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G'day all,

Quote from: innovation_station on Today at 04:01:14 PM

--- Quote ---now i post serching for someone who has money to waste
--- End quote ---

Freudian slip?

Hans von Lieven

i will now clear this up money to waste as in you will not get it back cuz it will be spent on marerials to build the overunity componment

then the person can see the unit in operation and i will build them a simple unit that works or offer them a perecntage in the project

all on paper of course if it does not work the overunity componment you then are still in half with me on my turbine wich i have already finished and payed for all by my self

so how do you lose the only loss here is me giving more of my work away for next to nothing but people it does work why would some one waste time telling me things that are not true where i got this info i a verry trusted source his work works and so does mine

i say no more im sick of it!!!

you all will lose not me

i already have all i need i can build this at  any time in my life when i have more money

none of you can build this cuz you do not know how to    and pardon me if for some reason some of you do know how


Build what? Is it already described here on the forum?

Look, don't get discouraged because someone did not write you a check a minute after you posted. Geez. There is a certain method to the madness.

So keep your cool.

Also, there is nothing wrong with giving out your device to open source and supplying a key component that nobody could make anyways. If people can make 90% of it and buy 10% of it from you, this is perfectly good and even a smart way to both build up some financial strength so you can help more people and to ensure that the key component is always made under the strictest quality control.

My business motto is that "My past clients count on us to make present profits, so we will be there for them in the future". Makes the world go round.

Keep your focus. Don't blow this on a whim.

Hey are you in Canada, near Montreal?

You are maybe not aware of the business dynamics. You have a learning curve in business to build up if you want to go through with this in the manner you have chosen.

And stop saying you are poor. A popular motivator once described when he had lost all his shares in a major computer company downfall said to his wife, "Honey I lost everything, even our home", and she answered "No, you still have your brain and your will.".

Question: If what you are lacking is some physical mechanism, gearing, or other components, maybe contact some local industrial suppliers and speak with them about your idea and if they would be interested in providing some components for a share of the action. Most local businesses have money, and if you are at arms length to them, this is alot more comforting to them to know you are there locally. Plus some businesses could lose 5 grand and not even blink.

Again keep your focus and I will give you one sentence of positive affirmation that if you repeat twice a day, your problem will soon be solved. Here it is so tap into this OU.

"Thank you all powerful for the financial help and for the success of my invention all which I HAVE RECEIVED in a just and perfect manner".

Always say it like this so it is as if it is already done. No pleases, no give us (give us means you don't already have it and that is what you are reinforcing - bad, same as when you say I am poor - cause that's what you will get), only thank you for you already having it. This is powerful and you need it. So do many others but that's another story. Always finish it with "in a just and perfect manner" so no bad things happen to others you may know or love for you to get your help.

Anyone else, I know it sounds crazy, so don't bash me about this. It works. It's called positive affirmations. Not negative enforcement like the Lords' Prayer which is dead end negative and they've been repeating it for centuries. Ouch.

All the best.

Hello innovation_station,
the question is:
what will be the KWH-electricity price , generated by your e-machine !

My own research and the material input calculations after some years experiments defines
the actual  max-price: 1 EURO-cent(0,01 EURO)/KWH for small generators.

Is your machine-concept competitive ?


p.s.: When russian natural gas is sold by 55 US$ per 1000cbm(=11000KWH energy-aequivalent),
       the russian cogeneration price,plant amortisation included, is also 1 Euro-cent/KWH !


--- Quote from: wattsup on September 03, 2007, 02:27:14 AM ---Also, there is nothing wrong with giving out your device to open source and supplying a key component that nobody could make anyways.
--- End quote ---
Of course there is something wrong! You can't call it open source without disclosing it completely, can you?


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