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Author Topic: THEORY on TPU energy scource  (Read 171460 times)

Esa Maunu

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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #30 on: November 20, 2007, 09:15:59 AM »
^^ you r kidding .. if you want to argue about the theoretics of the energy source of the TPU, it would be wise to leave politics out of it.  ;D But since you opened the door, i thought to add my 1bit: There are many reasons to why SM did what he has done and is doing what he is doing. I am very much inclined to opinionate that the incentive wasn't the furtherance of humanity; although initially it might have been. I am against the corporations and governments who have influenced SM into submission.

If the TPU did exhibit gravity (intensifying the gravity field around its mass), it would all of a sudden start pulling object towards it. This is NOT an observed phenomenon when viewing SM vids. SM would have mentioned it even if this aspect was minimal.

I am inclined to believe that the TPU does not operate along electro-gravitic principals.


Yes, this is not a political forum..

The reason, why TPU is not pulling objects towards it is because there are zones of gravitational time dilation, that are caused by vortex. The net drag effect is zero, both overpressure and underpressure areas of zpe exists. Even, if gravitatational net effect is zero, there is an increased inertial mass.



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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #31 on: March 21, 2008, 10:03:02 AM »
Thoughts on theory
I believe that with correct set up energy can pop between any of the field forces. Comprehension will be the mastery of manipulation. I believe Bearden is closest in identification of time, as a C^2 energy, as is mass. Time is compressable and time flow rate is not fixed.

What this boils down to is the A vector potential, or the linear force yet to be defined and understood. It operates off the sides of a toroidal coil while all the magnetic field is contained within it. It is also termed as torsion and tempic energy by others, the field that can bend radiant light, and sometimes produce waves in the appearance of reality.

The toroidal coil is most mysterious in that with a single wire passing through it, an opened coil on it will shoot to infinity voltages and start to fry itself, yet a short on the winding will completely stop all power from developing. This is the CT in power metering circuits, and you allways keep them shorted until connected to the power meter, or you start to get the arcs we see in the videos of the TPU. These same arcs can shoot out of simple CT's used to meter 3 phase commercial power feeds. With the correct resistance they will operate as current transformers to meter the current in the feed wires.

Now we have a toroidal coil with iron core, and no external magnetic field possible, yet a wire looped through its center forming a wrap will develop a current appearing from the A vector potential, which is said to not truly exist and yet it must exist or the loop could not become energized.

Tesla patents:
I have yet to find a Tesla patent that uses only copper wire at 90 degrees and no iron core? There will be a large difference in the effects to the EM waves if iron is present or if not present.

The TPU is not an AG device, probably because it does not run cold like the Sweet device that did loose weight. The TPU is tapping the hot or outflow side of the A vector potential. It generates electric current that would be called DOR by those in the Psi device field.
This is [Deadly Orgone Energy] and they believe it is evil! LOL! But you must recall the microwave shielding some have resorted to using to avoid headaches. Whenever iron receives sharp square waves there is a microwave danger from ESR and from fast domain reversals. The downside of Beardens MEG unit, possible sunburn as well.

To get the high energy from a collapsing field, you need an iron core. Remove the iron and move to copper copper, all you get is the spike on connection and disconnection, both seem about equal until you configure to the TPU and cause one to be offset. Thus the DC source is from the wiring setup making one spike side taller.

The spike is C velocity E field, and is not current. The secret is how to get the unit to make the current using the super high E field spike, and this was verified over and over in a great many devices.

Now if we are to believe the latest testimony, there is no electronics and no spikes from square waves. Only a reed relay to switch things as the magnetic field rotates around coils in a quad arrangement on a circle. Hard to believe and yet the Hubbard device sounds similar. Just the correct coils and a lot of work to get them started. They would have to be tempic resonant coils and not EM resonant coils to do this.

