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aether is ''neutrino'' in science lauguage

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Just read "Neutrinos" authored by Frank Close and it was not dry nor boring at all.  I was amazed.  Also from study of Walter Russell,  can it be neutrinos are in 90 degree opposition from atomic matter?  How can we sense Aether?  Seems when we can sense it with one our senses, especially sight, we can observe effects then mold it into something useful. (If that is a close enough rendition of how science works)

If in opposition to carbon based matter, could this be why it seems not to be acted upon by magnetic fields, and thus no verifiable weight? Einstein's theory should be remembered to not only work as internal Energy=MC squared, but also Mass squared divided by C squared = internal energy ,but is NOT the substance of the atom only its stored energy.

Confused Us says : Aether we know or we don't know, but Aether way, we know what we know.


Agree with Koen1. You cant assume that aether is a separate entity unto itself. It could be a soup mixture of interactions. These unknown gamma ray energy bursts may be a part of it.  From what Ive read these bursts are the most powerful energy force in the universe.

There are 500 million neutrinos to each photon and are found in a 1 centimetre cube of space time around each photon ! No point shouting up theories or rubbish about neutrons hahahah a neutrino is a constant equal to all the atomic mass in the universe so there is a lot of them around hahaha The interesting connection to the ether is only observed  at the very first stage of the big bang this is where the either is formed as an ether bubble. This bubble is in fact nothing a moment of nothing can never be something again unless created. To measure the either bubble you must create one it is a bubble that when formed in water will never reach the surface and will collapse back to nothing .

It is thought that a neutrino is a bubble in space time by it has mass and is confirmed as a plank level quantum entangled particle it will have some super natural abilities like being in two or more points in space and time at the same time. A faster than light neutrino is also confirmed and affects time not space .

So lets be all on the correct path as re the either it is a bubble of nothing and is confirmed by the true nature that before something there had to be nothing so put the either there and leave it there ! An either as a gas of what ???? nothing than how can it be something ?? It could be said that nothing exists at the edge of the expanding universe and is where nothing belongs ! Go to the edge and fill up a jar with nothing and bring it back open it and everything in the universe will want to enter into to it. Its nothing will very quickly return back to the edge of the universe where nothing belongs hahaha

You can never have something before nothing and you can never have nothing without something hahahah its the cosmic joker a super natural balance ! Now view the electron as a single electron that all mass is sharing than see all particles in the same way and the so called big bang is only a tiny bang that shows up as a very large bang. IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING and is the only component of nothing so nothing = time x infinity = one tiny electron that produces waves that make photons and photons make neutrinos ! Just because super nova emit lots of neutrinos or the suns reactor makes them does not mean you need an atom to make them...

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