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Author Topic: Easy Free Energy Device  (Read 7893 times)

Offline tao

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Easy Free Energy Device
« on: July 17, 2007, 07:15:33 AM »
Below is a VERY GOOD, and MUCH SLEPT ON POST from aether22, posted on another forum.. It explains how the Tesla, Gray, Testatika devices CAN WORK, and how they can do so with KNOWN concepts...



"I am a major proponent of the aether, though I didn't like it to begin with it just makes far too much sense.

What is odd is I'm going to present a Free Energy device that does not use the aether in any way.
In part that's why I'm presenting it here, not sure I need this distraction, but it's so straight forward.

It's the super charging effect, connect a decent voltage to a long piece of wire and current flows, if it is an open circuit it will take a while before it knows this and so it will send current through anyway charging it to a high voltage, it's the electrical analog of the verified OU water hammer effect in pipes, now if we take the speed of light in a vacuum 299,792,458 meters a second (in reality it will be slower than that which is good) and suppose a 200 meter transmission like, then double it to 400m because the wave gets to the end and must reflect, so that gives us 749,481 but we need some off time, so assume a 50% duty cycle, we have 374,740 hz, quite reasonable.

Now what happens where all those electrons, amps and amps worth squeeze themselves into a piece of wire? Well you get a crazy high voltage.
Maybe even high enough to release the electrons as effectively beta radiation.

At any rate metals near it will be charged, now what does this sound like to you?
Tesla, Ed Gray.
We know the effect works, it occurs in long transmission lines (it happens every time, and it's killed people), there is nothing to doubt, and the math works out.
It's only an issue on engineering it and making it practical, and unlike the mysterious forces of the aether we can calculate this one before we begin.

Now I am in favor of doing this with a long line as that simplifies the switching we can make a compact long transmission line by making the type of coil Hooper (motional magnetic field guy) made, where we fold a wire back on it's self, by doing this we get a compact transmission line without the inductance of a coil (a normal coil will slow the all important rise time), a normal bucking bifilar coil won't work as the impulse will transfer inductively and will appear superluminal as it won't travel through the wire, but the Hooper coil or tightly wound bucking parallel caduceus (in other words a normal caduceus) will have both types of inductances cancel.  (note: the caduceus coil must be single layer, note2: interestingly induction will still take place, only it will be weak microwave frequency oscillations)

Of course any dual channel scope can easily measure the effectiveness of a delay line section.
It would be possible to do this with mechanical switching if you had a delay line of over 200 meters, although it would be difficult.

You could tap the power in 2 ways, one is by having the charges spray or arc to another electrode, the other obviously is by capacitive induction, in either case you going to want to surround it by an electrode as Ed Gray uses, not sure why perforation is required/preferred.

This is a pretty straight forward Free Energy device, we can calculate it, work it out, run easy tests with oscilloscopes, calculate what kind of voltage we will be dealing with, it's not the mysterious type of Free Energy machine, it's a totally reliable mathematically certain proven Free Energy machine.

We can either run it as stated above or instead use the principle of opening a closed circuit, though the frequency will need to be twice as high.
One thing not noted above is that once charged, unless it sprays all of it's charges away the transmission line might need to be discharged, indeed in we want we may opt not to use another electrode and merely discharge the high voltage on the transmission line.

This is also better in some ways than my favorite of gaining Free Energy from the aether as this is a single effect, it can't be misused.

I recommend anyone not sure what to do should work on this, it's a Free Energy effect like no other, we know it's been done before (Tesla, Ed Gray, Swiss ML) and we can calculate it, it's success isn't Dependant on unknowns. (the effect is also clearly present every time you flick a light switch and hear speakers pop, it happens in transmission lines, and best of all it happens every single time)

So if you don't know what to do, work on this.
Another thing, this effect can also be used to create a unidirectional propulsive force by turning 2 electromagnets on and off in the right way, this has already been patented.
Turn on coil 1 and it produces a magnetic field, turn coil 2 on and it is immediately attracted/repelled by the magnetic field of 1, however coil 1 does not instantaneously know that 2 has turned on and so for a moment 2 ir pushed while 1 is not, now once the field from 2 reaches 1, turn it off, it will still take coil 2 some time before it detects detects the field from 1 has changed and it will continue to experience force, if you do it right 1 need not have felt 2 at all.

IF infact coil 1 does immediately react to coil 2 being turned on then that is a superluminal reaction, pretty cool (and generally considered impossible), otherwise the only other way this could fail to create a unidirectional force is if coil 1 which no longer has and current flowing through it (it's open circuit) feels a force even though it no longer has a current passing through it and is no longer creating a magnetic field which is kinda crazy. (Indeed if you had a huge coil in space, you could turn the coil off, turn it into scrap and then have a force placed on it, no way)

There is a patent on this in the US btw."

Offline Super God

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Re: Easy Free Energy Device
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2007, 08:07:53 PM »
Is there any place where we can learn more about this device?


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Re: Easy Free Energy Device
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2007, 11:42:42 PM »

You could tap the power in 2 ways, one is by having the charges spray or arc to another electrode, the other obviously is by capacitive induction, in either case you going to want to surround it by an electrode as Ed Gray uses, not sure why perforation is required/preferred.

He did mention air was important in his device.
pherhaps its for cooling aswell.

or it could be litterally a grid to catch the ?lectron wind"
when i do HV experiments and i try to blow out the arc in the sparkgap, the voltage triples...

but for me it is hard to "catch" the RE and basicly all of the time i am pumping more energy in then i can get back.

last week i was working with 50 Kv and it burned a hole into my finger.