Circular coils are similar to the Joe Cell layout and we see an energy coupling effect on the Joe Cells, where as long as the plates remain wet, the voltage is present. This indicates the voltage is being set up by the divergent radiant light field and not by any physical matter between the tubes. The geometry is similar, and you can see that the A vector potential or torsion that forms in rings around any one tube has a finite and exact distance necessary to effectively couple. These exact distances are being identified, for the Joe cells they are about .515" but this is a fractal and can be multiplied by 8 or divided by 8 and get coupling also. Otto verified only a certain distance between his CC coils, to find the optimal coupling for this A field energy. He never tried altering this by a factor of 8 but I would guess others will be present.

Tempic field, or A vector potential forms in geometric rings of fixed distance where it will focus, and between these points is spreads to form a wider diamagnetic field. Distances are charted by sensitives to this field, and form a matrix, or grid system. Rods of special length are moved to exact distances and the energy is felt to couple between them strongly. We have yet to start winding coils on these rods and try pulsing them to observe the effects, but the effects of bending them into circles has been identified.

TPU cooling:
Coils that produce cold energy have been found to date with intresting windings over large plastic tubes.
I have no doubts that the TPU can be modified very slightly to mix in some cold energy. Also if one is bold enough to make the feed coil of scalar or partial scalar design, they will still produce the E vector pulses on the 90 degree CC winding with a total current shut down of any possible heating on the input coils. Scalar coils run cold. This limits heat to the output collector but may create other problems? Using totally scalar cancelling input coils would be mastery, as now extremely small energy would be drawn on the input of a system.

Where does the energy come from:
The A vector potential, a linear or Radiant Light path, set into a circle creating a convergent or divergent node at the center. Very simply, a tempic field gradient, altering the time flow rate from center of the circle to outer ring of the circle. The tempic gradient polarity will depend on the voltage gradient. Same model as a Joe Cell. Same model as gravity in the earth. I would guess that the TPU being a hot outflow device creates a slightly heavier gravity field then normal. Has any one ever weighed these in operation? I would expect an increased weight may be present. If the unit ran at room temp then there would be a reversal of the A vector pulsing, headaches, and same weight. Cold, then a lowering of gravity.

There is also the possibility that the mass of the wires is changing as well. This energy flows out of the strong force area of the atoms as they regulate themselves while reacting diamagnetically to oppose the electron shell activity. It is Radiant Light and follows the straight path through space being bent only by gravity and not by EM. It forms the A vector potential. [Best guess]

Concentric rings at resonant radiant light distances, with positive at center and negative on outer ring will form a gravity node at center like the earth or a natural atom, reverse the voltage and the field reverses to a cold anti gravity field [Joe Cell] negative at the center positive on the outer ring. For the TPU to run fully cold it would have to be running in this mode. The toroids inside would receive the negative charge and the outer system would be operating positive to this. [observations from many devices]

Dave L


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #32 on: March 21, 2008, 10:59:21 AM »
Hello all,


a long time ago I measured the weight of my TPU at a low frequency at around 5Hz: the weight was changing, going up and down but I missed to measure the weight at high frequencies.

I also managed to have 1 totally cold control coil and 3 hot coils, or 2 cold coils and 2 hot coils but I forgot how I connected them!!! It was a very long time ago. It depends how you connect this coils. Of course, it looked like the air around this cold coils was also cold. It was last summer and it was really hot. I have to say that I couldnt measure the temperature around my cold coils becasue I dont have the equipment.

I also tried to use only 1 output wire connected to the bulb. Like an Avramenko plug. It was only a little bulb. Almost no current flow from the power supply but a nice light on the little bulb.



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    • DC Acoustic Waves Hypothesis
Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #33 on: March 21, 2008, 02:57:29 PM »
Getting cold may mean that free particles are tapped into the device and form new matter. That's why thermodynamic energy (kinetic energy of particles) is lost - it is being enclosed into matter. It's strange that devices gets lighter, though. I would expect it to become heavier when it is run cold.

When device gets warm it means that particles are freed from "matter cage" and the matter disintegration is occuring (particles are released from the matter with some initial kinetic energy). In these conditions devices should have lesser weight as reduced gravity field should be one of the conditions for disintegration to be possible.

