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Author Topic: Gene's repliction [new circuit and results posted]  (Read 3179 times)

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Gene's repliction [new circuit and results posted]
« on: July 31, 2007, 05:49:46 AM »

I [Gene]  decided to create a replica of Phils Pure OU excitation circuit using a 1/3hp baldor 3 phase motor as the guinnea pig. It is wired as the attached schematic shows.  The only addition is an FWBR and a 1uF 370VAC AC cap to hold the 130VDC (which I managed to "tweak/tune" to now 170VDC output as of last night.)
The motor caps are setup with T and L using 2uF AC caps.  R is 40uF AC cap, S is 100uF AC run cap (start cap).   With the caps setup for asymmetric charge allocation, I was able to get 170VDC output into a 1uF cap easy...  I use the secondary of a 12:120V trafo (the 12V side) in parallel with the 3rd leg of the WYE as wired in Phils schematic.  The 120V side of that trafo is then wired to a FWBR and out into the 1uF cap.  I'm working on an extraction method that will hopefully be easier to implement than the neon with all the semiconductors it uses. 
The analog Ammeter is a 0-5amp scale and isn't fine enough to show power used, thus I note in the attached Vid that its negligible on the meter, tho I suspect its around 100mA at 120VAC... so about 12watts input.   I need to get a 0-1amp analog ammeter to quantify this value.
That said, Phils circuit has as much torque as the basic HV RV rig that Hector gave, but in addition it puts out this voltage that can be used on the side.  If I constantly load the DC output side the input sees this and the amp draw goes up to 200mA on the input side at 120VAC.   The same thing happens if I load the axle of the 1/3hp motor with a load that induces drag.    This may be the "correct" way to rig an RV and get usable power conversion from it.   An All -in-wonder if you will...   

Its pretty cool watching it climb then settle back to ~0 when its up to resonant speed, Now the fun really begins... :P

It was cake...  :)  Took me only two hours (not including the time originally spent fishing out the central WYE And making that available outside the motor casing) on saturday and it was off cooking.
The tuning I did was to leverage the DC output into that cap.  Using all the same values (10uF all around) in the three legs got me 130VDC output...  Tweaking them as I noted got me 170VDC output. If I load the axle... or connect a constant load to the DC cap, the motor sees it as a load and the draw increases to a readable 200mA at 120V (~24watts)....  I have to rig a passive extraction circuit to draw the energy out in chunks... :)    It doesn't go negative like what Phil noted... but this is likely due to it being tiny... 1/3hp versus Phils maybe 5HP motor.   I'll likely merge this into the merged setup as it seems to outperform the basic RV in this regards.   Then I can see if the 5hp registers any weird anomalies like what you noted from Phil.
I'm working out an extraction method to pull the 170VDC that it puts into a cap to a load. 

Values I used:

T= 2uF
(all are AC run caps)
D= 1uF-570uF AC or DC caps... (D is the cap I put behind the FWBR off the secondary of the transformer from phils attached schematic.)  Same voltage always realized... uF only changes time to realize the voltage.... In my case 170VDC at whatever cap size... 1-20uF seems to fill near instantaneously... the 570uF cap took a couple seconds to charge... and longer to discharge as well due the size. 

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