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Author Topic: Compendium - Searching in the overunity web site  (Read 1943 times)

Offline wattsup

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Compendium - Searching in the overunity web site
« on: August 30, 2007, 08:34:31 AM »

I don't know if you're like I am and having trouble searching the site for specific things that have general words.

Maybe it's time for members to produce a Compendium of posts.

This first post of this thread would be an alphabetical list of members with their post link, and each member could take one post and slowly but surely list your main post locations with:
- just enter your user name in the subject field as follows
Compendium - user name
- One opening paragraph of say 10 lines max that resumes your outlook on OU.
- a chronological date format starting from the most recent to the first.
- One sentence to describe the post, highlight, turning point, start of a new idea, etc.
- the link to the post.

This way if you want to look for a specific (let's say) forum member @btenzer post, you would look at post one for the list of member links, find Compendium - @btenzer, review the chronological list and click the link.

Each member would only have on post, someone or some two or even some three could manage SM posts splitting it by date range, etc. You would be responsible for your post updating as you can. You would also decide what's important to you to list on your compendium. You can also split your list if you see specific areas that stand out.

This way, we could find things much easier, most of the body of knowledge would be well displayed and usable by newcomers and veterans alike, and especially, this would save time.

Three rules...
- Rule one, no comment posts allowed, not even post two. Otherwise if you comment on post two, post two will be your post number to provide your compendium of links, and so on.
- Rule two. You can only provide links to posts done on this forum, so nothing should point elsewhere. This will keep it specific to this forum and the knowledge base it comprises.
- Rule three. No pictures. Just point to the post.

I know this will take time because all of us are already busy as hell. But I would consider it an honor to have such a thread since it will be possible to open several posts and analyze time versus idea progressions, and so many other ideas here. etc. New members could open their Compendium right away and keep it updated.

So basically, if this Compendium works out and there are 60 members listed, there should only be 60 posts once on the main thread because you would be going back to your post to only modify it (update it). So not to heavy on bandwidth for a wealth of information that will be available in a more cohesive format then swimming in this ocean of posts. Plus each member can pull off their own Show Own Posts list.

I think this would be a good exercise as a retrospective that members can offer to other members.

Hope to see your Compendium and I wish you all the best.

OK, who's going to go first. I though I should not as it would be to pretentious for the proponent to do so. Besides, first or last does not matter. You can open the post and work on it afterward. Also, if you know you will take up lots of lines, maybe hit the "return key" lots of times now so you can take up your own page or half a page of empty lines and fill them in as you go. This way we won't have pages that are 600 lines long. So ideally, one page per member would be great. But I don't know what the typical page count is in number of lines before the internal software makes a new page.

I will have to ask Stefan to permit modifications on this thread. - Member Compendium Master List

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