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Title: Drive your car with chicken manure methane gas
Post by: hartiberlin on November 14, 2007, 06:36:30 PM
Hi All,
have a look at this, how easy it is to drive your car with
selfproduced Methane gas from chicken or other animal manure:

Title: Re: Drive your car with chicken manure methane gas
Post by: hansvonlieven on November 14, 2007, 09:19:47 PM
Where on earth did you dig this one up Stefan?

Good old Harold Bate, I remember him well. I was working in Devonshire in 1964-1965 when he was driving around the countryside with this thing trying to get it right. He was a nice old guy though he would have been only in his late fifties then. You know how some people appear old fairly early and then hardly change for many years.

He was very much considered an eccentric, and you know how fond the British are of their eccentrics. He was affectionately known as the chickenshit man. But he did prove a point. Some people tried to replicate what he was doing with very limited success, they all went back to petrol after a while.

The main problem with methane digesters is to get the thing going properly in the first place, after that they seem to be going alright. We understand these digesters much better nowadays and they are used in remote regions in India to generate gas for cooking. Another problem was to keep the digester at a steady temperature to keep the biological processes going, not too much of a problem in India, a totally different story in Devonshire where it can get quite cold. When I knew him he was using a converted kerosene lamp as a heat source not exactly ideal for this sort of thing.

Harold would be proud if he knew that his technology is being discussed worldwide on a forum such as this. I doubt he is still alive, he would be over a hundred now.

Just thought I throw this one in and share my experiences with a real character and free energy pioneer from way back.

Hans von Lieven
Title: Re: Drive your car with chicken manure methane gas
Post by: hartiberlin on November 14, 2007, 10:41:47 PM
Many thanks for your personal experience with him.

Why not use this stationary and use the produced Methane gas to drive a generator
via an ICE engine.
Farmers with a few cows and many chickens would love to generate their
own Methane gas for generating electricity or heating their tea via  a Methane gas powered

Also with a compressor the gas could be stored in steel containers under high pressure
and used as the French Mr. Pain was driving around with it with his car.