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Author Topic: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video  (Read 93823 times)

Offline BushWacker

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #90 on: December 11, 2005, 05:54:32 AM »
Hi All,

   I appologize for not responding to the last two inquiries that were posted but I have not been getting the usual notices when someone posts a new message on this topic. I've also had a lot of difficulty in posting replies and have spent about 6 hours all together trying to respond only to be cut off.
Anyway, I am honored to have stirred your interest in the HOPE Generator and I hope that none of you will feel intimidated to ask whatever questions you may have. There are all kinds of people who are involved with alternative energy R&D and only a handful are actually Electrical Engineers or physicists. I believe that this is due to the psycological influencing and flawed teaching that most EE's and Physicists are taught to try and ensure that certain limits/laws are not passed in order to keep the elite in power/control. Nikola Tesla was perhaps one of if not the first to come face to face with this dilema and it has continued to be the case for the last century. If then we know that the laws are flawed and the teaching corresponds to the laws then who is the expert?
I do not claim to be an expert myself, and I have found that most of the time those who do claim to be the expert on something rarely know much more than the average person. This is why I tell people not to let so-called experts intimidate them and not to dump their hopes and dreams simply because someone tells them that they can't do something.
As far as how the HOPE Generator operates I can only tell you as much as I know at this time since it is all very new and has not yet been thoroughly investigated by more qualified persons than I. The current model is presently in the hands of the most highly qualified electriical engineer that I have ever known and I am confident that he will be able to explain much more in detail than I have been able to do so far. He wrote me today to tell me that he finally has the tools he ordered and will be examining the unit in depth. He has made several remarks to me that he is certain of the efficiency claims that he believes we can prove shortly but due to the nature of this field of research it is dangerous to state any precise claims until we have very solid evidence to back them up.
The HOPE Generator in its current design closely resembles the MEG unit which Tom Bearden and several other of his team members claim to have invented. The difference between the MEG and the HOPE Generator is #1 The MEG requires AC input while the HOPE utilizes sound/audio signals as the input source rather than direct AC input. #2 The MEG unit requires permanent magnets to operate while the HOPE unit does NOT require magnets. #3 The MEG unit has only 2 primary input coils wheras the HOPE unit has 4 primary input coils which are necessary to properly tune the resonance within the core. #4 the MEG unit uses AC current to generate electromagnetic fluctuations in the coils and core which in turn generates an electrical current in the output coils to produce a higher voltage level and allegedly higher current/ampere level than is put in to start with. The HOPE unit on the other hand utilizes sound (or) variable resonant frequencies which are tuned to superimpose one another and collide creating a piezo-like response within the nanocrystaline particles in the amorphous ferromagnetic composite material of the core which in turn generates an electrical potential that is further driven by high frequency phase inversion caused by the initial reaction of the sound modulation. When a critical decible/volume level is reached for the input signal a cascade reaction begins to occur within the core and coils of the HOPE generator and after this critical saturation point is reached each slight increase in volume/decibles causes the output voltage and current to rise exponentially to thousands of volts. The operation of the HOPE Generator is clearly more complex than that of the MEG, and I believe that the difference in design as well as the source input justify calling it a whole different animal than the MEG.
If you understand things so far you should be able to see now why I am excited about developing completely new materials to use in the further development of HOPE technologies. Add Barium Titanate, Lead zirconate titanate, Lead niobate, or even Quartz in combination with high frequency ferrite and ferromagnetic materials and I think you would see something that would make the current model look like nothing more than a toy.
The various reactions occuring within the HOPE Generator feed one another to compliment the other making it possible to require very little power to generate the initial audio frequency input. The output potential is visibly higher to anyone who has seen the HOPE function and to date everyone who has seen it in person insists that it has to be producing OU. Even so, I have not made any claims that this is the case because I am perhaps the biggest skeptic around, lol. I will not make claims of breaking the OU barrier until absolutely no battery or outside audio source is needed and there is no way to deny the fact.
Personally I believe that the obvious efficiency level that I have seen to date is enough to justify further R&D into this kind of technology. Also, as I have said it is all still very new, and I am convinced that much better materials can be developed to create much greater output potentials than we are seeing now. Because of the complexity and various unknown phenomena which may also be contributing to the function of the HOPE it may be best if we all let the professionals take some time with it before we all get to exited. I have to admit that I am excited and impressed by what I've seen so far but its always better to wait for the final word on things like this before going nuts and telling everyone. It wouldn't be the first time that it appeared that the OU barrier had definately been broken only to find some weird anomaly that nobody recognized at the start.
I hope that answers your questions guys. Our engineer is going to be working on this all in the next couple of weeks so I'm hoping to be able tell you more then. I'll also ask Bill (our engineer) if he wouldn't mind explaining things to some of the more technically minded individuals who don't understand laymans lingo, lol. Bill is sort of a cross between a modern day Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. I've never met his equivilant or for that matter ever heard of anyone who could match mind's with his. Bill has also been involved in black projects for various contractors and has had his own experiences with MIB. I've got a good 10 years on Bill in the field of alternative energy tech but you certainly wouldn't know he's only been into it for 20 years. Sometimes it may take years before you will find an authentic OU technology but when you do you don't forget it and it changes your whole way of thinking. Then if and when you actually try to develop something you need to be prepared to deal with these kinds of people. Enough said I guess.

