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Author Topic: Radiant Electriciy Generated with Spark Gaps and Induction Coils - Theory  (Read 46128 times)

Offline nix85

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Re: Radiant Electriciy Generated with Spark Gaps and Induction Coils - Theory
« Reply #60 on: October 04, 2021, 12:33:39 AM »
You didn't answer the question and as I said nobody probably will.

Here's an easier question... why would you think the material properties of an object, our clock, wouldn't change at very high velocity?.

You should let go of denying relativity of time, it's just wrong. That is one point on which EVERY single intelligent source agrees, from mainstream science, to contactee reports, to occultism and spiritism, time flow is different on various planes of existence. I wrote multiple times that i correlated from Theosophy and 2 different contactee cases that matter density, speed of light and rate of time flow are x49 on each plane above this one.

It is clearly stated by the Theosophists, Neville Goddard and yogi teacher Ishwar Puri that when you raise your awareness to astral level physical time can be stopped, moved back and forward just like a movie. Time in purely linear sense is but an illusion. Just physically leaving the Earth according to mainstream and other sources one loses the sense of time, this is not just due to the fact that day/night cycle is upset. Relativity says this difference in time flow between orbit and surface is very tiny, but the sense of linear time flow apparently goes away farther we are removed from the planet surface (or deeper we go toward the Earth center).

Meanwhile nix85 is trying to argue he's immortal, lol.

HA. Funny to see you still deny you are an immortal soul having a 'physical' experience.

Offline ramset

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Re: Radiant Electriciy Generated with Spark Gaps and Induction Coils - Theory
« Reply #61 on: October 04, 2021, 04:28:54 PM »
Relativity topic bumped by OnePower

Repost with question
  Here a fellow who says he has a gain mechanism inline with “this thread theme”
It was shared by Member AlienGrey ( or his offspring??)here and elsewhere !
AG Quote
“PS have a look at the G Sav thread on youtube
Regards Sil”
End quote

Respectfully submitted
Chet K