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Has anyone heard any more information on the Marcus Hollingshead experiments and devices that supposedly altered gravity in there vicinity?
A few years ago Tim Ventura of American Antigravity did a feature on his work with information on how he had built this device. Later, there was a full length audio interview with Marcus by Tim Ventura where he updated everyone on the progress and successes of his device. If you go to the American Antigravity site you can probably still find this info on Tim's original version of his A. Antigravity.  Marcus said that he was working with Cambridge University in England but I have not heard a word about his work for a long time .  If anyone has any info on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.

I spoke with Tim Ventura earlier this year. No new news... and AmericanAntigravity is dead now (still there but no longer active).


hi all,
long time listener; first time caller.

in a recent issue of Popular Mechanics, there was an article supposing that many UFO sightings are in fact man made devices that use some sort of molten metal generator type thingy to create an anti-gravity field around the device.  this molten metal generator would "spit out" some molten metal as a means of cooling itself, and people have been finding these hardened puddles of metal in various places for years.
this molten metal has been tested and is some sort of high grade magnesium alloy.

i wish i could remember the article better, but i just skimmed it through.

i wonder if these two things have anything to do with each other?

back to listening,

the TR-3B ?black triangle" maybe? (which looks bogus).

Maybe take a look at the ESA?s anti-gravity work.
Relating to electron delay or ?drag? I believe.
London Moment and electron waves


I was one of the initial few members of the group to try to replicate Marcus' device back in 2003. Tim Ventura was another active member. I have to say, I didn't contribute but I sat quietly in the background and watched and read and learned. I was convinced it will be a breakthrough.

My initial interests started in AG replication. But I eventually became dishartened with all the crappy theories and nothing appart from the Lifters showing any potential (and even the Lifters have no potential in my opinion as you will very well know they can't even lift their own power source). Anyway, my interests then moved to something of a more realistic possibility, and also over the years since it turns out a far more urgent need: OU and FE.

Basically the Marcus device in my opinion was all smoke and mirrors made up by the individual claiming to be Marcus. I think it was some kind of ego/fantasy trip of that certain individual for what ever reson: A joke? Some kind of sick pleasure? Attention seeking? Or in desparate need of attention? Only he will ever know...

Unfortunately, the pattern of behaviour displayed by Marcus is extremely similar to Thomas Traw?ger. The claims of attempts on his life, statements of being hacked, etc.. Markus claimed he was also visited by what I think he was trying to say were "Men in Black". Now considering this was supposed to be in England I find it totally hillarious!!

Also, I know my IT security quite well, and even though I have not looked in to it, some of what Thomas Traw?ger says of how he was hacked just don't add up. To compromise a whole server OS (whether it's unix/linux/windows) by hyjaking the newsgroup code is in my opinion a 1 in 10,000 chance, if not more. I started, as I always do, giving the chap the benefit of the doubt. But his own behaviour over the weeks has made me change my mind, and I don't think the TPP will ever amount to anything. I really and sincerely hope I am proved wrong!! But look at the results so far.

Anyway, back to the Markus device. I personally don't think that the device was even made by him. I just think he thought of a fantastical design that may "look good" and then started stringing a few gullible people (me included) along until there was enough momentum for it to take a life of it's own. I mean looking back on it now, his claims of what it could achieve were absolutely phenomenal. I mean totally incredible!! It should have been obvious from the start!!

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I do feel that we will see many people like this. And that it will be indefinate period of time. Because as the very nature of these types of groups is that people like us are trying to find solutions to certain problems. Ours? OU. And these charletans and sickos will find places like our groups too tempting to mess people about for the benefit of either their sick egos or for what ever reason they may have!! Maybe we need to devise some kind of points system that will help us identify these types of people more easily. Just an idea...

So forget Marcus. He was full of shit!! And keep a level head when in these groups, whilst always being weary of potential wankers who want to try and waste our time with wild goose chases!!

Hope that helped.




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