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Title: Telekinetic cell
Post by: powermaster on November 01, 2007, 04:22:54 PM
does anyone know about the Telekinetic cell ? ( I did a search on this forum and nothing came up.

The name "telekinetic cell" is assigned to a technical device of my own invention, which (the device) consumes thermal energy that it spontaneously extracts from the environment, and converts this thermal energy directly into electricity. The product of work of such a cell is an electrical energy. In turn the energy that it uses for sustaining its own operation is the heat that it extracts spontaneously from the surrounding air.

I don't know if it works, but from the description it seems it could, because it just converts one form of energy into another so it does not violate any energy conservation laws.

Any comments or info on if these really work?
Title: Re: Telekinetic cell
Post by: Koen1 on November 21, 2007, 01:21:49 PM
Ah, you've found mr. Pajak's stories and designs. :)

Mr. Pajak presents a few interesting concepts, but he can not substantiate his claims as far as I know.

He has an interesting design for what he calls the "telepathic pyramid", but his claims are somewhat whacky.
He claims that "accelleration of a magnetic field" generates "the telekinetic effect", which is the power that keeps his devices in function. Or so he claims.
Thing is, when you read his "explanation", he describes how a wire that runs parallel to a magnetic field will experience "telepathic" electrical induction when the magnetic field is "accellerated" as he calls it. With this "accellerating" he appears to mean a periodic increase in the magnetic field (strength and area).
So basically he says that when a wire runs trough and parallel to an existing magnetic field, for example between two permanent magnets, and the magnetic field is temporarily increased, for example by temporarily energising an electromagnet coil that is coiled around the wire+magnets, then a force is generated which he prefers to call "telepathic", which will move things including electrons in the direction of the "acclleration", at the region where the magnetic field "ends". And consequently when the "accelleration" is directed oppositely, in other words the existing magnetic field is counteracted to a degree, the electrons should move the other direction too.
Although an electromagnetically induced electron motion seems likely, I doubt this can actually be considered "telekinetic" at all. I don't see any person actively controlling this action with his mental power. Nor do I actually see anything move at a distance, which is what "telekinesis" means...
I seems to recall he also claimed the electron movement caused by this "telekinetic effect" would be extremely low resistance or something like that, but I'm not sure about this... (it has been a few years since I read his docs)

As you may have read in his texts, he also presents a "ufo viewer", and tells of extraterrestrial visitors...

That said, the "telepathic" pyramid device that should also be described on his site, the design of which was apparently "channeled" by some woman from some "extraterrestrial entity", is somewhat interesting.
As I recall it is essentially a self-oscillating system using a pyramid-shaped frame "antenna" with several plates of varying sizes that might well act as capacitor plates, a quartz oscillator which might well act as both basic oscillator and signal amplifier, and a "telepathic circuit" consisting of a vial containing a salt-mercury mix with two electrodes embedded in it, placed between two permanent magnets, and surrounded by an electromagnet coil. The exact function of the salt-mercury vial is not entirely clear to me, but it is suggested this would link up with the human bio-energy field and interact with it, which would cause fluctuations in charge division inside the vial subastance, which would cause electrical current to move through the coil, which would generate the "telekinetic effect", which would in turn cause electrons to flow from (and to) the vials electrodes; the electron flow would then follow the more "normal" path, which means it would probably cause charges to accumulate on the capacitor plates and the pyramid frame itself, which would in turn stimulate electrical oscillation in the quartz connection. The orientation and placement of the magnets may be important here...
In any case, it is claimed this device would then turn into a form of "telekinetic communicator", enabling the user direct (mental?) contact with the receiver through coupling of the bio-(neural?-)energy fields.

Now I am very sceptical about the entire idea of the "telekinetic effect" since I have not observed it in any of my experiments yet.
But the concept of using a pyramid shaped antenna with the right input at the 4 perpendicular axis is something that does interest me, so I have looked at this device.
Also, the use of a 50/50 mix of mercury and NaCl in a sealed glass vial with 2 electrodes at the ends, inside a fluctuating magnetic field, is something that appears not to have been studied by anyone yet. Nobody seems to know what will or does actually happen exactly when one stimulates this mix electrically or magnetically.
It might be worthwile investigating this. Unfortunately I do not have access to mercury, nor do I know anyone who could make me a glass vial with 2 embedded electrodes, and which can be sealed off after filling it with mercury+salt. Melting the glass to seal it is out of the question of course, since it would cause the mercury to expand and partially evaporate. Besides that, one would need to find electrodes of a material that will not amalgamate with the mercury...