If this system is valid, one of the ways to run device without overheating or overcooling is to combine both processes in a required proportion. It's best to place the overcooling coil in the center of the grounded metal sphere so that particles that are freed from the overheating coil are tapped back into matter by the overcooling coil, or go to ground. Both coils will be producing usable energy because the reason of overheating is that some freed particles are not going into load circuitry wire, but float around. In the case of overcooling particles are going into matter, but due to existence of their flow some of the flow energy can be taken to do usable work.


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy source
« Reply #34 on: October 11, 2010, 08:58:04 PM »
Newbie to this forum, old dog to a few, hard time growing up with my head, please let me share personal theory. 

TPU energy source per an insight = the nuclear inertial resonance against its own electron cloud tension from within --a non-quantual continuum mediated by electron shell geometries-- with many nuclei coupling into the resonance via cross-field cancellation ...loosely based on Frank Znidarsic's theory paper, 'The Control of the Natural Forces'.

When the resonant geometry has an overall system symmetry, various effects may emerge, per theory: chilling, then deeper resonance leading to destructive voltage spikes if imbalanced electromagnetically.  Fine balance in geometry affords fine control, deep resonance is potentially dangerous, last words could be, "Oops!"  Hyperbolic pulse trains afford controlled ramp and de-ramp.  Modulo harmonics afford control of the tiger by the tail = inertial field, temporal field, and ample E/M control, by influencing motion of standing waves across the resonant envelop.  This is all speculation based on personal theory.

Per theory, the scalar energy field is very much involved with broadcasting the nucleo-sonic attitude as a 'field apparent', and this is more an intuition and not yet up for words on demand.  The ultimate energy source is the expanding Universe, with temporal differential providing power amplification, proper... very much a Newtonian violation.

After years of waiting to find a working theory to base experiment upon, I be ready!!! 

Simultaneous cancellation of capacitance and magnetic fields producing a toroidal rotation of 'nothing' = poly-phase pulse-driven bifilar Moebius edge coils on a torus surface.  Control is very much dependent upon Golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers, and heterodyned harmonics interlocking as charge compression (gravity) in the torus center.

Thanks for listening, wanting to open source the project as prudent (safely).  Cavey calls this a super-TPU design.

stranger in a strange land

p.s. Gots lots o' pics of families of bifilar Moebius edge coil geometry illustrations.

david lambright

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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #35 on: January 14, 2011, 05:40:48 PM »
otto!...i like the way your mind operates!! there are many answers that are being found by us...i have found that the energy created by the TPU is the same type of energy created by a toroidal PMH....i am x-tra curious about the cold coils you describe...i think that you might want to check out this thread..   ...i have felt weight anomalies with my devices for a long time but the visible radiated wave is really something to videos do not do you see any thing strange around a TPU?...david


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #36 on: February 19, 2011, 10:49:05 PM »

@ everyone

I'm a newb, short attention span, sensitive, vulnerable, and low in the EQ.  Over blessed on the IQ... seriously... frustrating... I can see it but can't explain it... been trying.... here's another attempt to share...  remember... I am a stranger, and don't know anybody to offend, and I'm certainly not attempting to compete... but share what things have lodged in my bwain.  [What follows is fast and loose.]

The source of the TPU energy: the vacuum, or space, or subspace. 

Why?  Because the universe is expanding, and there is a trick to open a crack to allow energy into our systems.  The principle of the trick is a transition from harmony closed on itself (like a torus), to an open energy system (like a cylindrical electromagnet).  In a quantum transition (the stuff that makes electromagnetics), the atom goes from closed harmony, transists through open radiating change, then re-closes (with more or less energy).  That's the principle anything to do with quantum events acts on... and EVERYTHING is based in the quantum scale, and the quantum is energized by the power that is expanding the universe.

From one moment to the next, the expanding universe isn't just expanding, but accelerating while doing so. 

R.N. Boyd, Ph.D --one of the few out-of-the-box quantum physicists, agrees: A few milliseconds ago, there is a different density in the fabric of space than there is in the right-now.  Robert's advise was what lead Podkletnov to try an experiment that bent steel beams with a gravity-beam from a spinning superconductor. 