Best Regards All,


Offline BushWacker

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #91 on: December 11, 2005, 06:54:51 AM »
One additional note about the HOPE that I forgot to mention is something which is theoretically feasible is that there may be an additional factor involved with the operation of the HOPE unit. Please remember that this is on a theory and is not to be taken as absolute fact at this stage of investigation. Several people have suggested that the difference in relaxation times between the various metals which make up the core and coils of the HOPE could possibly be contributing to the efficiency and operation. If this turns out to be the case then it would mean that there may be an additional way in which this technology can be improved besides the addition of piezo reactive elements and various improved core materials. Indium has been suggested by a friend of mine as one possible test material to try for the induction coils. Its pretty clear that there is going to have to be some intensive research involved to find out what the ultimate combination of materials will be. The shape and overall design of future developments may be quite different from the original discovery and in my opinion it would seem highly unlikely that I accidently hit upon the best overall design on my first attempt. I think that the biggest point to note should be that sound frequencies can be utilized to invoke current in materials other than the typical quartz crystals that we're all familiar with. This is what sparked my curiosity to begin with and its what lead me to investigate things further. Theres still a lot of room out there for discovery people so don't let the man bring you down, and don't give up your common sense through intimidation from so-called experts with monstrous ego's. Knowledge is a good thing but to many books can impare your vision from seeing what may be right in front of your face.



Offline BushWacker

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #92 on: December 13, 2005, 05:59:56 AM »
Hi All,

   I spoke with our engineer this evening and he told me that he has
had a chance to check some initial readings on the HOPE unit that I
sent him. He has confirmed the nice smooth sine wave output signal
and is getting an initial reading of approx., 600+ vAC on an RMS MM
without a load being applied. I think he will be very suprised to see
that the unit actually runs even more stable when a load is applied.
He has lowered the initial input voltage to a maximum of 5vDC and is
optimistic that we should be able to close the loop on the system. If
not, I assured him of the fact that we could simply plug in another
unit to the original signal and automatically double our output
without any noticable loss of power to the initial unit. I've already
done this in several experiments at home so I already know that this
is the case. I don't know exactly how many units can be run off the
original signal before any appreciable loss of power to the
preceeding units but since I know that at least 2 units can be hooked
up in sequence we should then already have enough additional power to
pick up any losses by feeding what little extra power is needed back
to the oscillator/amp circuit to make up the difference if need be.I
guess I shouldn't say too much more until we have actually closed the
loop. For now I figure it ain't over till it's over. It is
good to finally have a real expert have a look at things rather than
expect everyone to wonder whether or not I'm just reading something
wrong. We're hoping to have things pretty much ready for show and
tell in the next week or two unless something else comes up so we may
have more acurate data to post for you all here pretty soon. Sorry
about the delay on the beam projector guys but I can only do so much
the way things are at the moment. If things work out like we're
HOPEing, the beam projector will be one of the first things
on my list to finish. I have a very special interest in the ISBP
technology myself but my current tools and environment are not
conducive to finishing this project at this time.

