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Muller Dynamo

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Muller Dynamo

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A search of the internet shows very few replications (2) of the Muller Dynamo.  So why isn't more people building the Muller Dynamo ?

Technical Summary
The Muller Dynamo is a brushless generator composed of one moving part, the rotor.  The rotor is mounted on a shaft, which revolves around inside of the stator shell.  Super-magnets are mounted around the periphery of the rotor.  Super-magnets are used, one more rotor magnet than generator coils.  Inside of the stator shell, several generator coils are mounted, wound around an amorphous ferrite core.

Amorphous metals are used for the core material inside the coils.  These cores exhibit practically zero hysteresis loss.  The cores have no magnetic memory and cannot sustain any current flow even though they will polarize magnetically nearly as well as iron and other alloys used for cores.  Consequently, they do not heat up.

The generator contains an odd-number/even-number configuration of poles/magnets so that a magnetic balance occurs which eliminates the work required to move one pole from the other no matter how large or strong the magnetic surface would be.  This concept allows the flywheel to turn easily and efficiently despite the inherent powerful holding force of the magnets.

The rotor of the Muller R&D model contains 16 NdFeB permanent magnets which are set 22.5 degrees apart and the stator contains 15 field coils which are set approximately 24 degrees apart.

The rotor is turned by a motor, rotor magnets revolve past the coils, the magnetic field induces a pulsating electrical current which can be used for any purpose.  However, first the generated electricity must flow through a solid state switching circuit.

The switching circuit turns the stator coils "on" and "off" at the appropriate times to "clip" and channel the current flow.  This prevents the buildup of forces which "buck" (back emf) the generator and reduces its output.  This switching circuit gives the Muller Dynamo virtually zero rotor drag and virtually all of the motive force is turned directly into usable electrical energy. - Bill Muller

- Schpankme

Because to many people screwed up this very complex and expensive Dynamo and gave it a bad name.
But it works


--- Quote from: IronHead on January 01, 2008, 04:53:42 AM ---Because to many people screwed up this very complex and expensive Dynamo and gave it a bad name.
But it works
--- End quote ---


You make a very good point.  I've personally tried to find "detailed information" for re-creating the Muller Dynamo and nothing "seems to exist".

- Schpankme

The hardcore builders were pretty efficient when it came to pulling all the info and study down. There were only a few really. Few new people have worked with this as time is a big factor to build this devise and as you said little to no info is remaining.

   Just for reference, when contacted why the files were removed, she said that they would be reposted at a later time. Guess that she is going through a divorce right now and getting things back in order. Hang in there.



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