Q: How to tap the energy differential of the varying density over time of the vacuum energy? (The hint is in the sentence.)

A: Be at two places in time with a harmonic envelope that is harmonic across a span of time... and make that span a very very short distance in time, as the vacuum energy is a tremendous reservoir of energy, and you don't want to tear a whole in the universe and vaporize the neighborhood (kidding sort of).  A successful tapping into the vacuum energy tends to sometimes run-away.  One in Europe (private group) had to be dynamited to shut down.  The Enola Gay pilot slammed his hyperresonator with a stick when it arced over the knife switch to keep running, and both took out the local neighborhood power which was draining into the dimple in time the devices made.

Q: How to dimple time?

A: Compress charge.

Q: How to compress charge?

A: Create a geometry that forms an antenna of 3D shape that creates the environment for the higher harmonics to fall into a conjugate attraction.  Requirement: the harmonics need to be a part of a harmonic envelope... when so, the harmony is one entity, any part effected affects the whole of the harmonic wave group.

Q: What is this geometry?
A: One may be a Rodin Coil, which is an entangled helix.
A2: Resonant half-wave rectifier bridge pulses through a loop against a superconductor torus ceramic that has a bucking permanent magnet against it (Superconductive Antigravity Engine, Hidefumi Kobota)  This is the same effect at the quantum level, which acts as a macro-quantum scale in a superconductor.

Q: How to create the effect without superconductors?
A: Resonate with the matter-wave the way superconductors do. 

Say what?  OK... this does get involved, and matter-wave resonance on an amateur workbench could get scary.  Be careful!

Examples of danger: 

1) Brian Prater was hospitalized for a month when he touched a hissing, silvery bead that came out of his hyperresonator when he shut it down. 

2) A friend told me of his friend in Sedona, AZ that thought a vacuum chamber would make his experiments safe... wrong.  The hyperresonance engulfed the room, as he watched.  It backed him into a corner and messed him up.  He was in the hospital for three days from the field effect.

What I'm discussing is the super-TPU that everyone wishes to understand.  The tests I've seen -all of them- are more like cargo cult than science, meaning, we don't know what we're doing yet.  But no doubt many of us have many clues, me included, and wouldn't it be nice if we could all meet at a brain-trust-retreat for a week?

This is an attempt to help... based on patterns in the alphabet-soup of endless theories... the consistencies are sleuthed out.

The Otto device is a many-to-one transformer, and the lead in the solder was the active device. The Otto device needs more turns, but of a proper geometry... flash over-voltage surges are a sign that the lead atoms polarized by their positive nuclear fields (oblation polarization).

A morph of the late Otto's insight, and the entangled helix of the Rodin Coil will begin to get closer, without superconductors.  There are many degrees of torus knots.  All indicators point to one with a neighboring numbers from the Fibonacci sequence.  There are many to test.  I'm leaning to an 8:5 torus knot, as 8/5 = 1.60, while the golden mean is 1.61803...  This leads to a small phase-wave that should be correctable with the proper application of pole precession (magnetic flux density wave in the torus).  If the phase wave isn't nullified, the standing resonance needed will jump between loops in a dissipative harmony-breaker.

Rodin, Otto, or any other device I am privy to, requires yet that one needs to know how to manipulate the frequency to create the harmonic environment -1st effect, and then -2nd effect: twist a knot in the resonance... that knot evolves through time slower than do we (except for that part of our neurology that uses a dimple in time so DNA can resonant with some part of eternity).

Twisting a knot required a deliberate and precise application of non-sinusoidal prime drivers.  This is a combination of toroidal rotation only possible with an entangled helix on a toroid (Otto's was never entangled) and magnetic density precession (pole wobble) above and below the torus.  The missing phase of the Rodin coil may well provide the rudder for the precession.  It is the ratio of the pole-precession and the toroidal spin that creates the magic.  Now the scene is set to begin to accumulate energy in the torsion of the wave-group.  That trick is borrowed from sonar technology, and is also the trick that enables the resonant envelope to be ramped-up or ramped-down... rather important.

