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Title: The Pendulum
Post by: allcanadian on October 03, 2007, 06:37:47 PM
I would like to outline some actions of the pendulum not considered which may help you in your gravity machines.

1. Take a pendulum, it is a conservative device, it will swing with a constant frequency if given a small input to overcome friction. This small input is work, work = force x distance, but what we have not considered is the pendulum as a transport mechanism. Here is one example, I have a pendulum of 1kg on a support rod 1m long, when the pendulum swings through an arc from right to left covering 180 Degrees we could say the 1kg mass moved 2m horizontally. But what has not been considered is the fact that the mass does not need to "stay" on the pendulum. So if the pendulum is held in the right position and I add 10Kg to the mass of the pendulum it could swing through its arc to the left covering a distance of 2m horizontally and be held there, here I would remove the 10Kg mass. Since the pendulum is conservative the only work required is that to overcome friction, But--- you have Moved a 10Kg mass 2m horizontally, work=force x distance, the 10kg mass moved 2m distance but there is NO force thus no work involved to do this.The force is zero, gravity gives and gravity takes, net force =zero. Science would tell you that of course no work was done, the work is a measure of the "vertical" distance which has not changed, but this does not change the fact 10 kg has been moved 2m horizontally. So now let's violate the "laws" of science by doing real work, the 10kg mass on the pendulum is a hollow and insulated box,and moves from a cold area to a hot area, the pendulum mass is a hollow box and opens in a cold area is filled with ice then closes swings through it's arc to the hot area and opens spilling the ice. So we have moved cold ice to a hot area---air conditioning,hot moves to cold, when you move cold to hot this requires work---- but you have done no work because as stated previous there is no force involved with the motion of the pendulum only distance. The pendulum support is 1 mile long in this instance!. While this may not be practical it proves a point, the pendulum has done work but has not paid for it. Now take a series of pendulums transfering loads at the top of each arc and you can move any amount of weight over any distance the only work involved is to compensate for air friction.
Title: Re: The Pendulum
Post by: helmut on October 03, 2007, 06:48:49 PM
I come to a picture,If i read your words.
In this picture,i can see apes swinging from tree to tree.Using there physical weight as force to do the work.

Title: Re: The Pendulum
Post by: allcanadian on October 03, 2007, 08:00:54 PM
That is a good analogy, the apes move from tree to tree horizontally in motion through the jungle, but moves very little vertically from tree to tree, the only component science considers work. But the ape can move a great distance with as much weight as he can carry with very little work while we are stuck on the ground busting our ass , the vine carries the load not the ape, the pendulum can move with almost no work involved but it must be horizontal movement.
Title: Re: The Pendulum
Post by: hansvonlieven on October 03, 2007, 11:24:23 PM
Good man allcanadian,

I have been saying for a long time that where resonant circuits are involved our old friend Newton is not doing too well. Good to see others are catching on to this.

Hans von Lieven
Title: Re: The Pendulum
Post by: Eddy Currentz on October 16, 2007, 03:52:18 AM
A pendulum, or any unbalanced wheel for that matter, will generate excess energy in the form of centrifugal force. Milkovic's two stage oscillator does just this.
The vertical oscillation observed in the second stage of Milkovic's machine is a direct result of centrifugal force generated by the pendulum, through it's arc, and transferred to the support arm. The important concept here is that work is generated by the pendulum, in the secondary, without significantly depleting the angular momentum of the pendulum. Think about that.


IMHO, centrifugal force is not a false force as most physicists would have us believe.