That's what I know about Pajak's "telekinetic effect".

What type of energy do you think is converted into what other type of energy?
Title: Re: Telekinetic cell
Post by: hansvonlieven on November 21, 2007, 09:39:13 PM
Melting the glass to seal it is out of the question of course, since it would cause the mercury to expand and partially evaporate.

Not a problem thermometer manufacturers have been doing it for a very long time.

If you need mercury simply buy a mercury thermometer or two, or some electronic mercury switches (all freely available)

Incidentally they contain electrodes that do nor amalgamate with the mercury

Hans von Lieven
Title: Re: Telekinetic cell
Post by: Koen1 on November 22, 2007, 11:29:40 AM
Yes, mercury switches might be an option indeed... :)
mercury thermometers is harder nowadays, or at least I read that our (Dutch) government has decided mercury thermometers are too dangerous and they're going to try to ban them or something like it...

And Hans, I don't know about you, but I am not a thermometer manufacturer so I do not think I will be able to melt and seal a glass tube of mercury without having quite a bit of the mercury evaporate... ;) Besides, the 'design' states an exact 50/50 mix of NaCl and mecury, if 10% of the mercury evaporates, the thing may not work as claimed... If it works at all of course ;)
Title: Re: Telekinetic cell
Post by: karl on November 22, 2007, 08:13:12 PM
a mistake: "Crystal radio was NOT able to work without earphones-inductors."
You can use piezoelectric crystalls or sheets (Quarz) instead of the inductors.
There is also an new material on the market, a kind of "single crystal relaxor" material with the properties of PZT but much higher outputvoltages
in several crystal directions.
I think it is a kind of single crystal PZT.
High voltage output at verry low stress in the material.
The Problem: hard to find on commercial market due to the development phase
That works well.
It is nearly sensitive to everything, ion a special shape maybe for a broadband.
Yes, the material itself and it's shape defines the mode of vibration and the bending of the surfaces.
The question is what should be in resonance with this structure.
Maybe the sound which influences the sensoric system of the body (ELF).

Title: Re: Telekinetic cell
Post by: hansvonlieven on November 22, 2007, 08:37:14 PM
G'day Koen,

It's not as difficult as you might think. I am no thermometer manufacturer but I do have some experience melting and shaping glass. When I first started doing chemistry, which is  over 50 years ago, we did not have quickfit connectors as they are in use today. All our connections were made using drilled cork or rubber stoppers and glass tubing. The tubing came in various sizes in lengths of one meter and straight. When you needed a connector you had to cut a suitable length off and bend it over a Bunsen burner.

Glass is nor a good conductor of heat. you could soften the tube in the gas flame and bend it with your bare hands gripping the tubing almost adjacent to the hot spot without burning yourself. If you wanted to seal something volatile in a tube you simply wrapped the part of the tube you didn't want to heat up with a rag soaked in ice water and then melted the end. It takes a bit of practice but it's not all that hard.

Hope this helps

Hans von Lieven
Title: Re: Telekinetic cell
Post by: Koen1 on November 23, 2007, 12:25:41 PM
@Hans: Why thanks for that lucid anecdote. I had already heard that glass is actually quite easy to work with from my sister who, as an artist, has also done some work with molten glass as it turns out :) But I had not heard such a story from someone who has actually made his own lab equipment.
Indeed, it may not be as hard as I thought. And indeed, perhaps using mercury switches to get hold of some electrodes that don't amalgamate, it would not be such a difficult procedure at all. May be worth a try. After all, quite a lot is known about pure mercury in electrodynamics, and electrochemical and ionic properties of NaCl have also been documented extensively, but the 50/50 mix of the two appears to have never been studied... It might just show some interesting properties...

