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Title: Update on LPSR progress
Post by: Butch LaFonte on June 25, 2005, 06:14:37 PM
Hi all,
The events concerning the LPSR are very simple. The unlock tests on video done by myself and replicated by Mark Olsen proved the unlocking of the rotor with very little effort. The problem we encountered was the unlocking rotor would experience pull back on it's trailing edge when it's leading edge would combine with the stuck rotor. We knew this would happen but believed we could solve that problem. The permanent magnet equilibrium rotor I demonstrated in my video years ago was the answer. Mark is incorporating this rotor as the unlocking rotor in the LPSR. It can not get stuck because it is in equilibrium and also because it maintains a leading and trailing edge all the way through the approach and passing of the magnet. The reason for this is, it is a magnet itself. We will post video when mark gets the new rotor fabricated and working free of any effort to release the stuck rotor and itself. It's just a matter of hours or days.
We are also very positive about the moving ring LPSR I posted last week.
Thanks, Butch
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