Enough details... getting too long.  People... I have a deep yearn to pursue this research, and Mom didn't have any dumb kids.  Like a bobcat (my spirit guide) I can only socialize (like this) for a short spell and need to get back into the woods.

By now you either hate me or love me, or weren't interested enough to get this far.

The perfect team for the laboratory in the deep woods:
* An antenna specialist, versed on fractal antenna and wave harmonics.
* An open minded quantum physicists (I know, they don't really come in that flavor).
* A power engineer, able to work with the new blazing fast gallium nitride power transistors (12 volts rise-time per nanosecond, up to 55 amps per device, and parallel with inherent load sharing without disturbing speed, and $5 bucks each as bare silicon dies (tiny), two to seven hundred dollars each if mounted in military packages.
* An EE versed in programmable arrays, micro-controllers for loading the arrays as controlled by a user interface it communicates with, and circuit board fabrication.
* A rich benefactor (kidding, sort of), but a "Scalar Technologist Gild" is a thought --membership funds shared resource.

The super-TPU consists of 3-phase coils of a carefully dimensioned entangled helix on a torus, all three on the same torus, and a super-fast, low-voltage, high current (10 volts, 500 amp surge for a split second) phase-angle and duty-cycle adjustable variable frequency pulse supply.

Live long and prosper,

"Refrigerators R Us" (because the super-TPU will turn cold while it is making electricity at the cost of the resonance.)

Links?  I got links, notes, and lots of graphics with POVRay.  Golden mean, Fibonacci, platonic solids, natural hints, etc.  Please just target your question, and hope I haven't ran for the woods.

Oh!  I forgot... to resonate with the matter-lattice electronically requires a frequency that is dependent upon the scale of the resonator, and for a typical desktop size device with a one-meter wave-length at harmony, would be about a megaHertz, give or take, and also dependent on the atomic weight of the resonant core material. [Frank Znidarsic, 'Control of the Natural Forces']


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #37 on: February 20, 2011, 02:38:20 AM »
"The super-TPU consists of 3-phase coils of a carefully dimensioned entangled helix on a torus, all three on the same torus, and a super-fast, low-voltage, high current (10 volts, 500 amp surge for a split second) phase-angle and duty-cycle adjustable variable frequency pulse supply"

That's what I an talking about from quite of a while.
TPU has 3 coils spaced at 120 deg on the common torus made from conductors.Coils should partially cover their neighbour coil to get smooth rotation of B field. Those coils should be driven like 3 phase motor- impulses are spaced 120 deg so as a result you have rotating B field alongside torus.
"Squeezing electrons out of the conductor like you squeez water out of the garden hose".
This is also Tesla related, and even enchanced by small modification :-)


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #38 on: February 20, 2011, 03:02:29 AM »
Hey Pix
So lets say we just had 1 core(of wire) and 1 coil wrapped on 1/3 of the coil, for basic purposes, if we pulsed the 1/3 coil, it squeezes the core charge in 1 direction or does it ooze from both ends?
Or can we have 60 smaller coil divisions, with  the first, forth, seventh.... in series, second, fifth, eighth.... in series  etc.   and each gang around the ring has 20 coils, 3 gangs.  But I suppose that the freq would have to be higher than just 3 coils. 20 times higher.

hmmm  If a pulse causes a directional flow in the core wire, then why not 1 coil and pulse it?  But if its a bidirectional squeeze, we would never get anything from the core unless it was tapped inside, in the middle of the so called control coil, where the squeeze outward has a center point.
So it would make sense if 3 coils, slightly over wrapped, would continuously move this squeezed area around the core coil, and how fast you pulse them in series will determine how much the core can deliver in current.
Seems a lot easier than combining freq harmonics into the pixture. ;]



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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #39 on: February 20, 2011, 03:37:28 AM »
Let me know if you need a good cook?
Sounds like a fun time if you don't send the kitchen into a worm hole!


