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Molding and Tooling from China


We run a molds manufacturer in Zhuhai, South China . We specialize in Plastic Molding & Plastic injection , as well as Metal Molding etc. We have utilized modern equipments such as CNC machining center, EDM machine and EDM wire cutting machine, Modern CAD/CAM/CAE systems,etc. we can provide you our high quality product and our best services .


If you can send us the drawing , we can quote you our best price for your reference. It cost nothing to send us drawing for quotation .



Most of my stuffs in my house are plastic molded made in China. I see the quality of your products, and at the same time it is inexpensive. Now I know where can I buy if I need something.

The real question is whether you are willing to make small volume runs, or prototypes, since nobody here is going to order in 1,000s.

Everyone is an experimenter and we might need a single piece or a dozen the most...how about it?

Can your facility mold products like flywheels
that have fiberglass or carbon graphite mesh
impregnated in them for high spin speed strength?

Thank you for offering your services to us !  :)


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