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You can find lots of examples of what I am going to

present here in as simple a way as I know how. You can

also find reams of complicated mathematics (Bearden et

al) and refer to the works of Telsa and thousands of

others. Here I represent to you what I have observed in

nature and what seems to be the stuff that they harness

and describe.

Sparks and lightning are actually cracks in the physical

universe much the same as cracks in a pavement. When you

witness a spark or lightening you are actually looking at

the physical universe being split apart. Behind this

universe (which is probably an illusion or hologram) is

the sea of pure energy in which it (the physical universe

where we live) maifests. Imagine a photograph of some

scene from nature torn in half. Now place these halves on

a light box and move the two pieces apart. You will see

what lightning is - a split in the physical universe.

The outside of this universe is experienced as pure white

light as in lightening if the crack is large enough, or

some shade of light if the crack is not large enough. If

the cracks are really small there may only be heat and


All the machines we design only provide the power to

crack the universe and tap into the energy out there.

This energy used to crack the universe comes from the

energy stored in the the matter. The universe can be

imagined as a sponge immersed in water. The white energy

is the water and the sponge is the physical universe.

Within the sponge there are regions that consist of

matter and space. These are really one thing differing

only in degrees of density. Actually the sponge (matter &

Space) is just the white light curled up tightly. It

would resemble a black hole if you can get out and have a

look at it.

The forces of magnetism gravity etc. are the properties

of the white light energy interacting with itself as the

matter/space universe.

Now the best way to tap into this white light is through

high voltage methods. You just have to collect the

opposite charges at each end control the discharge. The

reason volt meters fly all over the place with a

discharge is that it is not controlled - a plasma is the

way to go I think.

As an example, if you want to amplify some BEMF just put

a spark gap in the circuit - a direct tap into the white

stuff just lurking behind this 3d universe. Thank you for

reading this. Bye

well im glad thats cleared up then!.. can i get an electric motor to run in it then, got a circut?.. ???


This is a very interesting view of nature.



--- Quote from: b0rg13 on October 08, 2007, 05:56:40 AM ---well im glad thats cleared up then!.. can i get an electric motor to run in it then, got a circut?.. ???

--- End quote ---

A bendini motor with a spark gap in the coil circut that you take the BEMF off. Someone uses a reed switch that sparks as the back BEMF comes through the circut and gets a bigger surge. There is also another pulse type motor in that forum that increases in power by the addition of a spark pill (whatever that is). I will post some links later.

Look, I know what I said sounds crazy but if you just watch next time you see lighting - you will see the truth of the matter lol. Also if you have ever looked at a very calm ocean or large body of water, you will see rips in the surface under correct lighting conditions. This is where the surface tension is split and in that rip that you will see a flow. The surface of our 3d world also splits in this fashion reavealing the source enery (seen as lightning). This is just another example of "as above so below". Look around you - say in a forest you can see penises and vaginas in some trees - this is funny but it's true. There is  a great connection in all natural things and we only have to look hard enough to see them.

Bye, thanks for reading this

P.S. Check this out

thanks for sharing :)



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