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #40 on: February 20, 2011, 03:56:27 PM »

Yes, dear @otto maybe needed more coiling in his ECD. But, with more coiling he would maybe never have had his effect. Ain't it a chance.

Your post got me actually thinking back a few weeks ago I was pondering the Rodin coil, after seeing a magnet ball turn inside one on YT, realizing that the Rodin coil proves the field can turn on an air core. So why not make a three layer air core toroid.

1st layer straight wound one layer of one or in segments all around.
2nd layer is the Rodin winding.
3rd layer same as 1st.

The center rodin coil would be turning the field between the inner and outer pick up layers. Should be very interesting and very easy to make. Yep.

« Last Edit: February 20, 2011, 04:22:37 PM by wattsup »


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #41 on: November 02, 2013, 10:34:20 PM »
 Steven switched on two (2) separate frequency channels on his device then stated the unit was on and functioning.
 ( He spoke of a gyroscopic affect and the frequencies clashing when they came together.
Looking at the device, I believe the two coils in the middle are pickup coils, like microphones for the purpose of creating a resonant loop. The outside coil is the driver coil, like a speaker. Place a mic too close to a speaker and what do you get? A resonating frequency!
The first thing to notice is that there are 2 pickup coils.
In this orientation they would be ready to receive the compressed magnetic field fluctuations generated by and traveling through the middle of the large outside coil. This outside field would have to look something like this.(
Each drive wire of the large coil would generate a magnetic B Field that could induce current in a pickup wire running alongside it.
Each pickup coil could pickup and send it's own tuned resonant frequency that would propagate down the wires of the large coil creating specific moments of waveform convergence. These convergence moments would manifest themselves as rapid and intense magnetic field fluctuations along the drive wire to induce current in the pickup wire.


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #42 on: June 27, 2016, 11:29:00 PM »
      I  ran accross SM's videos on utube a couple of weeks ago and found this site...

I have also watched the videos, very convincing, very alluring, with the possibility of self sufficiency and all that and this
 in a lightweight compact package which could energize a flashlight up to an industrial air conditioner if you stack the
 units... Who wouldn,t want this?
After reading through some of the threads, skimming through most, a lot of work has been put fourth to bring this product
 to fruition and that is a worthwhile effort and all of us are made the better for it, so this is me with my hat off saying
 thank you all...

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

But if the foundation is faulty then the whole structure is unstable, This video put it into perspective for me. The discharge
 from the unit this guy has and the discharge from the tpu videos are exactly the same...

You have to watch the video a little way through to see him short the leads and pull them apart to see the discharge...
 I,m sorry to say it but I think this is the source of power of the tpu...

That being said, there is another thread where connecting batteries in an unusual way through a motor is yielding
 interesting rersults


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #43 on: August 24, 2016, 03:34:52 PM »
Well, you lot are so far from the truth its time you got a little help ! Some variable transformers hold a charge it all depends on the iron and the perfected length of wire. A resonance is set up and sustained in the core of the primary transformer and then its just a matter of harmonics . You increase the resistance without increasing the length of the coil in the secondary transformer where back emf serves as a field pump compressing the wave dynamic.

The more you take out the more it will pump up until it overheats and brakes down and stops..... SIMPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards S9

Dear S9

Thank you for the input, we welcome all the help we can get. Can you expand on your method with a bit more detail? Increasing resistance usually adds more loss to a circuit, how does it become a benefit. And what kind of harmonics are we to look for in the back emf.

What depends on the "iron"and "perfected length of wire". I can move to a few guesses of what you mean, but we are all weary of guessing games.

As you have made a very brief statement of a possible hypothesis, a simple diagram e.g circuit sketch with some numbers would be a big help moving the lab experiment "proof of concept" to the level of a "theory".

Outside of that, a clearer explanation with examples would be a big help.

Thanks in advance
Regards, Vortex1


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Re: THEORY on TPU energy scource
« Reply #44 on: August 25, 2016, 12:32:21 AM »
Having trouble with the difference between RMS and Peak voltages, are we?

A rose by any other name is still a rose, and an ATOMMIX by any other name is .... well, do the math.