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Author Topic: Bedini replication  (Read 8148 times)

Offline bourne

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Bedini replication
« on: November 17, 2007, 08:10:53 AM »
Here is a short introduction to my Bedini monopole oscillator/energizer

My first project in the world of Energy, the beginning of a very educationally enlightening journey.

I will not be mentioning the word "free" anywhere in this topic as the monetary outlay on tools and materials has been far from it.  :D

All credit must go to John Bedini, but I would like to save a sprinkle for the likes of; Tom Bearden and Peter Lindermann.
 Not forgetting Rick Friedrich'  Bedini-monopole Yahoo Group A massive source of information and inspiration (Everything you need to know about building this machine is at that group)
And, of course, this website  ;)


I will continue to add data and descriptions as and when I have them.

I will try and post some pictures when I figure out how to do it! (http://C:\Documents and Settings\Darren Collins\My Documents\FREE Energy\Bedini\My Pictures\First run!\first test run 005.jpg)

Here is the youtube video "Fly-by"  Enjoy! ;)

Rule number one -  JUST BUILD IT!

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Bedini replication
« on: November 17, 2007, 08:10:53 AM »

Offline NerzhDishual

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Re: Bedini replication
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2007, 10:20:20 PM »
Hi Bourne,

Nice video, very nice 'motor' (energizer). Thanks for sharing.

Actually, this energizer could charge a battery (or up to 4 batteries) while acting as a fan (for example) and also slowly (but surely) depleting the input bat ...

But, I'm not absolutely sure that this (or these) batteries(s) are 'fully' recharged (as with these no-free-energy-grid-wired-devices).  ???

Why? Because I have tested it with 2 (9.6 volts) bats and when I swapped the 2  bats I could not get my 'motor' running again as long as expected. Of course, the output bat voltage showed that it should be fully charged but it seemed that it was not the case. To be more accurate and honest: my 2 bats were far from to be in new condition.
I had done some graphics that shown the voltage of the input bat. (which was solwing down) versus the voltage of the output bat which was increasing. But these graphics are lost somewhere on my computer. :'(

Few pictures of my SSG Bedini replications on:
And a funny experiment:

I'm looking for a more 'obvious' 'OU' device.
That's why I gave up Bedini energizers (for the moment).
BTW1: according to skeptics: an 'obvious' OU device can't exist as OU is impossible. Period.

BTW2: 175ma sounds too much, IMHO. You could perhaps try to 'chop' the input bat with a commutator to save amps consumption and test if you can still charge the output bat(s). I have done this 'input hack' with a window motor:
BTW3: I have not been able to reproduce this phenomenon (apparently non consuming bat) since my son played with the Win. Mot. potentiometer and detuned it. :-\

« Last Edit: November 17, 2007, 10:57:14 PM by NerzhDishual »

Offline bourne

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Re: Bedini replication
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2007, 01:28:37 AM »
Hi NerzhDisual

Thank You.

I'm glad you like the little "fly-by" video, the quality is not much its the best my little canon A70 will do.
3 minutes of video, and once the light balance and focus are set when you press record, they stay like it until you press stop, not good for moving about. Learnt to use the macro close up to focus. For writing and meters etc and have the longer shots of the wheel slightly out of focus. That was the thinking anyway.  ::)
Sharing is the reason I am here. I have been itching to get to the point of presenting some work in my own topic...  At last!!!
I have done, and continue to do, lots of reading on this subject and its related 'interactions with text book physics'.
More importantly, how Bedini motors are perceived by the majority. Yourself included.
I'm looking for a more 'obvious' 'OU' device.
That's why I gave up Bedini energizers (for the moment)

Please...    let me explain, and maybe reinvigorate your interest.

I see the Bedini motor as a simple lead acid battery charger ! A type that has some unique properties. Properties that allow it to demonstrate, on a small scale, even more unique properties. Some of which are still being theorized! (I think)

If I, or anyone, learns how to build a Good battery charger, only then can you move on to understanding and maximizing the other unique aspects.

Master the baby steps first, then stride out further.

3 orders of magnitude

1 Bedini/Stubblefield et al.
2 Ed Gray/Moray et al.

3 regions of the same tree all leading to the root.

The other stigma, I think, that is attached to the Bedini motor, is this....

Your only allowed to use two batteries.

If its not running OU by the time the bearings are run in and its tuned to perfection, then both the batteries are drained from constant cycling and we give up.

