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This is from the neogen vid


--- Quote from: Artist_Guy on July 02, 2011, 05:32:07 PM ---snip..

My belief is that if something truly works, it can be replicated. It is not a matter of ether waves or trans-luminal semi-conductance, nor intelligent implementation of a turbo-encabulator using Thane-wave distortion modules.


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LOL. .   I agree wholeheartedly


--- Quote from: Dave45 on July 02, 2011, 03:17:34 PM ---Ok Im going to get out there on this one,   ;D
What is lenz - say there are two fields in a magnetic field one moveing one direction and one opposite,
Leedskalnin said we only use one pole that we didnt use the positive pole
So if we are collecting only one pole, then is lenz the other pole circulating in the coil causing drag,  and can it be collected also?

also in Ramero's rig he used shielded wire returning to his battery   why?

There's a vid out there that uses a iron coil and the bemf collected is run to the opposite side of the battery than a normal copper coil.   interesting no

auhh the possibility's are endless
its an awesome creation

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Once again its time for a quote from the man of the hour himself.

" I made a lot more electricity with steel than I ever made with copper."

--Ed Leedskalnin



--- Quote from: Jdo300 on July 03, 2011, 01:52:24 AM ---Hi Plengo,

How did you determine the capacitance of your coil?

- Jason O

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Hi Jason ( i always admired your work ),

Using a mH / uF meter.

The number of turns?

Not sure, i filled the bobbin this time to full. I think by now it is irrelevant really. What matters is the experiment.

There are too many non-experimentalists here. We need more of those like JDO. Also Bolt has sopken great theories that have been proven right so far, while many others are eager to debunk or just speculate.

Lets work towards a solution with real evidences instead of just talk, shall we?


If i was in R&D i would come up with a plan of process.

Now with the evidence of diferent speed under loads while diferent resonance output, i would research into the quantitave aspect of it so that we can calculate the ratio of input / output for one gen coil.

Next would be speed versus gain ratio.

Next would be magnet biasing ratio of change in output.

Next would be distance ratio output.

I will give some rough estimates on distance rotor stator versus output. When distance about 15mm, output for X speed is 36ma over 100 ohms resistor on the DC side of bridge (after coil).

On 5mm distance, output dropped to 5ma max under same conditions. ALL using biasing magnets.

I was surpised right there. How many arm chair scientists would have predicted that?



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