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      I  ran accross SM's videos on utube a couple of weeks ago and found this site.  Since then my free time has been involved with discovery and contemplation on the principles at work in this machine.  I have worked with electrical rotating machinery since leaving college back in the 70's.  I have a working knowlege of most electronic devices gained from years of repairing or supplying electric motor drives. But I have never seen a device like this before.
In my electric motor repair shop I became an expert at backengineering electrical equipment design and construction techniques.  I recognize all the componenets and their working principles that I have run accross here in the last two weeks but there still remains a big question in my mind as to the scource of power this unit collects.  I splashed into all sorts of threads and would like to start this topic for discussion of the theory as to where the energy is coming from.  I don't believe that SM knew where it was coming from and it needs to be studied in a scientific manner. Theory Experiment Conclusion
Therefore I start this topic in hopes that it will be used for the advancement of theory on the energy gain of the TPU.  Build it and you will understand is bullshit.
Some guy could probably build a model rocket and never understand the first thing about the chemical reactions of the gunpowder fuel.  Thanks for reading and look forward to posts regarding others thoughts on the tpu energy gain.

Hi Sparks

Your ideas advanced on z_p_e' s faux pas thread seem plausible and interesting. Perhaps you could massage those ideas into a testable theory.

Best of luck in your experiments........V

  Thanks Vortex 1,



The energy comes from mother nature.
We disable the effects of the magnetic flux, so the electrons are able to float around freely like the wind...
Then we give it a push in the right direction depending on what side of the hemisphere you are, and off it goes.
It is called the coriolis effect, nature takes it over forming the magnetic cyclone/vortex/hurricane/tornado what ever.
The problem is it always sounds so easy......
We have enough theory's we really need some "hardware" at this point.


Hello all,


your theory is the best and shortest I ever saw about the TPU.



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