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Author Topic: The return of the Hungarian: FREE ENERGY from Wave-Fields...  (Read 53935 times)


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Re: The return of the Hungarian: FREE ENERGY from Wave-Fields...
« Reply #60 on: March 05, 2016, 07:19:47 PM »

“Then what is the principle of Tesla Magnifying transmitter?
You don't need amplitude of the input signal increase together with standing wave amplitude increasing. I don't see such a thing in Tesla setup.”

You are criticizing this statement on mine:

“A standing wave in a simple resonator will not generate excess energy as long as the reciprocal action-reaction interaction is not broken in some cleaver way. This is so, because as the amplitude within the resonator increases, the amplitude of the input signal will also have to increase in order to be able to feed more energy into it. Therefore the input power will also have to increase in such a way, that there is no net energy gain.”

But you have ignored the paragraph right below this one, which was a clear disclaimer, explaining how the above text should be understood:

“Please note, that above I refereed to simple resonators or resonant systems that are used in everyday practice (they produce no excess energy). But this does not mean, that it is not possible to make special resonators that break reciprocal interaction between the input and the energy within the system (and/or output), which could enable the principle of wave interference to produce excess energy. But again, even in these special resonators, the free energy generating principle is not the resonance itself, but the wave interference combined with the trick that breaks the symmetry.”

I have clearly explained that it is indeed possible to make special resonators that can produce excess energy. What is the difference between a simple conventional resonator and a special resonator? The difference is that in a simple common resonator there is a direct reciprocal coupling between the energy and amplitude of oscillation accumulated within the resonator; while in the special FE resonators this symmetry has been broken.

A mechanical example of a simple conventional resonator is a swing hanging in your back yard. When the kid is sitting on the swing and you start to get it going, you apply some force forwards and do some work while doing it, then let it swing forward and back until it stops moving. Then you apply some force forward and do work again, which will be added to the energy already present in the swing and it will increase the amplitude of the speed and height, and so on. You are driving it at its resonant frequency (otherwise it will not swing harmoniously).

Now is this generating free energy, just because the amplitude and the accumulated energy is increasing? I hope you don’t think so… Because Veljko Milkovic believes (even after more than a decade of warning him) that by increasing the amplitude of a two stage (or double) mechanical oscillator (or pendulum) with many small input energy impulses energy is gained. OK, let’s make clear, his device is not a simple pendulum like a swing, but it is still just an accumulator of input energy, and it is not an energy amplifier. It will accumulate and contain only as much energy as you put into it, just it comes out at the output in a different form than it was put into the system. More than 10 years ago I have performed a scientific modelling of the double pendulum, analyzed it mathematically and proved, that there is no excess energy created in it. It was on my old website, but he ignored it…

If you are pushing the swing at the moment when it is vertical and speed is highest, then you will have to move your hand faster and faster after each cycle while the amplitude in increasing, this is the phenomena of reciprocal symmetrical coupling between the input and the contained energy. If the swing would be huge like hanging on a mile long chain and having a ton of weight you could reach a point when the speed in vertical position would be so high, that you would not be able push it anymore and could not feed more energy into it.

Now you are thinking, that if you would push it at the moment when its speed is zero, then you would not have this problem right? Discovered the key to free energy… But as the amplitude is increasing the height to which the mile long swing would rise would also continuously increase, and you would have climb higher and higher, but even then the energy content of the system would increase only with the amount you would add to it in each cycle.

Another example is a simple acoustic resonator consisting of a tube closed at one end and having a piston at the other end. When you start driving the piston at the resonant frequency, in the beginning you would have to apply only a small force to increase the energy content each cycle. But as the amplitude of the pressure increases inside, the counter-force that it applies to the piston also increases. Therefore you would have to push the piston with greater and greater force each cycle to increase the energy inside, until you would not be able to push it anymore. Now in this case the phenomena of wave interference is present in the resonator. Therefore you might think that in every cycle you just add a wave of the same amplitude as the first one, spending the same little input energy. While in mean time the amplitudes of these waves would add together, and the total energy inside would not be the simple sum of all input energies, but it would rise at an exponential rate, and you could generate free energy.