Best Regards All,


Offline Freedomfuel

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #93 on: January 15, 2006, 09:47:54 PM »
I have had time to think about Bushwackers HOPE generator and I am certain that there is something going on in this device worth investigating.? This conclusion was reinforced by some comments made by Steven Greer in a recent radio interview that suggested that other researchers may be trying a similar approach.

The conclusion reached so far is that there is something happening inside the amorphous metal core of the HOPE transducer that is producing an overunity phenomenon.? Bushwacker and others such as Greer think that it has to do with resonance, but I think that there is more to it than that.? I believe that if ?free energy? exists then it must have existed in nature for eons and mankind has till now failed to recognize it.? In this example I suggest that what is going on in the core of this transformer is the same phenomenon that causes earthquake lights.? These are luminous phenomenon that appear over fault zones and are believed to be cause by the crushing of rocks during seismic activity.? The lights may be in the form of a dome of light over the fault or else they may be balls of light hundreds of feet above the ground and these fireballs may appear to rise out of the ground.? These luminous phenomena may last for minutes or hours.? All the hypothesis put forward to explain this phenomena are based on the idea that a separation of charges occurs in the rock?s crystals as atomic bonds are broken.? It may be the same effect as piezo electricity or more likely it could be triboluminescence .? This is supposed to account for the flashes of light as crystals are crushed, scratched or rubbed.? It is believed that when asymmetrical bonds are broken in a crystal there is a separation of charges leading to an electric discharge and a flash of light as the surrounding air is ionised.? A recent controversial theory based on laboratory experiments is that there is a separation of positive hole charge carriers that turns rocks momentarily into p-type semiconductors? and that this occurs in a horizontal layer of rock which rapidly moves to the surface to produce a coronal discharge. You can read about the various theories to explain earthquake lights at Wikipedia here:

Also try this article: Earthquake Lights In New Scientist;f=16;t=001380

There is also a documentary on the subject regularly repeated on the Discovery channel called ?UFOs; Great Balls Of Fire?.

What none of these theories can explain is the longetivity of the luminous phenomenon associated with fault zones.? It is the longetivity of the lights that suggests that they are being sustained by taking energy out of the environment, which would make them a natural form of free energy. In my opinion such phenomena as earthquake lights, ball lightning, and the NASA UFOs are magnetic phenomenon that depend on the earth?s magnetic field.? These balls of light could be spinning magnetic fields in the form of torii and they could be sustained by sucking magnetic energy from the ionosphere through a magnetic vortex just as free energy devices do.? Recent research suggests that there is a link between sunspots and earthquake activity.? Sunspots are secondary magnetic poles on the sun with powerful magnetic fields in the 500 gauss range, which could be ejecting fragments of the sun?s magnetic field as packets of magnetic energy in the form of spinning torii.? These would be absorbed by the earths magnetic field in the ionosphere and cause not yet understood changes in the geomagnetic field that trigger earthquakes.? See this article:

Sunspots and Eartquakes

To develop this hypothesis further we need to know more about the amorphous metal material used in the HOPE device.? As I understand it this material does not seem all that different from the ferrite cores widely used in electronics.? These are, I believe, alloys of Iron with Cobalt for instance which are finely divided and solidified under heat and pressure.? Is this the same kind of material as is used in ceramic magnets? Barium ferrite maybe?? The fact that the magnets in Bearden?s MEG device tended to disintergrate suggests that the amorphous metal core material is also being stressed when subjected to an alternating magnetic field.? This could lead to the kind of phenomena associated with earthquake lights sketched above.? This hypothesis could be supported if Bushwacker had ever observed a glow of light around his device in darkness as it is operating.? Also there could be acoustic waves present in the core and this could be discernable as a sound emanating from it.

