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Title: Distraction
Post by: daking on August 21, 2007, 08:57:28 PM
Hey, I have just joined, but have been following the forum closely for a while. I wanted to add a few words which might be of help to you. First off, please do not get distracted and join in debates whether free energy devices are possible or not with doubters. It is a waste of time and will end up winding you up, when you could be working on something far more important. Another point I want to make, is distractors that could be luring around such forums, misguiding or claiming a certain method is not working to simply ward you off the technique behind the device. Be cautious, and always rule off methods by practice, and not second hand evidence. Be persistent, as Sai Baba says, it could be the next blow with the hammer that will crack the stone just when you are about the give up. Do not get caught up with detail constantly; Always take a step back and look at your project from a bird eye angle, its often the simplest things that are the key. I have also seen many of you follow SM's advise only, which is a bad thing, you can never verify for sure that the advise is correct and you are also blocking out other techniques which could be far more effective than what SM had developed.

If you also have advice for others, whether technical or in principle, please add your views. Thanks

Kind Regards,