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Title: Spectra of single elecrton atoms
Post by: raburgeson on April 04, 2005, 04:31:52 AM
By the way 0/-0=0^2/i^2*0^2=0/i*0=0/0=0
You can look up spectra of one electron atoms and get several hits.
The red shift has already been analized for you.You can use thier
numbers fairly safely.There is an exellent electron microscope
shot of a hydrogen atom at DOE you can use to compute the
ratio of mass from. You all do know 4/3py r^3, multiply each by
it's speed and divide to get the ratio. I got .3185:1
So someone keep me honest and double check.
PS   pic I used under something called cloud theory, now I
got to go read up on that.