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what is the best any easiest to setup Linux distribution ?

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Hi All,
please post your suggestion, what Windows users should try as their
Linux desktop distribution, which has a very simular usage
as Windows XP, so one has not much to relearn the
operating surface to handle ?

What would you suggest to install which distribution ?
Ubunto Studio ?
Kanotix ?
Debian ?

Just tell us, what you like and dislike.
What graphical surface is better ?
or which other one ?
Which is most simular to control like Windows XP ?
Please let us know.
Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

again use or  ;D

- my opinion


Hi HartiBerlin,

Some months ago I went from Win XP to UBUNTU and after some little misunderstandings sorted out I am now a Linux only user.
I must say I am very happy with it and should have done this years earlier.
My fav Windows only games I run with Wine and they run fine (Counterstrike and Counterstrike Source).
Ubuntu is Debian Linux (very stable) with a Gnome interface and you have to get used to it, but I like it after I found my way in it.
Some people like KDE more then Gnome because it looks more like Windows, but I have been told that Gnome is more stable so I stick with that.
If you like KDE better you could try KUBUNTU.
You can also try UBUNTU out by running it from CD-Rom so you can get a feel of it but it will be slow so be warned.
I am very happy with UBUNTU because I can do everything on it I could do with XP, but now for free and with auto updates without the DRM crap and other spyware.
Just thought of that,....have to install a Virusscanner still oops ::)
Maybe other distro's are just as good as UBUNTU I can't say much of all the others.
For UBUNTU goto:
I hope my info was useful.



I have used Linux for very many years now and the newest Distros are realy very good indeed.

The best plan is to use as many as you can untill you finally settle on one that you like.

Go to and look down the right side to see a list of all the Distros that are popular at the present time. Choosing from the top ten is certainly recommended. Download their live cds and try each one out.

I love PCLinuxOS for my favourite all time distro, but before that it was Mepis. Ubuntu doesn't live up to its own hipe that it is an easy one for windows users to migrate to. It has a very un windows desktop and needs a lot of time to learn it, if coming straight from windows.

Live CDs have the option to install to your hard drive and include partion tools and installers that are wizard driven GUIs to make it as easy as possible for the first timer.

You will find adverts for cheap to buy Linux CDs that will save your downloading bandwidth. Priced at only a few pounds or dollars each they represent excellent value for money.

Hope this helps you to go FREE. It really is a breath of fresh air compaired to the big brother M$ operating system.

this is an easy one, but not free ,


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