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For those who may still be puzzled as to why UEC has not released any information that may lead to the controller patent numbers, consider the following:

Anyone that has watched the videos and was "on the ball" at the time, would know that there are at least two sections where the audio track was edited to remove something Steven said. The edits were intentional, and the "something", although likely not all-revealing, obviously contained clues that would greatly aid anyone seeking to crack the TPU's secret. It is unfortunate that these edits were done, but  it was obviously in UEC's best interest according to their game/business plan.

The available videos have obviously been severely degraded in quality...again on purpose.

Do you see a pattern forming?

Next are the patents. Yes patents are public domain (we all understand that), but that doesn't mean they have to be "announced" publicly, or assigned to someone or some party that with a little research, would lead us to their discovery. This apparently is what UEC is doing, or not doing as is the case here. They are purposely withholding any information that could lead to the discovery of the patents, and imo, anyone who thinks that the patents would be worthless, or of little value, only need to realize the fact that UEC doesn't want them known, and it must be for a very good reason.

So UEC has gone out of their way to:

1) Edit out clues uttered by Steven Mark in the videos.
2) Severely degrade the quality of the videos.
3) Purposely withhold information that could lead to the discovery of the patents.
4) Put a kibosh on what Steven may discuss publicly about the TPU device.

Why have they done all this?

Two reasons immediately come to mind:

1) To protect UEC's IP investment.
2) Because the device's technology is perhaps new and novel, but not that difficult or complicated.

It can't be that difficult or complicated. LOOK AT THE DEVICES! I would even go out on a limb and say that most folks are achieving overkill in terms of complexity and "drive power".

My intention here is not to poo poo UEC, but rather to point out the possible reasons for the actions they have taken regarding the TPU and the lack and quality of information surrounding it. Hopefully it will also put a damper on the constant and mis-guided re-discoveries of the so-called Steven Mark patents.


 i have to agree , from watching the videos over and over the device does not look complicated at all, yet in the forums ive never seem so much complication going on, no im not saying i have the know how to make one :P , im just saying it looks simple but it seems to be being made out to be very very complicated.


Changing the videos. Do you know after what date. I have copies of the google videos dated back to Nov 9th, 2006.

If it is possible to identify the date of such changes, you can also presume any hints he gave here after that date would be more intentional dissinformation.

Things like on the UEC video he says " I'm turning on the primary frequency, and now the secondary frequency". But to the forum he says there are three frequencies saying "apply the first, the second then the third".


I have no doubts about the authenticity of SM and the TPU, therefore I am not the best person to be discussing "fake" theories with.

In regards to the use of the "primary" and "secondary" frequencies, I've mentioned this before, but no one seems to catch on.

The minimum number of collectors for a working TPU is one. The first TPU1 unit has one collector, one feedback coil. The TPU2 unit has 4 collectors and 4 feedback coils (4 TPU1's integrated into one package). The cut TPU had 2 collectors, but I am uncertain of how many feedback coils it had. The larger 17" TPU most likely has 2 collectors as well, judging by the fact that two feedback coils are present (the two small toroids).

So the TPU17 contains 2 separate TPU units in one package. Each operates at its own set of 3 frequencies. All 6 frequencies are related. This is for better control of higher power units. Primary frequencies = F1, F2, F3; Secondary frequencies = F4, F5, F6.

You could have as many collector coils or complete separate units that you like in one package, but it would become increasingly difficult to control. 3 units is probably a practical maximum, but certainly not required to make it operational.

Darren hi,

I still think it all boils down to knowing what the famous kick exactly is. We know we have to create hundreds of thousands of them but still don't know what they are! Also we almost know for sure that they are created by the rotating magnetic field at near light speed. Is this what the kick is? The light speed magnetic field "kicking" the free electrons forward through the collector?? 
Once we know WHAT it is we probably know what to do to reproduce them in mass numbers.....




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