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thank you T-1000 for the clues, it also gives me some idea, I will put all the equipment in place, and I will come back to share the results
best regards stiplanet



Hi all,

Cogging can be used in your favor to overcome lenz.

The right speed and position of the coils is very important.

When you get the right speed the cogging will work for you otherwise no gain. This takes a lot of time to get it right.

I was expecting that some people will realise that the top coils are not perfectly inline with the bottom coils.

When built, the top or the bottom coils disc holder should be able to rotate slightly to each side.

Some coils are top and bottom in series while other are oposing fileds.

I hope this helps with future research.


thank  you Romero for the information, if you could illustrate with a small diagram for us the new ones who have just started on the subject
thanks best regard Stiplanet


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