It is true that due to interference the contained energy would not increase in a linear fashion (like a simple addition) but rather at an exponential rate. But the reactive force of the pressure on the piston that you have to overcome would also rise exponentially. The energy that you must input in each cycle (at constant displacement) would also rise exponentially. Consequently the reciprocal symmetric coupling at the input would make sure that you must input the same amount of energy (or more) than what the wave in the resonator would contain. I could bring up more examples, but I hope this explained well enough the nature of simple resonators with symmetric reciprocal coupling between the input and the contained energy.

Unless you break this coupling completely or at least partially, you will not gain excess energy in a resonator no matter how complicated or fancy it is. No matter whether Tesla himself built it or not. Is it possible to break this symmetry? Yes, it is possible by implementing a little trick that I have already revealed to you in my previous posts. One example of such FE resonator is the invention of Janos Vajda, in which despite the energy content inside the resonator increasing exponentially, the input signal at the input terminals would not have to increase in order to continue the process. The input amplitude and power can be kept constant, because the backward flow of energy from the resonator into the input energy generator would be non existent or minimal. The symmetrical reciprocal coupling at the input is broken – FE generation is possible. The little trick to break this symmetry is to keep the dipole radiators on top of each other on the common axis of the wires. If you use a full wave dipole instead of two half wave dipoles, then you have no such problem. If the output receiver is the same as the input driver antenna, then you will have to separate the input signal from the output signal outside of the resonator with a circulator.

I have never measured or witnessed the working of a Tesla Magnifying transmitter, so I prefer not to get involved into a debate about something there is no way of knowing, and it would be pure speculation only. But I suspect that the input power generators burned down not due to the extraction of continuous usable excess power, but rather due to the accumulation of an enormous amount of energy oscillating in the system. The amplitude of the wave and the electric field rose so high that the grass started to display HV discharge and glow. Of course no common generator can withstand such high eclectic potential and the insulators could break down inside the generators and burn down. The phenomena is analogous to breaking up of matter in resonators by extreme amplitudes of oscillation. But this spectacular phenomena in itself does not mean, that FE is generated in the system. But again a disclaimer: the scenario of this paragraph is only my educated speculation, and guess. I have never experimented with such system, so I don’t know what kind of processes inside the earth could contribute, or not contribute at all. So I would suggest that in this thread we should not get lost into discussing Tesla towers, or other perceived FE proposals. Let’s keep that to other threads.

“He even made a small mechanical oscillator that he used on the steel bridge, and put that bridge in resonance, he had to stop that experiment because vibrations of that bridge became too dangerous.”

This has been already explained, the spectacular phenomena is due to the great amount of accumulated energy in the system, which is destructive. But it does not generates excess energy. Please people don’t mix up season with reason. Don’t mix up energy with power, they are two completely different things. You may increase the energy content of a resonant system while still not increasing the energy output from that system, which could represent a generated excess energy.

The small mechanical oscillator had to give all that energy to the steel bridge, which it contained. If it would be so simple to make an FE generator, then we could all just build such a simple mechanical resonator, attach it to a strong steel pole, and tap the energy accumulating in it. Right? We could all heat our homes in a week or two with this great “FE generator”… right? Unfortunately not. It is not that simple, first you have to understand extremely important FE principles and use them in the design of a device, then you have got a chance to gain excess energy. Otherwise you are only playing the game of blind is leading those who don’t see. Hey, people follow me! Where are you going? Nowhere…

“Watch this animation, what you can get when interfering harmonic modes of base wave.

Nice animation!

“Law of energy conservation applies for closed systems, not for open systems.”

I disagree. The law of energy conservation has got no general validity in wave fields, not even in closed systems. This has been proven mathematically in Mr. Vajda’s book. The FE generator of Mr. Vajda is a closed system. Before somebody starts to speculate that the excess energy is stolen from the ether, let me tell you that is not true. I will explain that in more detail in a separate paper.



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Re: The return of the Hungarian: FREE ENERGY from Wave-Fields...
« Reply #61 on: March 05, 2016, 08:43:07 PM »
Thanks for explanation.
For sure you have a much better understanding of Mr.Vajda work, because you work together.
But I don't have enough knowledge to fully understand Mr.Vajda work.
From the school I remember lessons about waves interfering destructively or additively.
Different kind of waves needs different medium for interference, I mean for practical use of that interference.
I think that Tesla did something similiar, with electromagnetic waves additively interfering in 1/4 slow wave helical resonator.

