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--- Quote from: Thaelin on January 01, 2008, 03:26:04 PM ---Just for reference, when contacted why the files were removed, she said that they would be reposted at a later time ... Hang in there.
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Muller Power Inc  -  "Advancing the Legacy of Bill Muller"

Here is my replication of a Muller Dynamo with few addons.

(edited by Admin): The videos were removed from Youtube.

The 3 videos of RomeroUK are now here on my Youtube account:

(added by admin):
Hi All,
I just compiled Version 1.1 of the PDF file describing the RomeroUK selfrunning device
in detail.;sa=downfile&id=471

or also available at:

or here at these mirrors:!download|459l34|461551754|selfrunning_free_energy_device_muller_motor_generator_romerouk_version1_1.pdf

Enjoy !

Regards, Stefan.

Hi Romero,

Very impressive. Congrats.


Would you, please, be willing to post more technical data of your setup, like the circuit, coils data etc.?


--- Quote from: romerouk on May 04, 2011, 01:08:19 AM ---Here is my replication of a Muller Dynamo with few addons.

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Hi Romero,

CONGRATULATIONS!  You seem to have a COP=2 setup!  Very good.

For any naysayers a possible looping should be practical by using a DC/DC converter, such off the shelf units have at least a COP of 0.8 i.e. a 80% efficiency (or higher), this means the resultant COP still remains around 1.6 (0.8*2) and because you showed 12V output at 2A current (24Watt) the remaining available extra power (beyond the output taken for selfrunning) is at least 5-6Watt:
you can win the overunity price right now!

Here is a possible DC/DC converter I think would be good for looping back your output to input:

Of course there should be many other products like this or you can surely build a simple one from switch mode integrated circuits. The requirement is the converter should have a regulated 12V output voltage to prevent run away situation.

rgds,  Gyula


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