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Title: Magnetic Ring
Post by: Mannix on July 21, 2007, 03:58:03 AM
The circuit below IS NOT A TPU.... IT IS NOT OVERUNITY...
please do not think that it is ....dont even suggest it.

But if you build it  and play with the power supply...and play with the magnetic field around it..using a decent  magnet
You will see that many of the properties fit the videos....
you will be able to tune it using windings and i guarantee that the pretty patterns on your cro will keep you amused, if nothing else

This circuit is not from Steven.

upside down....magnet for starting...or stopping

It would be interesting to alter the turns and see what the parameters are here.

Actually the mind boggles!!

The components values are not critical at this stage they were just what was in my junk box.the core is powdered iron i will try ferrite now .
 I would hope that there are enough hands on people here to explore this little circuit that has no mass electronics but depends on the way the coils interact with each other. It official name is a blocking oscillator of course.
googling will bring up some of the unusual phenomenon.

It is affected by any magnetic influences around it, moving your test equipment will affect it. My guess is that it is a magnetometer of sorts. hendershot??
I don't know if a  simulation can be done which includes external magnetic influences  Darren?


It is easy to build, any body can do it, and I ask that you kindly consider the quality of what you share by not commenting unless you have built it.

I have locked this thread...please nobody open a response thread  unless you have built this already.

Lindsay Mannix