For the device to be overunity there would have to be vortex magnetic fields associated with it somehow.? It may be possible that electric discharges inside the core material take the form of ?charge clusters? as taught by Ken Shoulders. These are thought to be spinning torroidal clusters of electrons that form in ordinary electric sparks and which also have a vortex magnetic field associated with them.? It is this vortex magnetic field that connects with the ionosphere and extracts energy from the earth?s magnetic field.? Such charge clusters are believed to be formed in the cathode of cold fusion cells and they are regarded by some as miniature ball lightning.?

According to the above analysis there should be no need to follow the topology of the MEG device to investigate the overunity potential of amorphous metal and other materials.? I suggest that a simple bar or ring of the material to be investigated could have a single coil primary attached to it with a single coil secondary and the later would have to be bifilar wound to eliminate inductive coupling between the primary and secondary and ensure that the output is only magnetic current.? A number of different composite and ceramic materials could be tested and these would not necessarily have to be ferromagnetic.? Even plastics could be tried.? Measurements of magnetic current using digital voltmeters are meaningless as proof of overunity so I suggest that the difference between the input and output could be proven by taking the output to a calorimeter.

Here are some links for charge clusters:

 A Demonstration Of ?Charge Cluster? Phenomenon
Observations On the Role Of Charge Clusters in Nuclear Cluster Reactions

The Ball Lightning State In Cold Fusion

Charge Clusters In Action
High Density Charge Clusters and Energy Conversion Results

Electron Clusters ? Possible Deuterium Fusion Catalysers
Lars Johansson.? Longitudinal Electrodynamic Forces
C.P. Kouropoulos.? Classicaly Bound Electrons - EV?s, Exotic Chemistry, and ?Cold Electricity?
R.A. Nelson.? Ken Shoulders? Electrum Validum
? ?

« Last Edit: January 15, 2006, 10:09:38 PM by Freedomfuel »

Offline Freedomfuel

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #94 on: January 15, 2006, 10:04:18 PM »
After my initial scepticism I have started to become quite excited by the possibilities being demonstrated by the HOPE device but I think that we should be cautious about any averunity claims untill a test of the output with a calorimeter is done.  This is the gold standard test of overunity which no one can argue with.  Fortunately it is easy to make your own calorimeter.  It could be that the HOPE device is merely an exotic form of electrical transformer and not overunity at all.  Here, for instance, is a description of a transformer using the piezo electric effect:

'A piezoelectric transformer is a type of AC voltage multiplier. Unlike a conventional transformer, which uses magnetic coupling between input and output, the piezoelectric transformer uses acoustic coupling. An input voltage is applied across a short length of a bar of piezoceramic material such as PZT, creating an alternating stress in the bar by the inverse piezoelectric effect and causing the whole bar to vibrate. The vibration frequency is chosen to be the resonant frequency of the block, typically in the 100 kilohertz to 1 megahertz range. A higher output voltage is then generated across another section of the bar by the piezoelectric effect. Step-up ratios of more than 1000:1 have been demonstrated. An extra feature of this transformer is that, by operating it above its resonant frequency, it can be made to appear as an inductive load, which is useful in circuits that require a controlled soft start. A detailed analysis can be found here. These devices can be used in DC-AC inverters to drive CCFLs.'

This quotation has been taken from the following article:

Offline BushWacker

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #95 on: January 16, 2006, 01:06:50 AM »
Hi FreedomFuel,

