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Author Topic: OU - Reproducability why is it so hard? A New Perspective!  (Read 11159 times)

Offline goddylla

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Re: OU - Reproducability why is it so hard? A New Perspective!
« Reply #15 on: October 12, 2007, 03:53:48 AM »
I think a working OU design is still in the future.  I agree that positive thinking is good, but at some point it becomes wishful thinking and hinders progress.

I wouldn't say that it's positive thinking that is going to, alone, be responsible for our next step up the evolutionary ladder. That is what an OU device will accomplish whether or not people can see it's full arc of ramifications at this stage in our development.
I would say that it's more of an awakening of the self that is going to be responsible for this change. Awakening to the ideas of the pioneers of these fields of thought, (Tesla, Planck, Bearden etc...) is in and of itself the major catalyst. Becoming aware of the natural progression of questioning that arises from understanding  (even ever so slightly) these new ideas of energy and what they mean to us, awakens our consciousness to a point where one can come to an better understanding of their role in this life ,that just happens to now be garnished with a much larger palette of probable possibilities.

Check out this interview with Reinhold Ziegler. Pay close attention near the end of the interview when he talks about Japan.

You'll need Quicktime to view this movie

Offline TheNOP

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Re: OU - Reproducability why is it so hard? A New Perspective!
« Reply #16 on: October 12, 2007, 05:31:04 AM »
I am well incline to accept that brain waves could have an effect on devices.
Even at their low energy level.
Every times a replication fail, brain waves/waves mix should be tryed then.

The more the process to get OU is obscure to someone, the more he will be incline to think it is possible to be achived by that process.
The more he learn about the process, the more he can see why it could or can't be achived that way.
I didn't found anything OU here yet.
Just some promising concept, and some outstanding ways to recycle what was/is often trowed away.

From my newbie point of view, having just a general view in the field of OU.
What i can see is:
Most of the claimed OU devices are either fakes, their results are biased, or where wrongly interpreted.

It is easy to see a lack of knowledge here concerning digital meters and the way to use them.

In the last video i looked at.
From a well know and respected member here, who is claiming OU in HHO generation.
I can see an amp meter clamped over 2 paralel wires that are not connected to the same circuit potential...

I might be new to electronic, but, luckyly, i have been teach how to use my tools properly.
It is no wonder why peoples have problems to replicate some devices.

For me, OU is simple.
The OU energy must come from an external source, not from the process itself.
What is more complicate for me is:  Howto access that external source...

Offline acerzw

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Re: OU - Reproducability why is it so hard? A New Perspective!
« Reply #17 on: October 21, 2007, 02:03:47 AM »

There are certainly many experimenters who fail to make correct measurements.... and there are sources of environmental energy also that seem to follow cycles where the power available varies over time for instance see the article about the ORAC energy on the Borderland Sciences website:

but even with these effects... I still believe the mind is more powerful in creating our 'Reality' than current science gives it credit for... and how reliable is current science when it comes to electromagnetic theory... you only have took look at Tom Beardens excellent appraisal to see that it is unbelievably and shockingly flawed, it is surprising that we have managed to do anything useful with it at all!

but then I guess that it's not so bad, otherwise what the hell would we spend our time doing otherwise? (racing anti-grav vehicles I suppose... and dueling with lightsabres... ho hum... damn, maybe someone should fix it quick...)


Offline acerzw

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Re: OU - Reproducability why is it so hard? A New Perspective!
« Reply #18 on: October 22, 2007, 04:27:24 AM »

If you are interested in ideas similar to mine... then I highly recommend checking out this link:

There are some truly amazing articles on there...

I recommend: The Age of Infinity and the Scarcity Matrix

Acerzw  8)