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Author Topic: Disclosed: Peter Markovich and his 'essential' A.T.R.E.E.  (Read 70760 times)

Offline FatBird

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Re: Disclosed: Peter Markovich and his 'essential' A.T.R.E.E.
« Reply #60 on: October 26, 2009, 01:20:59 PM »
Here is some information that I found on the ATREE.


Washington Research Center (San Francisco, CA)
In 1899, Nikola Tesla discovered the principle that now serves as the basis for the receiver unit that was first tested by peter Markovich in August of 1977. At this point, let us briefly review what was discovered by Dr. Tesla in July of 1899. If we look at US Patent # 725,605 entitled "System of Signaling", we will find diagrams that described the Tesla system. This system was based on what Dr. Tesla called a wave phenomenon that was not electromagnetic in nature. This wave was able to produce useable electrical energy that was taken from the Earth's atmosphere.

This wave as described by Tesla and partially proven by Markovich had a number of unique characteristics. First, the wave train was stationary with a length of about 185,000 miles and a width of about 200 miles. Secondly, it had a frequency of 925 cycles per second. Finally, the wave's speed was equal to or greater than the speed of light.

To understand the instrument and how it is able to generate electrical power, we must divide the unit into three components. These parts are the windings or coils (a primary and secondary units), their shape, and the height and diameter of the capacitor electrode (electron pool). Included in the design of the receiver is the type and composition of the materials used in its construction. To understand the theory behind the device, one must remember that the Earth and its Atmosphere are electromagnetically charged. Further, an instrument that is properly "grounded into this system can be used to receive and transmit useable energy -- a point discovered and noted by Tesla on July 17, 1899 at his Colorado Springs Laboratory.

The Markovich device incorporates the basic principle discovered at Colorado Springs by Dr.Tesla -- namely, that the Earth is a giant condenser The Earth's surface can be seen as one plate and the ionosphere as the other plate through which an electric-like charge is constantly flowing.

At present, the Markovich unit can be rated at 2.5 volts and 0.5 (or 0.025) amps. This rating yields approximately 1.25 (or 0.06) watts of power. If the presently loose connections were properly cleaned and soldered, the unit could produce an increased efficiency of about 18% or 1.48 (or 0.07) watts.

Moreover, if the system were properly "grounded" by connecting it to another unit of oppositely wound coils, the efficiency could be increased from 30 to 60% or 1.63 (or 0.08) to 2.19 (or 0.10) watts. This rating can also be vastly increased by altering the composition of the materials used to make the device. Here Markovich has confirmed the importance of using materials (metals) of high electrical conductivity such as copper, silver, gold, etc. the ideal material is a metal alloy of copper and silver. This material was employed by Tesla in the transmitter built at Wardenclyffe (Shoreham, Long Isladn< NY) in the early 1900s.

Thus the immediate goals of the research program on the rediscovered Tesla power system is basically five-fold in nature. First, the wave phenomenon has to be correctly measured and its exact nature discovered.

Second, the exact relationship between the energy utilized by the machine and the better known certain types of materials that act as more efficient conductors of this energy must be fully ascertained.

Fourth, the effect of the use of this system on the various organisms that inhabit this planet must be discovered.

Finally, the possible interface to the so-called "psychic energy" and any possible relationships must be fully researched.
By adequately learning the nature of the energy that is produced by the Tesla-Markovich energy unit, a general theory of the nature of electromagnetism and energies closely related to them may be possible. In so doing, one may be able to advance the "state of the art" of Man's technology. Moreover, in the long run, the new discoveries may not only solve the energy crisis, but also the "technology crisis" that presently distorts the potential of contemporary civilization.

Presented by: Dr. Peter Markovich
Witnessed by: [10 persons]


Offline FatBird

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Re: Disclosed: Peter Markovich and his 'essential' A.T.R.E.E.
« Reply #61 on: October 26, 2009, 01:29:30 PM »
I found this on the web.


Offline libra_spirit

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Re: Disclosed: Peter Markovich and his 'essential' A.T.R.E.E.
« Reply #62 on: February 16, 2011, 10:34:11 PM »
In all the experiments thus far has anyone felt the "pulsation" described in the first post?

I have been messing with an aluminum rod 6 foot long about 3/8" thick, and a copper sphere with 6" diameter. As I insert the rod into the hole in the sphere I get various "vibrations" felt on touching the rod and sphere, and various depths of insertion.

Other things of note,

The copper rod with a pointed end does not pass electricity but Aether, or what I would call a vibration.
To pass current through an arc to a copper tip would burn the tip off and pit the copper.
It is my belief, the copper sphere is soldered directly onto the copper rod for the purpose of tuning in the vibration that will then run the rods length.

It seems to me, if the copper sphere were to be insulated from the rod, such an important point would not have been left out of the descriptions.

The sphere is described as an "electron pool", "Aether swirls the inside surface", just like a Joe Cell, and then the Aether runs down the rod. The sphere is not an electrical capacitor, or an arcing component, but merely used to tune in the vibration and condition the rod.

The rod then, with the first coil soldered to each end is the Electric generator, expressing a voltage from end to end.

The EM circuit runs from the lower tip of the rod, through the load, and then back to the sphere or top end of the rod. If the sphere is insulated from the rod, then what you will create is only a static circuit, which cannot flow any current due to an opened joint between sphere and rod. This would then tend to build up and then bleed off as is being reported. This cannot be the intention, as no circuit can flow electrical power though a gap that large and a copper tip that small.

Dave L


Offline AquaSusurro

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Re: Disclosed: Peter Markovich and his 'essential' A.T.R.E.E.
« Reply #63 on: July 18, 2022, 07:49:41 PM »
Sorry to bring back a ten year old thread but I'm interested in recreating Markovich's experiment. There seems to be very little new information out there, certainly nothing from the inventor since 1978!! A couple of questions to the collective.

Does anyone know what the secondary coil (the spiral) is made from?
To me it looks like a piece of soft copper tubing, the question is, is there a wire wound inside the tube? Similar to the primary coil?

Has anyone modified the copper sphere to accumulate more energy, ie orgone accumulator?

From the drawings I have found the wiring of the primary coil is inconsistent. One has both ends of the coil going up through the mast others do not.

For anyone who has successfully done the experiment, please feel free to message me or post your circuit diagram.

I will post pictures of my setup as I get the materials together.

Thanks in Advance,