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aether is ''neutrino'' in science lauguage

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aether is ''neutrino'' is science lauguage

incase your confused.

Great, another shotgun blast of confusion.  ???

Hmm.  I wonder what "quarks" think of that statement?

Actually Neutrino energy only describes the action of aether on matter. The aether is much more than that carrying energy were no atoms exist. Described as a all encompassing universal lattice it is to provide energy were mass does not exist for it to act upon. The Relativity followers like to call this Zero Point energy. I'm still reading on this to and as far as Neutrino energy goes have not gotten a complete grasp of it yet but don't throw out the good stuff you have learned. That would be the equivalent of someone throwing out Maxwell's formulas including space-time. And, we know that happened as a matter of convenience. Without neutron mass there is no neutrino energy.  The thing is we do all the work to educate ourselves and then we have to go back and learn the formulas all over again. The original formulas are available on the net.

Err... pardon?

"aether" is the 'quantum' structure of spacetime.
Neutrinos are particles IN spacetime.
Huge difference.

Anyone that has some proper knowledge of aether theories and of fudamental particles knows this.
Claiming that "aether"="neutrino" is absurd.

And besides that, neutrinos and neutrons are also fundamentally different. Neutrinos dot not derive their energy from neutrons nor from the neutrons mass.

In fact, in various forms of multidimensional theories (that als utilise an "aether" although it is usually referred to in terms like "spacetime", "quantum structure of the vacuum", "inertial field", "quantum gravitational matrix", "multidimensional spacetime manifold", "zero point field", etc) mass can be explained as a multidimensional effect of matter as "knots" in the "aether". (It is no coincidence this borders on intersecting branes theory, or "string theory".)

Mass in commonly accepted physics is still not explained properly. The search for the Higgs boson is on in full now, and they are hoping to find proof of its existance, so that they can work out mass as a side-effect of Higgs-interactions. But nobody has managed to prove its existence yet. Quite possible that it does not exist at all...

Aether and gravity are the same.  Gravity is DESCRIBED by Newton just as if it were a radiant energy.  Einstein did nothing but further DESCRIBE the properties of gravity.  Nobody has ever told us what gravity is.

If gravity is a radiant energy then gravity is a push not a pull and we must talk about gravity sheilding to explain the effects of gravity as in Newton.  Now you can see how easily gravity fits into an aether mold.

One more thing which we should all know but is largley unvoiced: in discussing aether, just as in discussing gravity, we are at the same time discussing space-time.


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