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Dr. Ken Johnston's Moon Evidence


from Richard Hoagland's site we have this http://www.enterprisemission.com/NPC-Russia.htm

Dr. Johnston saved some images from destruction when he was at NASA. Those images are shown there and analyzed by Hoagland. He says these images provide evidence of huge glass-type structures surrounding the landing area. Richard Hoagland has also included these images in his book Dark Mission.

If there structures were there, wouldn't the lunar lander have crashed into them while trying to land on the moon??? Why would NASA choose a location so close to the structure??? But since there was no crashing, IF these structures are real, it would mean NASA knew exactly where those structures were so as to dodge them.

What do you guys think about the evidence he provides and the explanations he gives?


I have the Dark Mission book also, I think its true about the glass structure. They probably spotted the structure from the earth with pretty big telescope before going there.

I hope the satellite from japan will show prove of it, but they will maybe hide the truth again for some reason... Anyway lets hope in 2008 we get new evidence from an external entity not related to NASA about the moon!

Look at the closeup of the "Cross" from Apollo 18:

It's Apollo "17". You can see the cross in the center of the lower photo. Theses structures are visible from Google Earth at the Apollo 17 site. The upper picture was broadcast for a split second from a camera over T.V. with Walter Cronchite.

The camera is pointed in the direction where the "Cross" is situated in the orbital photos! We see a structure with the same shape, at the same location as the one in the Chroncite photograph!

Other structures are visible next to the crosses:


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