.