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--- Quote from: forest on November 28, 2017, 08:07:49 PM ---Could somebody post something about avalanche rated power mosfets ?  ::)  Would it be useful ?

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Yes (RS components) do them at a good price

they are SIC Schottky devices  try part no 915-8899 diodes  C4D08120A

and  SIC mosfet pn  904-7345P Wolfspeed C2M1000170D N-channel SiC MOSFET, 5 A, 1700 V, 3-Pin TO-247 ( C2M1000170D )

just select similar items to see all range and or data sheet.

Dead cheep too where ever you are.



--- Quote from: Belfior on November 28, 2017, 07:15:15 PM ---Anybody got those images from Agentgates how he did the coils?

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Yes they were at an angel  Dont bother it didn't work losses  ;D ;D :'( :-\ :-X


--- Quote from: verpies on November 07, 2016, 04:24:46 PM ---Let's

What unusual event happens when a wire is pulsed like this?

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why does a black smith bang a red hot piece of metal with a hammer instead of just squashing it ?

because you know as well as we all should by now but we should not say on here.


--- Quote from: shylo on November 09, 2016, 09:50:47 AM ---(

Two of the diodes need to be reversed, one on each side.
Now add 4 more , between 1-2  2-3 . Now you put caps across all diode groups.

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Yep. That creates a tuned charge pump like stage 2 of a stun gun.

Just an idea, but the "little kicks" makes me think of the Wiegand Effect.

This is a steel wire which has been specially conditioned in two layers, such that there is an outer hard magnetic layer and an inner soft magnetic core.
When an external magnetic field magnetizes it, it undergoes a strange the sudden reversal, I can't explain the effect well because I don't understand it, but both cores reverse their magnetism and this induced an HV pulse.

This might not be easy to reproduce, it requires Cobalt Vandium Iron, CoVFe in the other layer (or, apparently does) but I felt it worthy of mentioning as a possible source of the "kicks" he sees, this would explain his use of steel/iron wire, and little kicks very much covers the description of the Wiegand Effect.
There might be other ways to get this effect though, it is interesting to note that Willi von[/font][/size] Unhru who collaborated with Hans Coler has a patent for heating Iron wire that makes it more conductive by heating it, maybe it's not more conductive but prone to demonstrating the Wiegand effect?[/font][/size]

I am not sure if obtaining Wiegand wire is really plausible, and making it though obviously doable might be beyond easy access to most experimenters.
But, I am not sure who the effect wouldn't be OU, there seems to be no obvious Lenz effect in play here, it seems to me it should be OU, not that I know enough to speak with any confidence about it.


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