@karl: What are you talking about? First of all, where did you get that quoted sentence that you say is wrong? Second, as far as I know a crystal radio already must contain a quartz oscillator, and it does not need headphones as long as you have a relatively high ohmic element in the circuit. Yes, originally the headphones used with crystal radio sets were high ohmic so simply pluggin in the headphones was enough to make it work. But the right type of resistor should work too.
But who's talking about crystal radios here? Yes, there appear o be a few similarities between a crystal radio circuit and certain parts of the "telepathic pyramid" device, but it is not actually claimed that it is a normal crystal radio, is it?
Third, what do you mean by "PZT"?
Fourth, what do you mean by "single crystal PZT"? Any material with a crystal lettice is one crystal; it's not as if there's lots of small crystals joined together, as that would seriously hinder its function, since the electrodynamic properties of specific materials are mostly due to their crystal lettice structure.
Fifth, what is this "natural mode" in which "shape waves" occur, and what exactly do you mean by "shape waves"?
Perhaps you could try to formulate your posts in such a way that they at least appear to be related to the topic?
Title: Re: Telekinetic cell
Post by: karl on November 23, 2007, 04:27:50 PM
Yes Mr. Koen.
Maybe in my next life.
Single crystal relaxor structures are state of the art in material fabrication with exotic properties.
Maybe you google a little bit. PZT is a granular baked together and consists of.......a long storry, please google.
I think heavy elements are in this game (Plumbum).
I should begin with the first semester in materials properties.
We are talking of long time research projects.
My input to your task was:
A crystal radio is a tuned device including an electric valve. Yes.
A crystal itself is a tuned device. Yes.
If you klick a crystal with a short pulse its getting in a natural shape mode state (e.g. shear mode) what depends on the crystals orientation and it's anisotropic material properties, his dimensions, his volume, mass etc.
If you know whith what frequency you want to get in resonant state you could chose a crystal by shape of the same material.
You want output (in your case OU) so you chose the material with the highest distribution of charges at the surface while bending the crystal.
Why using a complex system of copper insted using crystals itself and tune them to a frequency.
If you buy a quarz-shear-swinger it is tuned by etching a verry thin layer from it's surface, you are changing it's mass and it's shape at the same time.
It's really alchemy I can tell you. I've worked for several years in micro system technology. The state of the art there is making resonant structures.
You know some from your car (accelerating sensor) or the turning rate sensor.
The problem: You don't know where to tune in.
Thats also my problem, don't worry, thats everybodys problem here.
So ye create sensors for all purposes. Every sensor (also the crystal radio is a sensor, the headprone is an actor) could be used to capture free energy.
But which energy is free for us to capture? The suns energy, the moons energy, the wind-energy.
Is this not enough?
Atmospheric energies are also worse to capture. This verry short impulses in the radar region are produced due to highest or lower dechargings in stratospheric or ionospheric regions. You need also an antenna to capture this extremely short pulses.
I lost my red line.
Stay tuned, my child is crying.
Title: Re: Telekinetic cell
Post by: hansvonlieven on November 23, 2007, 08:27:04 PM
G'day Koen,

You are right, mixing mercury with sodium chloride ( NaCl ) is a bit strange. What appears even stranger to me is his insistence that the tube must be evacuated of air before it is sealed. No explanation is given for this. Presumably his mates from the UFO told him to do it this way.

He is a bit of a strange fellow and much of his stuff is rather suspect. He is right about the crystal radios though.

When I was starting high school (1951) all the boys that were into the sciences had three things. A Meccano set (Maerklin in Germany), a chemistry set and a crystal radio complete with galena crystal and high impedance headphones. There was no television in those days and we spent an extraordinary amount of time with these things, especially on days when the weather was unfriendly. As a Hollander you would know how often that is in this part of the world.

My thoughts and observations at the time are somewhat described in a paper I wrote on secondary oscillations earlier this year ( if you are interested see and follow the link). They very much agree with what Mr Pajak has to say on the subject.

I am still convinced that these early circuits heterodyned with fields we have little knowledge of and derive energy from them.

Good luck with your experiments. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. I am happy to help.

Hans von Lieven