The mystery behind Tesla Magnifying Transmitter is simple LC circuit where capacitor, charged  to enough voltage for breaking spark gap - causes LC circuit oscillation.
Attention: you charge capacitor ONCE and when spark gap fires- you will have MILIONS of damped wave oscillations.
You input ONE and get MILIONS.
Imagine a graph plotted : voltage on vertical line, time on horizontal line.
First, voltage on the capacitor is rising during some time ( and we could calculate energy put into capacitor as area below the charging line) then spark gap fires and now we have a lot of damped oscillations plotted on the graph- and now calculate all those areas curved by voltage  oscillation).
Now, the point is to harvest and ACCUMULATE those oscillations in a such way, to not destroy those primary LC oscillations.
(The same analogy with child on the swing- look at it from energy point of wiew: you pull child with a swing once- you did some work one time , and let it go- it swings many times.) Mechanically, according to law of energy conservation on that swing with a child we do not gain any energy, energy simply changes state from potential to kinetic. But looking at it from electromagnetic point of view, one input energy to capacitor gives a lot of oscillations in LC circuit. And in electromagnetics the oscillations are the ones that makes induction in the coils. We just need to find a smart way to collect those oscillations.
To harvest that LC oscillations that Nature gives us freely, Tesla utilised "secondary coil" resonant with primary LC circuit, and lossely coupled ( 0,1-0,3) to primary. Lose coupling acts lika a one way gate, so there is broken symmetry: primary influences secondary, but secondary does not influence primary ( or influences to some small extent) , because of big difference in impedance and because primary circuit is open when spark gap is extinguished.
Energy is trapped and accumulated because of resonance tuning in secondary coil.
So, in secondary all those oscillations are ACCUMULATED by resonant electromagnetic waves , additive interference.
As primary oscillations are damped waves, the input "push" for secondary is not increasing together with increased amplitude in secondary.
Amplitude increase in secondary is purely caused by resonant ( additive) waves interference.
Length of secondary is 1/4 wavelenght, so maximum voltage we have on the top of secondary.
Primary is at the base of secondary, and influences secondary at the point where amplitude is minimal.
To further broke secondary influence on primary circuit, Tesla used a third, EXTRA coil.
To prevent energy on secondary from radiating away, Tesla used quite low frequencies, up to 50kHz.
That ia a beautiful way of harvesting and ACCUMULATING  primary LC tank oscillations, that Nature gives us for free.
This is pure free energy.
In Tesla setup we take an advantage of space and medium properties, that LC circuit oscillates.
Sorry for my english.


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Re: The return of the Hungarian: FREE ENERGY from Wave-Fields...
« Reply #62 on: March 06, 2016, 06:20:38 PM »
Dear Conrad,

”let's say (just for the sake of an argument) one believes the theory of Janos Vajda and one believes his measurements.”

This sounds (just for the sake of an argument) like a religious statement where one must “believe” (or not to believe), because there is no other way of knowing it’s validity with certainty. This is a wrong approach. There is a way of knowing it’s validity with certainty, by simply trying to find an error in Mr. Vajda’s proof. If neither you, nor anyone else familiar with the microwave theory and mathematics can find any real errors in it that would falsify it’s final results and conclusions, then by definition it must be correct and true.

To know the validity of the formula that describes the volume of a cube V=L^3 you don’t have to blindly believe like a good follower of a religion. You don’t have to build several cubes either to do measurements and convince yourself. All you need to do is to learn geometry and the relevant part of mathematics and try to find an error in the derivation of this formula (V=L*L*L=L^3). If you can not find any error in it, then by definition it must be true.

”What would be the next step?”

It depends on “whose” next step you are talking about, and what is his intent or goal he wants to achieve. Everybody can contribute to the ultimate success of this technology according to his knowledge, skills, and financial capabilities. For example at the moment I don’t have money to perform measurements and physically develop a commercial generator. But that does not means that I can not contribute to the development. I can still collect relevant useful knowledge, and design and develop devices and measurements theoretically that others could build who have got the means and equipment. The task can be broken up according to skills, and let everybody do their part and participate with what they have.

