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Author Topic: Website giving Away Free CAD software to the first 100,000 registered people  (Read 7042 times)


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    • The Magnetic 90 degree rule Theory

I thought I'd pass this along to you all. This website is giving away their new 3D CAD software to the first 100,000 people to register on their site by August 1st. It's going fast though so check it out before it's over with.

God Bless,
Jason O


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I thought I'd pass this along to you all. This website is giving away their new 3D CAD software to the first 100,000 people to register on their site by August 1st. It's going fast though so check it out before it's over with.

God Bless,
Jason O

Legal Note:
 if someone find in this comment inflammatory  or  incorrect to  himself/herself descriptors
please note that  it don't apply to entire nation but to some elements in nation  :)

It expresses my personal opinion according to constitution of USA
This was in 2005 now is 2021.

 Some comments are interesting from perspective of:
-Moore’s Law in computing .
 -internet and internet security evolution ,
-We may look  at it from geography stand point.

So if we take  Russia or to be more accurate Russian Federation than what has changed :
1989 Poland ( Solidarity movement) impacted Soviet Terror and  following it "chain reaction" changed  Europe.
While several Eastern Europe countries for the first time since 1938 gained  freedom  from Russian oppressors they also gained access to Western World
technological advance joining computer revolution.

Russian internet trolls, scammers, were not yet organized, but for Russian bandits, thieves,and all kind of other Russian criminals,  it was  their golden era.
Russian were late in computers for about 15 years comparing to  Western world.
The Soviet government decided to abandon the development of original computer designs and encouraged the pirating of Western systems.[4]
Soviet industry lacked the technology to mass-produce computers with acceptable quality standards,[6]
and locally manufactured copies of Western hardware were unreliable.[7] As personal computers spread to industries and offices in the West, \
the Soviet Union's technological lag increased.[8]Nearly all Soviet computer manufacturers ceased operations after the breakup of the Soviet Union.[9]
The few companies which survived into the 1990s used foreign components and never achieved large production volumes.[9]

Since 1917 the time when Russians murdered 
-Russian Tzar,
-his wife,
-his children
-and servants and their families and families of their relatives.
 -and even pets  belonging to them, 
till today  not much changed for better.

So as much as all of us, or some of  us, would like to respect Russian Nation and former Soviet Union with its history 
- the truth must be applied to make the  2005 3D CAD software  for Free  offer - conclusive and  logical as motion, from historical  stand point.

Not much has changed  in any industry for Russian Federation  the clone of Soviet Union past including technological  advance.
Soviet "mass murders" were replaced starting  from 1990 by its modern forms   of influence and elimination of unwanted,  impacting the  modern world  .... but now also technologically  affecting  any independent
commercial activity  too.

For some of independent professionals  Russian Federation   of today acts in its form similarly to  one of the biggest  ever  in the history of the world  forms of :
The level of political corruption and arms sales in a post-Soviet Russia allowed for massive expansion and incorporation of many government officials into the crime syndicates.
The Russians also dabbled in uranium trading stolen from the Soviet nuclear program and human trafficking.[8]

And now we have  year 2005 some unknown company that is offering  3D CAD software for free.
2017-2005= 12 years difference. ( technological structural advance)
Russian troll Agency as a Russian Government  tool . 
The January 2017 report issued by the United States Intelligence CommunityAssessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections – described the Agency as a troll farm:
First Generation – Vacuum Tubes (1940 – 1956)
Second Generation – Transistors (1956 – 1963)
Third Generation – Integrated Circuits (1964 – 1971)
Fourth Generation – Microprocessors (1972 – 2010)
Fifth Generation – Artificial Intelligence (2010 Onwards)

in 2002 not many Russians had computer
5 number per 100 households in 2002 to 49 number per 100 households in 2016 ( applies  to an average of entire Russian Federation)
in 2004
Vladimir Putin Владимир Путин Born 1952 ... who was appointed by Yeltsin in 2000  was reelected in 2004.
He is holding his power till today - the president now "forever.." (  approved by Russian Duma to  be reelected till 2036)

And  one of first signs of Russian  influence was visible as expansion of Russian trolling, eavesdropping,
spying, destroying  professionals  by rules of simple attraction
So often  e.g interested in 3 D software, find themselves  affected by activity similar to that  from 2005.
Modern  Russia was gaining its  experience of  impacting world that has that what  they  don't have .
the significant  information here is that the owners of domain don't want you to contact them using internet .
but to call them ...
Can you believe it? what the  form of primitive approach to hide  and gain.
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«Есть у русского человека
бескорыстная любовь к подлости. Он ничего с этого иметь не будет, но гадость ближнему сделает»
Николай ГОГОЛЬ, писатель, драматург (1809 – 1852):

Translation of text from the picture:

 “The Russian person has a disinterested love for meanness.
He will have nothing from this, but he will do nasty things to his neighbor. \"
Nikolai GOGOL, writer, playwright (1809 - 1852)

Very famous person.  Gogol was one of the first to use the techniques of surrealism and the grotesque
I do thank you for this quote.
There is a potential in everyone despite his origin , color ,gender , nationality, believes or religion.
 And the only important is  his/her positive  contribution  to humanity  .