    I'm glad to see that you've found evidence to show that this is possible and I also agree with you that we can't make any claims of OU until all test results are in. I've got my best HOPE unit in the hands of the one person that I know who has the knowledge and experience in electrical engineering to do these tests. The calorimeter test is one of the tests that he told me he planned on doing. I've been waiting three months now for this guy to get busy with the unit that I sent him but I don't think he has done a heck of a lot of anything so far and I'm beginning to wonder if this guy was the right choice to choose as a business partner. The current model is basically the first working example of an initial theory that I put to the test and I believe that the design will most likely change as more information is gained over time. The example of the piezo-ceramic rod/bar that you pointed out is helpful to me and I believe that as time goes on we may be able to find much better materials and designs which will make the current model look silly by comparison. Hopefully others will gain interest from the evidence that we are finding and sharing here to invest some time and research into all of this. My gut feeling is that we need to look at combining piezo reactive materials such as Barium Titanate, Lead Zirconate Titanate, Lead Niobate, and perhaps even simple crushed quarts with high grade ferromagnetic materials to see if we can improve the materials that we currently have to work with. I suspect that if we can use various frequencies to induce a much stronger initial electrical reaction in a material, use that reaction to create an electromagnetic reaction, and add the copper coils to magnify that initial electromagnetic reaction with proper harmonics we may really be able to induce such a device to true OU. My intentions are not to try and sell people HOPE units but to try and point out the possible chance that most have been overlooking this type of approach to alternative energy technologies. We've got a long way to go yet but I think we've accomplished a good deal so far just by pointing out what we do know to date. Thanks again for that info FreedomFuel. I will send the link to our EE.



Offline BushWacker

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #96 on: January 16, 2006, 11:28:36 PM »
Original HOPE Generator Instructions
Now available in .PDF format.

Click on attached file to download.

Cheers All,


Offline Dansway

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #97 on: January 17, 2006, 12:40:22 AM »

This may have been covered, but what are the differences between the HOPE gen and Bearden's MEG?



Offline cverr

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #98 on: January 20, 2006, 07:58:56 AM »
I'm e newbie in this forum and this is my first post and it will most probably be the only.

I've been reading on this topic for the whole evening from soon this afternoon.

Here are my observations:

1: you say that you do not feed your system with AC but with sounds.

What are sounds if not AC.

AC means alternating current.

An audio signal is an alternating current. Thus, you feed your system with AC.

A signal generator is a device able to provide alternating singnals of variable frequencies.

2: You said that your system has lots of energy but what is energy?

Energy in electricity is measured in terms of power and power is the results of voltage multiplied by the current.

However nowhere you gave an idea of the power delivered by your system other than 1000v at 2 amps which is 2kw.

I'm rather surprised by this when all you've been able to make your system is to turn on a few small fluorescent tubes.

Is is very easy to light uu fluorescents and being a ham radio since 35 years I know what I'm talking about because when I was younger I used to facinate my neighbors by lighting a fluorescent in my backyard with no wire connected to it. The trick was that before to go out, I used to put my transmitter on the air with 100 watts in the antenna and I knew that all I would have to do would be to come under my antenna and lift the fluorescent in the air above my head while I was under the antenna and that's it the fluorescent would glow.

Anyway, a fluorescent the size that you have doesn't use very much power and in the worst case, 20 watts or so would be sufficient to make it glow.

I would have been realy impressed if you would have connected a high power appliance and make it work to its full potential but that was not the case.

I'm not trying to say that you're a liar or anything alike.

However, to me you're just a poor guy who has not the slightest idea what he's doing and playing with.

By reading your information, I found that the ratio of your transformer is varying between 6 to 15 according to the number of turns of the numerous primary coils wich are ranging from 200 turns to 500 turns while your secondary coils are of 3000 turns.

Thus it is realy easy to go to 1000v with such a ratio because in the worst case, all you have to do is to provide a 100v signal to the 300 turns input coil and that's it that's all you will get 1000v at the output.

But it is not because you have 1000v that you have energy!

With a few miliamps all you can do with 1000v is to kill some moskitos hehehe :)

Besides, I remember that you mentionned that you could get 1000v at 2 amps at the output but you also said tou you couldn't even light a bulb with such a power.

C'mon man, try at least to agree with you own sayings. 2kw of power could easily turn on 20 bulbs of 100watts at their full capacity.

On the other hand, I'm extremely doubfull that your secondary coils could sustain 2amps with the size of the wires that you've used which is number 27 or 29 If I'm I remember.

Fisrt of all, there are no wire of such size like #27 or #29. The nearest is #28.

It could have been possible to sustain 2amps with secondary coils wound with #16 or #18 wires but I don't think so with so small wires such has #28...