For a decent professional development one would really need a well equipped laboratory either for microwave technology or acoustics, which is not cheap. More than 10 years ago I have asked Mr. Vajda how much money would we need to buy all the instruments, equipment, and create a laboratory. He estimated it to about 100000 USD. Since then I suppose the instruments got cheaper, so this figure can be significantly lower. But it would be still expensive for the “common mortals”.

But one can do measurements and take humble steps towards development even without such professional laboratory. This approach would cost so much less that even a well-to-do single individual could afford it. An example for this type of work is performing the measurement proposal that is posted on my website. Another example is that one could build wave amplifiers based on Mr. Vajda’s patent application, and perform measurements on them. Then publish all such data in nice and clear presentation, perhaps with additional video presentation. These projects can be accomplished well within the means of individuals, who have got good incomes or savings.

If one can not afford even this, but has got the expertise, inventive talent, and dedication, then he can study the subject, and using scientific methods design and develop the technology at a theoretical level, leaving the physical realisation of the devices to others. Right now unfortunately this is the only thing I can do.

If one can not do this either, then he can still surely spread the information that is published on my site and the book of Janos, so that people should know about it. Then there will be a chance that people with the necessary funds and/or equipment and expertise will get involved, and develop commercial generators and share the designs, or sell the generators. Another thing to do is to print the book of Janos and some important documents from my site, and preserve them for future generations. In case these machines will not get into mass production during our lifetimes, and we can not build them for ourselves either due to lack of money, then at least make sure that the future generations get a chance at it.

A third noble contribution people could do is to financially support my efforts to at least be able to work on this theoretically full time, publish my results, translate important documents, and participate in forum discussions. At the moment I can do this because I am living on my savings, which won’t last much longer. When that is exhausted then either I will have to stop doing this again (like before) and get a boring job just to make money to survive, or receive enough donations to pay my bills and food at least. I live a Spartan life like a recluse, so these expenses are really small, something like $200 per month. As long as I get this much support I can go on working on it full time.

I have tried to pursue FE research while having a full time job, but in this field that I am pursuing and with the scientific approach I use, this is simply not possible. After work it is already evening, one has to cook, eat, take shower etc. and then one must sleep enough as well. There is no sufficient energy and time left to do even a tiny progress in a hobby type research this way.

”Did Janos Vajda ever build and demonstrate a device that really got "free energy from a Wave-Field"? I mean without spending more energy, really free energy, indeed OU?”

He has built wave amplifiers that gave out more than 1.2 times more energy than what they received at the input. To make this self sustaining  one would have to solve the problem of a positive feedback loop with a regulator in the circuit, so that the power would be controllable and the device would not “run away”, or burn down. I am not sure if he has accomplished this in practice or not, because he was forbidden to tell me everything at that time, due to nondisclosure agreement he made with a Canadian company. I will soon upload a video which demonstrates a measurement of such a passive wave amplifier.
”One would need money to develop such a device?”

Well, if you can convince people to work for free, and the stores to give us everything we need for the development for free, then we could do without money. But as long as money is king, we surely need money.

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The Source of Excess Energy - help file
« Reply #63 on: April 16, 2016, 08:58:55 AM »
A study about the source of excess energy in wave fields is in writing, and in order to prevent any possible future disputes about who knew what and when, a password protected file has been attached to this post. It contains some important bullet point information.
It will be needed and used only in case of any significant dispute, when the password will be provided and the content revealed.

Otherwise please just ignore this post for now.
Zoltan Losonc


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Re: The return of the Hungarian: FREE ENERGY from Wave-Fields...
« Reply #64 on: June 06, 2023, 03:30:17 PM »
For discussion or ?
Peter did share link to Tao’s topic here very recently ( over unity research forum)
However it was just to keep in forum data …
Respectfully submitted,
Chet K
Adding a link

Perhaps more info can be shared here ( or help to finance ZL with community efforts?)
Or some links here which no longer work can be ?

Edit to add Centraflo comment to Tao’s topic here (post 366-367 below link);topicseen#msg105015
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