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Author Topic: Promising Free energy technology - Electricity from Earth's Magnetic field/flux  (Read 7319 times)

Offline Jumpsman23

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Greetings again,  ::)

I discovered this technology a few days ago, is anyone familiar with it?  It would be awesome to find out how to tap into this energy and harness it. - Donald Smith the inventor here has discovered a way to tap into the magnetic field around earth and harness free energy from it.  This technology is fascinating and virtually unlimited. 

Bruce P. of is hosting an inventors conference in New Hampshire this weekend, and Don Smith was invited as one of the speakers.  For more information on Donald and his technology you can also visit this website and scroll down to where you see, Smith - Obtaining Electricity from Earth's Magnetic Flux Workshop   

- Jesse  

Offline hartiberlin

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    • free energy research
I just found this very first short report at Bruce?s list.
If somebody else was there, please post more info.
Thanks !
Regards, Stefan.

From: "The Doctor" <doctor_whodini@...>
Date: Sun Jun 26, 2005  4:50 am
Subject: FW: Great job Bill, and question about Donald Smith - magnetic field energy  doctor_whodini
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The conference just ended, and what a conference this year!
Don gave a talk and demonstration of one of his devices. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the demo. I was out of the room at the time, but others did. Don specializes with using special materials in his devices.
Bruce also presented some very interesting information as well. He didn't bring his ion valve. If he did and operated the device, we would observe some very strange temporal effects.
So, yes, the technology is advancing...
I'll post some photos I took today after I get back. Hopefully, Bruce and I will be checking out a gravity anomaly in central NH Sunday afternoon.
-----Original Message-----
From: Jesse Small
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2005 3:19 PM
Subject: Great job Bill, and question about Donald Smith - magnetic field energy

Congratulations on your presentation today.  It sounds like you did a great job.  I was not able to attend the conference this weekend because of another obligation I had.  Did you get a chance to sit in for Donald Smith's presentation on Magnetic Flux technology (extracting free energy from earths magnetic field)? 
I visited Donalds website at, it is most fascinating.  This technology may in some ways tie in with your research Bill.  I dont know if Bill would disclose enough information for us to be able to build our own machines that would extract energy from the magnetic field. 
Thank you Bill and kind regards,
Jesse Small of Maryland