The fact that appears more and more as an evidence to me is that your system delivers very very small power and it explains very well why it doesn't generate heat. There's no heat because there's no work accomplished by the load, that's it, that's all. By work I mean power. Power can be in the form of watts or in the form of HP. If your system would drive a 20amp motor at 100V then it would deliver 2kw of power when this motor would accomplish a mechanical work that would use all this power not when the motor would spin freely unless it would be a very very big motor needing such a power only to spin at the idle (without doing any work).

I'm sorry If I nmissed a post where you would have said that you powered a 2K electrical applicance for hours because if it would have been the case then your system would have generated heat and a lot of heat as a matter of fact becuase if it would have generated 2Kw of work it would have also generated 2Kw of heat and as a result your tansformers would have been gone in smoke because the size of the wires of your secondary (output coils) are just too small to support such a power.

The conservative rating of #28 wire is about a quart of an amp thus I realy doubt that it could sustain 2 amps at 1kv

The only thing that is clear to me is that your system is realy far from being a MEG.


Offline Kator01

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Re: Heyer-Patenet
« Reply #99 on: January 20, 2006, 01:37:10 PM »

I did research in DPinfo and found the patent DE3900890 has been cancelled. See attachment.

Do you by chance have a copy of this Heyer-Patent ? Is he willing to cooperate and  reveal his technique ?

Thank you in advance


Offline gyulasun

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #100 on: January 20, 2006, 07:54:16 PM »
Ol? Lanca and Hello Kator,

I found Heyer's DE3900890 patent at the Europen Patent Office, see link here:

I must translate somehow it to English though, I am not good in German language... :o

Yes, the patent includes lots of numerical data which is good in itself but must be digested to make it clear.
I like his MEG-like arrangement, especially his  Fig.5 with Fig.6 drawings, very interesting, I have not seen such ellipse-like holes/cut-outs in rotors of expected overunity machines! This shape may make the surface area change non-linearly and this is most welcome where sudden flux change is expected.


Offline Kator01

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #101 on: January 22, 2006, 01:29:50 AM »
Hello LancaIV,

unfortunately - thought I have DSL - I cannot access DEPAtisnet and also the Dpinfo is dead.
I have to try it later.
Question : Is Horst von Heyer living in Kasendorf ( Franken ) ?

Thank you for your info. I am pretty busy with different developments and this limits my time here.
Lates flop with Daniel Jackson made it clear that there is a lot of desinfo spreading here which forces me to distinguish
more accurate.


Offline Kator01

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #102 on: January 22, 2006, 02:31:12 AM »
Hallo LancaIV,

do you have the impression after you talked to Mr. Heyer, that he has ever build this machine ?
Or is it just a concept never realized ?


Offline lltfdaniel1

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #103 on: January 22, 2006, 03:47:52 AM »
These Ruthless people supressing this stuff have lost most of there sences, and are fuel by jealousy(tornmented by satan) because of the qualitys they lack due to deprivation and fear/afraid,

and useing microwave weapons - ruthless , they are fueled by jealousy and when they say useless eaters, well actually they speak of there own, since they Waste alot and absorb all this money which they don't need and Waste.

so then they get these guys to be sodomized to become one of them and be jealous of people with the common decency, which they once had, and remembers the silence they enjoyed.

whats the Point with haveing all of these Material Possession and pleasures of the flesh that isnt everlasting?

when you could Have Joy which lasts?
with enough to spare over?

not this under unity - broken dream - illogic science .

it Just comes to show you , just how much respect these guys have for them selfs because they hurt them selfs and hurt others as well as much as them selfs.

well at least one of theres has left them , call saliva who was actually Sane enough to see through the lies.

And Had Enough Decency Left in HER To Tell the Truth and the Guts.

because the lies / if  kepts on , would of depraved what was left of her.

and these Illogic Wasters need to Go,This is God's Planet and they are RUINING IT, and not MANS Planet.

well what do you Think , is today Honourible ?


Offline Tink

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Re: Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video
« Reply #104 on: January 22, 2006, 04:45:48 AM »
Get a life and leave us alone.
You picked the wrong forum with your crap mate!
Try this forum:
I am sure they love you there!