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I just returned after quite a few years. Still catching up on the builds I was so interested in before. So forgive me if these questions have been answered already. This post has a massive amount of messages to go through.

First off, i found this nice little wind turbine generator for sale that claims of no cogging. Any idea the general design they are using to do this? Is it similar idea to the offset number of magnets amd coils like Muller dynamo uses or is there another way they are doing it? Here is the generator I'm referring to. Nothing special, just a no cog wind turbine generator being sold.

Next question. Seems there hasnt really been any steps forward in over 10 yrs from RomeroUK design and videos. Have I missed something? Also, I haven't found the specs for coil builds and magnets he used. I have built quite a few pulse motor and ideas I've had in the past, and I would like to work on a few ideas I've had kicking around in the old noodle for years. If anyone can point me to the specs if things have changed I would appreciate it. I cant wait to begin another build! Also... special thanks to RomeroUK for sharing your build.

   On the no cogging / little cogging part, I am doing a gen head with twin rotors NSNSNS each and offset by one. 12 coil, 10 magnet so as to have only the two opposite coils in line at any time. Tune it to rpm for best output.
thay  hopes that is of help

 helll all what is the best shape the coil should have, triangular, circular, square, i need to start building my coils
thanks best regards STIPLANET


--- Quote from: skaarj on August 19, 2021, 10:41:09 PM ---If you wish to get more efficiency, there is a little math and a little logic to follow:
The braking force value is:

Fb = B x I x L.   (1)

B is the magnetic flux (Tesla). I is the current (Ampers). L is the inductance (Henry).

--- End quote ---

Hello skaarj,
I offer a correction to your #1 equation, which is simplified Lorentz law. The symbol 'L' refers to Length, not inductance.

hello Bistander your answer is related to my question on the shape of the coil
thanks best regards STIPLANET


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