I have two fresh out the box 12v 12Ah powersonics sitting on my shelf ready for the Yahoo groups testing but I am not touching those until my plug-in charger and power resistors arrive next week.

But my machine was ready and my lonely little 12v 7Ah was crying out to be charged up. He is the one in the video. Starting voltage 12.15v (I think) ::)

I have been powering it with my bench top power supply 12v 3A basic cheap thing as shown in the video.

I have charged and discharged that little 7Ah 4 times in the last 2 days.

First charge (as shown in the vid.) 9.5 hours to go from 12.15v to 12.54v continued after for a further SIX hours to reach 12.60v. All the time my bench PSU was 12v 150mA for first run. Stopping every hour for voltage test (disconnected) of battery and a little bit of tweeking of gap height and resistance etc Not very scientific I know, but very first test was getting juice in the battery!

Done! :D

Discharged with 240v 40w fridge lamp with a resistance of 122.6 ohms for 47 minutes to bring battery to 12.40v

Second charge (no rest time) 3 hours straight charge disconnected to take voltage and big short (don't use banana plugs and croc clips in your meter ;D lesson learnt!)
A further 2 hours brings battery to 12.63v and lots of tweeking (I am a bit of a tweaker!) PSU started at 150mA and ended at approx.200mA

Discharged with same 240v 40w 122.6ohm lamp, this time for 2 hours to bring battery down to 12.40v
bounced back to 12.42v so discharged for further 10 Min's to bring battery down to 12.40v
bounced back again to 12.42v so discharged for further 10 Min's to bring battery down to 12.40v
Bounced back again to 12.42v (instant)

Third charge!      12.42v to 12.71v         3 hours!!!!!! :D     PSU steady 12v 200mA

Discharged for 1 hour with a 150mA 12v computer fan then a further 1.5 hours with a 240mA 12v computer fan bringing battery voltage to 12.20v Underload. Always rising to 12.30v at rest

fourth charge.    12.30v to 12.70v     5 hours.         PSU steady 12v 200mA 

 Battery resting voltage 30 minutes later 12.58v

Will test 12v 7Ah battery voltage again tomorrow and post results.

Initial conclusion

2 days ago my 12v 7Ah SLA was limp and lifeless. Today he ran a fan for 2.5 hours ;D

Baby steps!

I honestly think this is the obvious place to start. (For me anyway) Get this working and move on and improve

Keep it real

Above all ... Peace



Battery voltage tested at 10;00am next morning.   V=12.49

« Last Edit: November 19, 2007, 04:06:41 AM by bourne »

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: Bedini replication
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2007, 01:28:37 AM »
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Offline NerzhDishual

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Re: Bedini replication
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2007, 03:26:48 AM »
Hi Bourne,

About 'obviously' OU:
I was thinking about a circuit that permanently check the input batt voltage and automatically swap the 2 batts when this input batt voltage is too low. This can be done with a relay, an op amp and few parts or more easily with  a "Basic Stamp" for example.
I'm afraid that my electronics's skills are too weak for the first solution. However, I feel more comfortable dealing with micro-controlers as I am an (old) computer programmer. So, that is something I could do when I'm retired!

If, with this kinda circuit, you can have your motor running for - saying a couple of weeks - this 'could' be an obvious proof of OU. The best proof would, of course, to run this motor (or another one) on a mere capacitor.

Anyway, I'm in touch with some french guys who claim having achieving OU. It takes time and diplomacy to get the proofs.
And if you have any proof  it is also not so easy to get the very device.(I'm talking about a Slanley Meyer replication)..


"How Bedini motors are perceived..."
IMHO: Bedini has got something.
He seems not to be so keen fully disclosing all his discoveries.
It is perfectly comprehensible!
He, and Th. Bearden are perpetually scoffed by some.
As far as I can catch it, Th. Bearden as also 'something to say'.
I just do not perceive why he is still Relativist! (Hi Omnibus! :))).


About your battery improvement and as far as I can catch it fully?: If you are given a good batt and a depleted one; and if, after some manipulations, and after -into the bargain- having run a fan, you can end with 2 good (strong) batts that's not 'OU', of course; As 'OU'' is ab-so-lu-te-ly  impossible  ;D (is it  ???); but it is free NRG.
This could be usefull in a motor-less yacht for example.


About Nathan Stubblefield: what if he also were a dowser?