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Title: Long Distance "love" and a means to send it
Post by: Localjoe on December 14, 2007, 08:34:29 AM
If you understand any of this you might be laughing after reading some uses of this and when the tech was in place... This section came from this page ( and is worth the 10 minutes of mind expansion if you enjoy star trek and or being beamed up

As to how to construct such a Josephson Junction regulator, consider the related question:
Can we carry out Unconventional Laboratory Experiments on Earth that let us use all 15 generators of Conformal Spin(2,4), including the 4 Conformal Graviphotons?

which can be answered by opening Special Conformal Degrees of Freedom with electromagnetic currrents in 4 Rodin coils arranged in the geometry of a Fuller Vector Eqilibrium Cuboctahedron.

Such a Rodin Coil GateWay Junction might result from coupling of electron-positron phenomena with GraviPhotons of my D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics model, which has 5 conformal graviphotons:

    * 1 that scales/dilates spacetime, and its action is like just expanding or contracting space at a single given point. (Its action is suppressed because of Feynman's factor of G / 3 c^2.); and
    * 4 that do Special Conformal transformations. (They have some global nonlocal effects in which they can expand space at one point and produce a corresponding contraction of space at another point. In other words, their effects are globally conservative in that there is no total net input or output of energy, but they can take an energy input (space warp) at one point and "move it" to produce a corresponding energy output (space warp) at another point, sort of like the Fat Man plutonium bomb took in the energy of construction of plutonium in the USA and released that energy as an explosion in Nagasaki.)

If a Rodin Coil Josephson Junction were used to access the energy of massive Special Conformal Cone-Space Vacuum Gravitons of /\ > 0 Dark Energy, it would be less like using a plutonium Fat Man bomb and more like using a U-235 Little Boy bomb or a deuterium/tritium fusion bomb, in that:

    * U-235, deuterium, and tritium, like /\ > 0 Special Conformal Cone-Space Vacuum Gravitons, are far from the Earth-region prevailing stable state of nickle/iron nuclei or the /\ = 0 Flat Minkowski Vacuum, and
    * U-235, deuterium, and tritium can with a small energy input be kicked out of their local stability to fall to a new (lower) level of local stability thus producing a large energy release, just as a small amount of electromagnetic energy might open a Rodin Coil GateWay Junction for large amounts of /\ > 0 Special Conformal Cone-Space Vacuum Energy to come to us on Earth from the underlying Vacuum.

The /\ = 0 Flat Minkowski vacuum here in our Gravitationally Bound Domain, including Earth, is very stable due to the prevailing Gravitational Binding Energy, so that spontaneous natural energy flows from the underlying /\ > 0 Special Conformal Cone-Space Vacuum are very rare or non-existent. That is fortunate for us here on Earth, because that any such spontaneous flow might cause our world to be flooded with huge amounts of energy, perhaps destroying our Earth.

If you try to use /\ > 0 Special Conformal Cone-Space Vacuum ZeroPoint Energy by using Rodin Coil GateWay Junctions, you must be careful to first solve the problem of storing the energetic /\ > 0 material in such a way that they do not blow up in your face (such as almost happened at Oak Ridge before Feynman stopped their practice of transporting U-235 in solution that was dangerously close to critical density, while over in the USSR, without Feynman, such "accidents" did actually occur).

last bit of interesting info

 Any tone input into a Rodin Torus Coil can be reproduced without a diaphragm. Thus, a radical new type of speaker can be made with sounds produced directly from Rodin Coils, eliminating the use of a diaphragm.