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Electronics help!!!


Dingus Mungus:
Hey guys...

Basicly I'm in dire need of a step down solution. I have 24v@4A max coming from a FET and I need to step it down to 5v so I can use it to power RBG LED's in parallel. I've been looking at NPN driven dc/dc tranformers, Line regulators, and standard volage regulators like the LM78xx which can handle the 24v input. We're building 12 of these LED controlers for an art project, and each controler has 3 channels! So if anyone can help me with a informed solution, I would be greatly apreciative.

Here is the controller we're using.
http://www.superbrightleds.com/TriColor%20LED.htm (common anode)

So this way we can also cut down on the overall LED's required.

Our deadline is next month, and if we don't solve this problem its a lot of wire and frustration putting out a full 24v@4a in to series/parrallel design.

Thanks in advance,
~Dingus Mungus

Dingus Mungus:
Scratch that!
We're going 6v golf cart cells and using resistors to pull down each channel.


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